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E&C Releases Chart Pack Detailing Harsh Realities of Obamacare

Jan 6, 2017
The Facts Speak for Themselves: Obamacare is Failing the American People

WASHINGTON, DC – The president’s health care law has come to be defined as full of #BrokenPromises and #RateShock. From skyrocketing premiums and fleeing insurers to collapsing CO-OPs, House Republicans are ready to rescue the American people from Obamacare.

Today, the Energy and Commerce Committee released eight infographics as part of a chart pack giving an Obamacare reality check. Together, the materials tell the truth about Obamacare, one where fewer plan options exist in counties across the country, and costs continue to rise each year, leaving vulnerable patients looking for help with nowhere to turn.

“Obamacare has failed and no amount of political spin can deny the reality that the American people are hurting. While Democrats continue to cling to these failed policies, the facts show just how bad Obamacare has been for tens of millions of families and the taxpayers who are stuck paying for a collapsing program. There’s a Better Way to bring costs down and improve care and we are determined to clean up the mess Obamacare made,” said Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden.

To view the chart pack, click HERE.

A look back at the law’s 2010 projections reveal that enrollment is far lower than expected, while costs are significantly higher than anticipated.

When examining the different tiers of health care plans, increases in plan cost can be found across the board.

The health care law was billed as providing more affordable coverage to families everywhere. In reality, Obamacare plans have dramatically higher deductibles than employer provided plans.

Since the law was enacted, the average person’s out-of-pocket costs continue to rise.

Out-of-pocket costs on families are on the rise too – seeing dramatic increases year after year.

A not-so-happy New Year for Obamacare. 2017 leaves Americans with fewer exchange carriers than past enrollment years.

2016 saw insurers running – not walking – from the marketplaces. This year, five entire states will have only one insurer.

Only five of the 23 CO-OPs remain in existence, meaning a net loss of $1,885,565,840 for the American people, in addition to being forced to find new coverage.

To view the chart pack online, click HERE.