Capitol wasn’t all Nat King Cole, Ol' Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack... as the record label

Capitol is 75 this year and the subject of a major new photo-packed book charting its talent-strewn history, which stretches from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra via The Beatles and the Beach Boys to Coldplay, Radiohead and Sam Smith. Launched in 1942 by record store owner Glenn Wallichs, singer and songwriter Johnny Mercer and movie producer Buddy DeSylva, Capitol was a record company in a movie town, at a time when the rest of the music business was in New York, 3,000 miles away.

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I close my eyes, lips aflame with chilli, head abuzz with mescal, belly filled with tacos. Real tacos. For a minute, I could be back in Mexico. My greedy dreams have, at long last, come true.

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My crystal balls, or at least wine glasses, are clanging together and the future of 2017's flavour resonates deep within.

Stanley Spencer's prose lacks the consistency of his painting. It can be tangled and opaque, straggly and shapeless. But it shows at all times the profundity of his artistic vision.

While the play's preoccupations with male hegemony, born-again patriotism and religious fanaticism sound loud and clear, the updating often feels forced and doesn't always make sense.

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Forget all those oafish imposters. If Pitt Cue were the UK pioneers, and Neil Rankin the High Priest, then it's at Smokestak where this much maligned art really comes of age.

Happily there are some alternatives to wine, and even genuine wines that are naturally low in alcohol, to ease yourself into a more abstemious regime this new year.