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Houses fall into different types and are inhabited by people of various needs and material status. For instance, a large percentage of city dwellers in Poland rent a flat in a block of flats. Such blocks are often grouped together in housing estates. Those who cannot afford a flat of their own may live in a tenement house or in a council flat. However, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are also inhabited by well-off people who buy exclusive apartments and penthouses – in this way they can rest in their home away from home during lunchbreaks or after work.

Another group of city inhabitants are students and fresh graduates who seek an affordable dwelling. Some of them decide to live in a dormitory – a large building in which students share flats. Others, who may not wish to live with a flatmate, opt for bedsits or studios that provide enough space and privacy for the basic needs.

Zdjęcie paryskiej kamienicy
Families, both living in urban areas as well as on the outskirts, may reside in a house. Typical of municipal architecture, especially in Great Britain, are terraced houses which can be at best described as a row of identical houses that share side walls. One may also live in a semi-detached house – which means they share one house with another family – or build their own detached house. In general, houses can be single- and multi-storey, with the lowest floor called the ground floor in British English and the first floor in America.

Zdjęcie szwajcarskiego domku w górach
Century-old castles as well as poshly furnished manors or stately mansions are the kind of residences that appeal to aristocrats and millionaires who want to live in a secluded place, for instance in the countryside. Another kind of dwelling to be encountered in rural areas is cottages or, inhabited by citizens struggling with poverty, shacks. Nearby tourist spots one can come across campsites with tents and low-rise bungalows, which are also popular among the British and the American as a regular living place. Yet another kind of season dwelling is a chalet – a holiday cabin built in the mountains or in their vicinity.

Rodzaje domów — słowniczek

house types /ˈhaʊs ˌtaɪps/
rodzaje domów
dweller /ˈdwelə/
flat /flæt/
block of flats /ˈblɒk əv ˌflæts/
blok mieszkalny
housing estate /’haʊzɪŋ ɪˌsteɪt/
osiedle mieszkaniowe
council flat /ˈkaʊnsɪl ˌflæt/
mieszkanie komunalne
tenement /ˈtenəmənt/
high-rise (e.g. building) /ˌhaɪˈraɪz/
skyscraper /ˈskaɪˌskreɪpə/
drapacz chmur
penthouse /ˈpenthaʊs/
luksusowy apartament na ostatnim pietrze wieżowca
apartment /əˈpɑ:tmənt/
home away from home /həʊm əˈweɪ frəm həʊm/
drugi dom
dwelling /ˈdwelɪŋ/
dormitory /ˈdɔ:mɪtᵊri/
flatmate /ˈflætmeɪt/
bedsit /ˈbedsɪt/
kawalerka, wynajmowany pokój
studio /ˈstju:diəʊ/
ground/first floor /ˌgraʊnd ˈflɔ:/
urban area /ˌɜ:bᵊn ˈeəriə/
obszar miejski
municipal /mju:ˈnɪsɪpᵊl/
terraced house /ˈterɪst ˌhaʊs/
dom szeregowy
detached house /dɪˈtætʃt ˌhaʊs/
dom wolnostojący
semi-detached house /ˌsemidɪ’tætʃt haʊs/
rural area /ˌrʊərᵊlˈeəriə/
obszar wiejski
in the countryside /ɪn ðə ˈkʌntrɪsaɪd/
na wsi
mansion /ˈmænʃᵊn/
pałac, rezydencja
manor /ˈmænə/
castle /ˈkɑ:sᵊl/
maisonette /ˌmeɪzᵊnˈet/
mieszkanie dwupoziomowe
single-storey /ˌsiŋgᵊlˈstɔːri/
multi-storey /ˌmʌltiˈstɔːri/
bungalow /ˈbʌŋgᵊləʊ/
dom parterowy, bungalow
chalet /ˈʃæleɪ/
domek letniskowy w stylu alpejskim
cottage /ˈkɒtɪdʒ/
shack /ʃæk/
barak, buda
campsite /ˈkæmpsaɪt/
pole namiotowe
tent /tent/
low-rise /ˌləʊˈraɪz/

o niskiej zabudowie
cabin /ˈkæbɪn/
holiday cabin /ˌhɒlɪdeɪ ˈkæbɪn/
domek letniskowy
inhabit /ɪn’hæbɪt//

Typy domów — ćwiczenia

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