Dream House

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1. Wstaw brakujące wyrazy

My house

My house isn’t big but is quite nice. It isn’t joined to any other house so it is . There is one floor so I can say that my house is a too. There is a big next to it with flowers and vegetables. There is a green between me and my neighbour. I also have a which I have to keep short. Children often play in the and make there sandcastles. I usually sit on my porch and look after them. There are two , one kitchen and a bedroom. My isn’t big, but there is an enormous there, food in it always stays fresh. I have a very old which I use for cooking food, although it isn’t my favourite activity. I have my own , it is my kingdom. There is a with all my books, a long comfortable , a chair, and my , I always write on it. There is no in my room, so I have to go to the living room to watch television. Living room is very big, there is even a there. I like to listen when somebody plays it. Moreover in this room there is a beautiful old with four chairs, and a very in which I keep my clothes. My bathroom is almost as big as my room. On the left there is a in which one can wash their hands. On the right there is a big so that I can look at myself. I’ve also got a because I don’t like taking a bath. I have no , so you can’t call me. If you want to know more about me, write me a letter!

2. What is it?

A house which is joined to other house on one side.

A room for storing things in, usually underneath a building.

A set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a large building.

A covering on top of building that protects it from the weather. 

People sleep in that room.

A big musical instrument with a row of black and white keys.

A flat tool for cutting, with a sharp edge on one end.

A coloured or patterned paper that is used to cover the walls of a room.

A deep metal cooking pot with a long handle and sometimes a lid.

A small brush you use for cleaning your teeth.

A pipe through which smoke from stove goes up into the air.

3. Type in the text field the word that does not match the others in the row.

bathroom     bedroom     mushroom     kitchen     living room     nursery

armchair     bed     chair     rocker     stool     chandelier

radio     TV     radiator     computer     video     phone

cook     fridge     frying pan     kettle     microwave     freezer

fork     spoon     scissors     knife     towel     plate

bath     pot     toilet     soap     shower     washbasin     tap

curtain     sandbox     swing     lawn     fence     window box

apartment     bungalow     flat     mansion     terraced house     home-brew

4. What is it?

small device used e.g. in bathroom to control the flow of water

a piece of cloth used for drying hands after having them washed

a device used to keep food cool

a flat round dish on which food is served

a simple device used to close the entrance to the house

a small electronic device used for listening to programmes broadcast over the air

the space directly under the roof of a building

the place where dishes are prepared and often eaten

the machine used to carry people up and down a building

a device used to deliver heat to rooms in the house