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UK Weather: Up to eight inches of snow is set to fall TODAY as winter storm blows in

There could be travel chaos today, as Britain braces itself against a polar air mass. The Met Office said up to eight inches of snow could fall, with much of the country under a weather warning. read

BBC doc shows NHS doctors forced to decide between saving cancer patient or pensioner

Janice was rushed to A&E at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington after suffering from a ruptured blood vessel. But hospital staff had already prepared cancer patient Simon for life-saving surgery. read

Parents share awkward moments their children caught them in the act on Whisper

Talking to the secret-sharing app Whisper , red-faced mothers and fathers have revealed the mortifying moments their children walked in on their most intimate activities - and their reactions. read

Woman bundled into a car as she screamed for help

Witnesses said the woman shouted for help as she was dragged into the vehicle in Feltham at 3:30am today. read

Ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele flees his £1.5m home 'fearing for his life'

Ex-MI6 man Christopher Steele fled his gated Surrey home in fear of attack from Russian agents last night, with neighbours claiming he asked them to care for his pet while he laid low. read

'I had nothing to do with it': Britain's new Man in Europe denies involvement in Russian 'dirty' dossier scandal as his incredible links with British spy behind the document are revealed

The UK's ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow's name entered the frame after his incredible links to the ex-MI6 agent named as the author of the salacious document came to light. read

BBC says SECOND Russian 'dirty dossier' on Trump exists amid claims of derailment

Foreign correspondent Paul Wood said last night that former British spy Christopher Steele is not the only person to say the Kremlin has covert footage related to his sex life. read

James Clapper tells Trump of his 'dismay' over Russian dirty dossier leaks

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says he has spoken with Donald Trump about the unsubstantiated report claiming Russia had compromising personal and financial information about the president-elect. read

Theresa May should make clear the UK had NOTHING to do with ex-MI6 agent's claims about 'dirty' Russian dossier, says Nigel Farage as No10 tries to distance itself from row

Downing Street is trying to distance itself from the row after the British former spy who produced outlandish claims compromising material held by the Kremlin was named as Christopher Steele. read

Trump calls Buzzfeed 'a failing pile of garbage' and CNN a fake news site

Donald Trump unleashed on the two media outlets that first published a dossier on Tuesday that claimed, among other things, that he was being blackmailed by the Russian government. read

Donald Trump appeared in a Russian pop singer Emin Agalarov's music video

Donald Trump made a cameo appearance in a Russian pop singer's music video after the president-elect decided to hold the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. read

PIERS MORGAN: The only hookers in Trump story are the cheap, lazy journalists

No, President-elect Donald Trump didn’t pay prostitutes to urinate on his bed in the presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, three years ago. read

The outlandish claims made about Trump in the russian dirty dossier revealed

Donald Trump denounced the release of the 'dirty dossier' this morning after it was reported that he was told in a briefing that Russia had compromising personal and financial information about him. read

The Vladimir Putin spokesman 'scared s**tless of being blamed for election hacking

A discredited dossier, said to be written by a former British intelligence agent, named Dmitry Peskov (pictured) as ringleader of a Kremlin 'PR team' which sought to 'aid Trump and damage [Hillary] Clinton'. read

Ivanka Trump will be stay-at-home mom thanks to husband's White House move

She carved out a role as a pathbreaking professional woman, but now future first daughter Ivanka Trump is to focus on raising her four kids in Washington. read

Donald Trump 'the germaphobe' denied it all, QUENTIN LETTS writes

QUENTIN LETTS: Oh, to be a sketchwriter in America. They have Donald Trump. Here in London we have to cope with the rather less electrifying Theresa May. It ain’t fair! read

Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect demands apology from Donald Trump

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect demanded an apology from Donald Trump after he compared the US to Nazi Germany on Wednesday. read

Trump's nemesis John McCain kicked off 'Kremlin memo' scandal by handing dossier to FBI

John McCain, 80, said he passed on the dirty Trump dossier to the FBI but had no idea if it was accurate. He claimed he was simply acting as a normal citizen. He refused to endorse Trump for president. read

Can YOU tell which of these meals contain the most calories?

Nutritionist Nichola Whitehead has put together two meal plans: one healthy and one full of junk food. But it's harder to work out which one contains more calories than you may think. read

Emmerdale's Iain Spivey was bottled in Hull nightclub and left with scars

Iain Spivey, 32, who has previously modelled for brands including Adidas, Fitbit and Havana Club, was attacked on a night out in Hull last August. He was left needing 15 stitches to his eye. read

Kim Kardashian Paris robbery suspects are 'beginning to admit their involvement'

A source close to the Paris investigation into the £9million Kim Kardashian robbery said the 17 suspects arrested are 'beginning to admit their involvement' in the incident last October. read

Coronation Street's Simon Gregson reflects on his wife's 11 miscarriages

The show stalwart, 42, who is currently involved in a stillbirth storyline with on-screen wife Kym Marsh, admitted that 'as a bloke' he felt powerless each time his wife suffered. The pair have three sons together. read

EastEnders fans are outraged as Mick Carter uses derogatory slur for Italians

Vewers were outraged on Tuesday night after Mick (played by Danny Dyer) referred to Italian food with the derogatory slur, eyetie. The term originates from is described as 'offensive British slang'. read

Katelyn Nicole Davis suicide video is going viral - and cops are powerless to stop it

The horrific suicide video of Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12-year-old girl from Cedartown, Georgia, has gone viral - and police say there is nothing they can do to stop it from being shared. read

Della Upshire from London drops THREE STONE and cures health issues by going vegan

Della Upshire, 61, from London has dropped from 10.5st to 7st 11lbs. The grandmother-of-nine credits it to her vegan diet. She also claims it cured health ailments like arthritis and angina. read

Sonia Grimes on how she became 'mum her son deserves' after battle with alcoholism

Sonia Grimes, from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, described how she would hide alcohol in her airing cupboard and at one point was drinking up to three bottles of wine a night. read

9 News' Amber Sherlock has meltdown and demands Julie Snook change out of white dress

9 News presenter Amber Sherlock had an outrageous meltdown after realising she, presenter Julie Snook and her guest psychologist Sandy Rea were all wearing white. read

Bristol mother Sophie Iles fought off armed raiders who burst into her home

Two men wearing masks and carrying baseball bats and a carving knife barged past Sophie Iles' 11-year-old daughter and demanded to know where the cannabis was at her home in Bristol. read

Miss Transgender UK reveals men have spat at her after discovering she was born a boy 

Pamela Rose, 24 from Seaham in County Durham, was crowned Miss Transgender England 2016 - but claims men hurl abuse at her when they learn she was born male. read

Can you tell who’s the mother and who’s the daughter?

Welcome to the era of the age-defying mid‑lifers. We’re now witnessing the inescapable rise of the Sister Mothers, so-called because they look more like siblings than mother and daughter. read

Nicola Sturgeon says draconian libel laws would 'threaten the viability' of the media 

Nicola Sturgeon added her name to a growing list of opponents to Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act, which could force newspapers and websites to pay libel costs even if they win the case. read

New king of Rwanda is a security company boss who lives in a council house in Sale

Father-of-two Emmanuel Bushayija, 56, who lives in Sale, Manchester, has been named as the new king of Rwanda, succeeding his uncle Kigeli V who died heirless in the US last October. read

Amal Clooney links arms with husband George for a romantic countryside stroll

On Wednesday's instalment of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid were seen questioning whether or not Amal Clooney is pregnant. read

Shannon Clark suffered facial injuries after she was attacked by stranger's dog

Shannon Clark, from Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, suffered gaping wounds to her mouth and chin after the dog turned on her without warning. read

Designer dogs rise eightfold in a decade... so can you tell a shorkie from a puggle

What do you get when you cross a pug with a beagle, a shihtzu with a Yorkshire terrier or a maltese with a poodle? The answer is Britain’s latest pet craze - with designer crossbreed dogs on the rise. read

Paris Jackson is 'incredibly offended' at Joseph Fiennes being cast as father Michael

It is a casting that has certainly ruffled a few feathers. And Paris Jackson has now revealed her rage that white actor Joseph Fiennes is playing her father. read

Robert De Niro pens letter of support to Meryl Streep after her Golden Globes speech

The 73-year-old actor wrote a letter to fellow Hollywood legend Meryl Streep praising her Golden Globes speech critical of President-elect Donald Trump. read

Russia deploys anti-aircraft missile systems around Moscow to protect capital

The s-400 Triumph air defence system has been providing air cover for Russian forces in Syria since November, and is now being deployed on home soil around the city of Moscow. read

Jennifer Lopez's make-up artist Kate Best reveals her travel beauty hacks 

According to US-based celebrity make-up artist Kate Best, this reasonably simple in-flight regime can make all the difference when it comes to looking refreshed after a long journey. read

Household items you never knew had an expiry date

From your chopping board to your toilet brush, many of your household items should find themselves in the bin after just a few months of use. read

10 surprising personality traits of highly intelligent people

Experts have revealed to MailOnline the ten traits that might show you are more intelligent than your peers, including being left-handed, being a cat-person and having humility (stock image) read

The mothers too ashamed to admit their own children physically attack them

With his mop of blond curls and big blue eyes, five-year-old Jack Talbot looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. However, on occasions he can become so angry he physically attacks his mother. read

Pakistani man who weighs 68-STONE eats 36 eggs for breakfast and 7lb of meat a day

Gentle giant Arbab Khizer Hayat has already been named Pakistan's hulk man, and has gained fans throughout the country for his strongman stunts, which include stopping cars with his bare hands. read

Pregnant man Hayden Cross tells of abuse he has faced in wake of his revelation

Former Asda worker Hayden Cross, 20, who lives in a council flat in Gloucester and receives unemployment benefits, has lived legally as a man for three years. read

Michelle Baxter is shocked to hear of paedophile husband Peter Yates' past

Michelle Baxter, now 54, said she had no idea that her husband was a paedophile and is now divorcing him but she is still hounded in the street and insulting her in Darwen, Lancashire. read

Castles: Britain's Fortified History explores the expensive tastes of Henry VIII

Henry VIII would spent£6million a year on 600,000 gallons of beer and £3.5million on meats such as mutton, ox and venison, for his banquets - more than double the current Queen's food bill. read

Debate over what inspired shape of Monster Munch sends fans into Twitter frenzy

Danny Mcfarlane shared the revelation about the second Monster Munch shape on Facebook this week and it quickly went viral. But Walkers Crisps has revealed which one is right. read

The most expensive homes in the WORLD in 2016: The Playboy Mansion, a Park Avenue penthouse and a huge Dallas mansion are ALL beaten by palatial mansion in Hong Kong that sold for $270m

Anyone with about $100million lying around in spare change at some point in 2016 could have struck one of the biggest real estate deals around. read

Footage show racist thugs set fire to Al Falah Braintree Islamic Centre in Essex

The Al Falah Braintree Islamic Centre in Essex was targeted at around 2.30am on Sunday. Police are now hunting the two men involved. read

Failed asylum seekers allowed to stay in Germany if they can were beaten up by neo-Nazis

Berlin's interior minister Andrea Geisel ([pictured) said Berlin is looking into the legal possibilities of the exemption after nearby Brandenburg opted for the scheme which offers protection to witnesses. read

How they turned once magical Sherlock into self-indulgent twaddle 

Where did it all go wrong? And to think, it started so well. Then, gradually, the doubts started to creep in and we began to worry that the early promise would be unfulfilled — and how right we were. read

Vampire bats in Brazil have started feeding on HUMANS for the first time

Researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil made the find after looking at 70 faeces samples from a colony of hairy-legged vampire bats living in the Catimbau National Park. read

Sophie Braithwait from Sheffield starved herself to look like Cheryl

Sophie Braithwait, 19, of Sheffield, who starved herself to look like Cheryl Cole has told how she shrunk to just under 5st 13lbs after developing anorexia and living on an apple a day. read

Atomic weapons workers to stage strike

Unite said 600 of its members at AWE's two sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield in Berkshire will walk out for 48 hours from January 18 and 30. read

Anders Breivik says ‘I’m more radicalised than ever because of solitary confinement’

The 37-year-old right-wing extremist, who has been held in solitary confinement since being sentenced in 2012 to 21 years in prison, talked calmly in court before a three-judge panel. read

Loch Ness Monster photo competition winner dedicates award to late fiancé

Natasha Heidlage, who works for Southwest Airlines, took the photo on May 1, 2016, while on vacation with her then-boyfriend Matt Smeller a 47-year-old pilot, who died in September. read

China's 'mask boy' has birth defect where he appears to have two faces

Huikang, from China's Hunan Province, suffers from transverse facial cleft. Rare condition means the boy, born in 2009, appears to have two faces. The child has been dubbed the 'mask boy' by media. read

Meghan Markle steps out for yoga class in Toronto after getaway with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle looked glum as she stepped out for her first yoga session of the new year in Toronto. The 35-year-old has just returned romantic getaway with Prince Harry to Norway. read

North Manchester hospital accused of leaving baby boy 'catastrophically' brain damaged

Ibrahim Mehdi was born healthy at North Manchester General Hospital but developed symptoms of jaundice - a usually harmless condition - just days later. But staff failed to act on it. read

NHS chiefs to GPs from Poland, Lithuania and Greece with promises of £90,000 salaries

New recruits are given 12 weeks training in Poland before being moved to Britain to start seeing patients. A pilot scheme has already been run in Lincolnshire. read

Daniel Craig's neighbours complain tree in his garden is damaging their home 

Camden Council is reviewing a request to cut down the 80 foot tree which is blamed for causing cracks to a house in a side street in the north London area. read

Tesco and Marks & Spencer toast bumper Christmas season

Marks & Spencer said sales in its clothing and home division rose while Tesco notched up a 1.8% rise in third quarter sales. read

Charity shop volunteers reveal the worst donations they've ever received

Charity shop volunteers have taken to Mumsnet to reveal the most bizarre donations they've ever received, including soiled underwear, adult DVDs and jars full of screws. read

Maxine Caulfield out walking her dogs snaps 'sasquatch' in woods in Ireland

Mother-of-one Maxine Caulfield was walking her dogs in the 'haunted' woods of Slieveanorra in Northern Ireland when she said her pets used their 'sixth sense' to spot the mystery 'beast'. read

Exercise made easy - and pain free: Dr Xand van Tulleken's Definitive Diet 

In the same way that his Definitive Diet helps you shed weight effortlessly without gimmicks, Dr Xand van Tulleken is here to tell you that getting active really doesn’t have to be difficult. read

Psychologists reveal the four types of 'play' personality

While previous research has focused on this trait in children, a new study in Germany investigated the role of playfulness in the day-to-day lives of adults. They identified four different types. read

2014 UK smog killed 300 people in 10 days and put another 1,600 in hospital 

A new report has revealed the impact the smog had on health in Britain when it descended over ten days in March and April three years ago. read

Lisa Marie Presley's estranged husband dishes on lavish lifestyle of Elvis' daughter and their twins

Bombshell legal documents in the bitter divorce battle between Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood have detailed the sumptuous life of luxury the couple has enjoyed. read

The poshest UK country houses for sale

As these stunning shots of some of the UK's hottest properties prove, hundreds of acres of land, indoor swimming pools and private fishing lakes are all de rigueur for the rich and famous. read

Video shows woman being beaten by her ex-boyfriend before he dragged her body along

Shocking video shows Charlie Davies carrying his ex-girlfriend's lifeless body onto the street, having punched her in the face after accusing her of 'mugging me off' off camera. read

Baby survives after car slammed into tractor near Redruth but woman driver is killed

The incident happened on the A30 near Redruth in Cornwall (file photo). The baby, who was in the car with the 31-year-old woman, suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment. read

Margaret Thatcher leads the way in new dictionary of notables

The ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher leads over 200 new additions to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography – with one of the longest entries to date. read

Architects say they could 3D-print a 3-MILE-high smog-eating skycraper by 2062

The skyscraper is the vision of Arconic, a materials science company in New York, as part of its larger campaign called The Jetsons – an homage to the 1962 cartoon, set in 2062. read

Stevie Wonder serenades Michelle Obama with hit songs on Jimmy Fallon show 

First Lady Michelle Obama was left teary-eyed after Stevie Wonder serenaded her with a special medley of his hits on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday in her final TV appearance. read

Jeremy Corbyn accuses UK's NATO forces in Eastern Europe of 'escalating tensions' with Russia 

Mr Corbyn's spokesman said he not support the deployment of hundreds of UK troops to deter aggression by President Putin - much to the annoyance of Nia Griffith (pictured). read

Taliban release video showing American and Australian captives

Timothy Weekes, an English teacher from Sydney, Australia, and Kevin King, from America, were captured in August last year while working in Kabul, and appear in a new propaganda video. read

Why going to the gym could be dangerous for your mental health

People who are exposed to images of images of more muscular people may develop body dysmorphia and think their muscles are smaller, a new Australian study has found. read

How rich are you? Work out where your income and wealth sits in the UK

While we quite rightly worry about inequality, Britain’s disposable incomes are the most equal they have been in 30 years, but where do you fit in the earnings and wealth scales? read

Sandra Weir who bludgeoned grandmother to death and then played Candy Crush is jailed

Sandra Weir, 41, launched the attack on Mary Logie, 82, at the pensioner's home in Leven, Fife, last January. The grandmother suffered 31 injuries to her head and neck, including multiple skull fractures. read

E-fit released of suspected serial rapist who attacked 12-year-old girl in Manchester

Officers from Greater Manchester Police have released the image of a man they want to question after a 12-year-old girl was attacked from behind and then dragged into an alley. read

Why vanishing GPs are to blame for this NHS hospital crisis, by Russell Hopkins

Too many GPs have become unresponsive and unavailable, with the traditional out-of-hours and weekend services all but disappearing. read

ISIS Jihadi Jack's parents go on trial for 'sending cash' to son when he joined terror group

John Letts and Sally Lane, of Oxford, go on trial at the Old Bailey today accused of funding terrorism by sending hundreds of pounds to their son 'Jihadi' Jack, who joined ISIS in Syria in 2014. read

Bovis paid £3,000 'bribes' to persuade buyers to move into unfinished homes'

Bovis Homes, whose chief executive left abruptly on Monday, was willing to pay its customers as much as £3,000 to complete deals by December 23 – even if the home was not finished. read

One in three women used a face scrub this morning but will yours give YOU wrinkles?

Did you use a face scrub this morning? If so, you might want to rethink your weekly beauty regime. Before you scrub exfoliating out of your skincare regime, here is a guide to doing it safely… read

Detectives to quiz the son of Prince Charles' tycoon friend over mysterious death

Josh Clayton, 23, (pictured) vanished after a party on the island of Tresco before his body washed up 12 days later, with his clothes covered in blood. read

Head of the Wildenstein art dynasty CLEARED of hiding $600m from the French taxman 

Guy Wildenstein, 70, was on Thursday cleared by a Paris court of hiding properties and millions of euros in paintings by artists such as Monet and Picasso from the taxman. read

Bernie Ecclestone's daughter Petra Stunt's Stark business racks up £4m debt

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Petra Stunt's business has racked up nearly £4.2 million of debt according to the latest set of accounts — up £170,000 on the previous year. read

Spooked! Little girl is left absolutely terrified when her doll appears to move its head

The creepy CCTV footage was posted online, apparently by the child's concerned father. It is unclear as of yet where the video was filmed but shows very strange events in the girl's home. read

Lena Dunham poses legs akimbo as she reflects on her future in a Trump world

The 30-year-old actress and writer has bared all - literally and metaphorically - in a new interviewer with Nylon released Wednesday. read

Coen brothers to make their first TV series

The Coen brothers have announced they are making their first ever TV show called, 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs', which is set in the Old West and will be a 'innovative' experience. read

Quiz challenges you to guess colour that results from mixing two shades

Test your knowledge with this Playbuzz quiz, which tasks you with selecting the shade created when two different colours are mixed together. You have four options to choose from - but they vary only subtly. read

Why you should NEVER drink to forget: Alcohol 'makes bad memories stronger'

A new study from Johns Hopkins University claims alcohol not only prevents you from forgetting bad memories but may make them stronger, averting positive effects from psychotherapy. read

What mummy with 3 hungry children doesn’t pinch from the breakfast buffet! 

Bowls laden with fresh fruit, golden pastries hot from the oven and eggs cooked any which way - that, to me, is what a holiday is all about. And I'm afraid it brings out the glutton in me. read

They are the must-have accessory of the season but your ‘fun’ bobble hat’s sneakily brought fur in from the cold 

They are the must-have accessory of the season, worn by celebrities and mums on the school run alike. But these balls of fluff might be the gateway for the fur industry to creep back into fashion. read

John Humphrys reveals Blair's Labour threatened to withdraw co-operation from Radio 4's Today unless they dealt with the 'Humphrys problem' 

Veteran broadcaster John Humphrys has claimed Tony Blair's government threatened to stop co-operating with flagship radio show Today if the BBC did not 'deal with' him. read

Planet Nine could be a 'rogue world' captured from another solar system

Dubbed Planet Nine, the elusive world is believed by many to be responsible for the strange shaped orbits of objects in the outer realms of the solar system, but it is yet to be seen. read

Man who called himself the 'Welsh Steve Irwin' was flees in terror from a lion

A tattooed and shirtless Robbie Gaine, 29, was petting the lion at an animal sanctuary in Thailand before it turned and lunged for him - forcing him to hide in the predator's den. read

Report confirms 'recurrent' abuses of British foreign aid

More than £1billion has been given away since 2011 in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, but a damning report shows that British handouts are being exploited (file image). read

Did listening to Yegna REALLY stop 40,000 Ethiopian girls getting married too early?

The British government has been donating millions in taxpayers’ cash to create Ethiopia’s version of the Spice Girls, giving them £9.2 million to change Africa though ‘girl power’. read

How SEAL Team 6 'committed war crimes across Iraq and Afghanistan'

SEAL Team 6, the US Navy's special forces team that gained worldwide fame for killing Osama bin Laden, have been accused of a litany of war crimes and depraved battlefield behavior. read

Childless widows of servicemen killed in action to receive an extra £2,000

The hike in payments comes after decades of discrimination against bereaved young spouses, with the changes made by the UK Government to be brought in from April. read

Bank of England governor FINALLY admits that Brexit is NOT the biggest risk

In an humiliating about-turn today, Mr Carney told MPs he no longer believes Brexit is the biggest risk to the UK's financial stability - and in fact the risk is greater for the rest of the EU. read

University of Gothenburg study shows how temperature drops make you sick

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have discovered more details about how a sudden drop in outdoor temperature can confuse your body's defenses. read

House of Windsor is celebrating centenary of changing Royal Family name

The Royal Family’s name has always been a touchy subject. Prince Philip (pictured) famously complained: 'I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children.’ read

It's no wonder Her Majesty loves TV's Pointless 

Show host Alexander Armstrong revealed this week that a ‘Palace insider’ had told him our 90-year-old monarch enjoys watching Pointless before the BBC News At Six. read

Thailand's Miss Universe hopeful checks in SEVENTEEN suitcases

Chalita Suansane, from Thailand, arrived at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport with 17 large suitcases that tipped the scales at 300kg - ten times the baggage allowance. read

People reveal the CREEPIEST things they've ever experienced on Reddit

In a new thread on Reddit users have revealed the creepiest things that have ever happened to them and what is most disturbing about their stories is that users claim that all these stories are true. read

Matteo Tafuri's prophecy at risk of coming true after Salento in Italy is hit by snow 

Italian philosopher Matteo Tafuri predicted that two consecutive days of snow in the sunny, southern Italian town of Salento would mean 'the end of the world'. read

Fifty nifty tricks to instant glamour

Want to make your outfit look brand new with hardly any effort or expenditure? Here, fashion blogger Catherine Summers shares her 50 invaluable tips to picking the right accessories... read

Children who think they are transgender 'could have autism'

Youngsters who believe they were born in the wrong body are seven times more likely than others to be on the autistic spectrum, said Dr Kenneth Zucker. read

Majority of British public voted to oppose implementation of unfair new libel laws

140,000 people have responded to a consultation on whether to implement Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act, which could force the press to pay libel costs even if they win a case. read

Social workers made series of failures over Poppy Widdison, report says

The report identified a 'number of missed opportunities' to better protect Poppy Widdison (pictured), who collapsed at home in Grimsby and later died in 2013, from her mother Michala Pyke, 37. read

How stress puts us at a higher risk of heart attack: Higher activity in certain part of the brain is linked to clotting in the aorta 

Scientists at Harvard Medical School have directly linked anxiety and stress to cardiovascular disease for the first time - and discovered exactly why the two are linked. read

Norway tunes out FM radio: Country becomes the first to shut down the service after the government says it’s too expensive to operate 

Norway has become the first country in the world to begin shutting down its FM radio service. The Scandinavian country will leave only digital radio channels operating, on ‘DAB’ radios. read

Chinese twin sisters separated as babies, meet for the first time

Audrey Doering (left) and Gracie Rainsberry (right), hugged for the first time ever Tuesday. They grew up in Wisconsin and Washington respectively and didn't know about each other until last month. read

Katie Rough's parents arrive to hear case against girl accused of her murder

Katie was found by her mother following the shocking incident after she left primary school in York on Monday afternoon. read

Couple captures heartbreaking photos of twins before one passed away

Grieving couple, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger, of Ohio, captured the final moments of twins, William and Reagan, in the only moments they would be alive together, before one tragically passed away. read

Mail Online names and shames some of the thousands of GP surgeries shutting up

The Mail visited surgeries in London, Birmingham, Derby, Plymouth, Bristol, Cambridge and Newcastle which had all closed for the afternoon (pictured, health secretary Jeremy Hunt). read

British climber dies after falling when rope broke as he was scaling rock face in Spain

The unnamed 51-year-old was alive when rescuers reached him but died in hospital after suffering cardiac arrest at a fire station in Benidorm he had been airlifted to from the scene of the accident. read

Nick Rose from Devon with cancer spent final months finding a foster family for his son

Nick Rose (pictured), 40, from Paignton in Devon, fought against an aggressive cancer that spread from his bones to his lungs. He lost his battle last Tuesday. read

Meet Kim Kardashian's 'chauffeur' held over £8.5million jewellery heist

Gary Madar, one of the 17 people arrested in Paris over the £8.5m Kim Kardashian heist, is seen helping celebrities such as Nicole Kidman with their luggage on his enviable Facebook page. read

South Africa sees #DeadPose trend as video shows toddler trying to wake aunt playing dead

The video is part of a grim online craze in South Africa called Dead Pose which has has prompted a storm of outrage and morbid curiosity. WARNING: Graphic content. read

Yoga is twice as good for easing back pain as other exercises

The practice, which includes stretching and breathing exercises, is an effective way to improve mobility and ease the chronic discomfort, experts said. read

New BMW 5 Series wins What Car?'s coveted Car of the Year award

The BMW 5 Series, which has self-driving features for short distances, took the top spot in the What Car? 2017 awards. We reveal the winners in the other categories and prices. read

Feel tired all the time? How you can EAT your way out of exhaustion

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns has revealed the six items we need to beat fatigue, including raw cacao, or unprocessed chocolate. She says swap pasta for a high-protein version. read

Lonely Planet reveals best places to go every month in new book Where To Go When

Lonely Planet has released an invaluable new book packed with expert advice on where and when to take your holidays including Tasmania in January and Corsica in September. read

Animation of black holes reveals the power of their gravitational pull 

An animation released by the UCLA Galactic Center Group shows stars orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy - Sagittarius A. read

Are you a SUPERNARCISSIST? Researchers reveal how to tell - and the trick that makes them feel empathy

A recent study found that narcissists demonstrate empathy when given specific instructions to view a situation from the other person’s perspective, suggesting they aren't incapable. read

Blindfolded martial arts master slams down a sledgehammer inches from trusting volunteers

Two volunteers lay splayed out on the floor with fruit placed around their limbs and above their heads in the footage reportedly filmed during a Sikh festival in southern India. read

Robbie Williams' management is accused of putting 'platinum' tickets straight onto resale websites for £160

The same seats for a gig in his Heavy Entertainment Tour of 2017 cost £65 more on a resale site, which are 'direct from the event organiser', his management company Ie:Music. read

Mr Kipling blames Brexit as boxes of cakes are shrunk ahead of price rises 

The box size of Mr Kipling's cake slices range is to change from containing nine to eight cakes. The move follows warnings by the parent company Premier Foods that prices would rise. read

'Forgotten' surfaces are helping to pass on bugs including flu and norovirus 

Hygiene experts have warned often forgotten surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches, which we spend the most time touching, can pass on bugs like norovirus and the flu. read

Here's how many calories you can burn exploring the world's top tourist attractions

As this new infographic reveals, head to attractions including Disneyland Paris and you'll be so distracted you won't even notice you've burned 1,234 calories just by walking and taking rides. read

Samsung shows off electric car battery that can charge enough for 300 miles in just 20 minutes  

Samsung SDI unveiled a new battery for electric cars that has better range and is equip with 'fast charged' abilities- it offers a driver range of 373 miles and in 20 minutes, can hit 80 percent capacity. read

Xavier Hubert-Brierre captures leopard obsessed with his reflection in jungle mirror

French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre set up a large mirror and hidden cameras in the Gabon rainforest to capture how animals would react to their reflections. read

Rolf Harris appears via videolink to deny sexually assaulting women aged

The allegations date back as far as the 1970s, when the TV entertainer was at the height of his fame. Harris (pictured), 86, appeared via video link at Southwark Crown Court in London. read

Kate Middleton empathises with parents during visit to child bereavement centre

The Duchess of Cambridge returned to royal duties after her Christmas break today, visiting the Anna Freud Centre in North London - her first engagement of 2017. read

Dads do matter... even if they’re always at work and infuriatingly clueless when they’re at home! 

My dad was a quiet, dignified lowland Scot, a career diplomat who studied philosophy and was a BBC German Service announcer during the war. He was not what you call a ‘New Man’. read

Will anyone in government have sense to reverse decision to ditch paper road tax discs?

Of all the counter-productive measures brought in by governments in recent years, the abolition of the paper tax disc in 2014 should surely be put at the very top of a shameful list. read

British Oscar Jefferson, 8, breaks viewers' hearts on Spanish Masterchef

Oscar Jefferson, 8, who only moved to the Costa del Sol with his family two years ago, was comforted by one of the show's judges after he began crying on the cookery show. read

Child blocks on porn breach adults' rights, says the UN

After a campaign by the Daily Mail, Culture Secretary Karen Bradley is to force porn sites to carry out age checks so only adults can see explicit material, or face fines of up to £250,000. read

Babies made without mothers 'will come sooner than we think', leading scientists warn

Late last year, a team at the University of Bath discovered that sperm and skin cells - or any other kind of non-egg cell - might be all you need for conception. Now experts say it could happen soon. read

Former London Fields Brewery owner ‘conned the taxman out of more than £700k’

Julian De Vere Whiteway-Wilkinson, 44, created the London Fields Brewery in Hackney in 2011 with wife Rosemary Spence but the pair are accused of failing to pay more than £700,000 in tax. read

Britain will hand over HALF of its territory on Cyprus as part of settlement deal

EXCLUSIVE - Britain has agreed to hand over half of its territory on Cyprus if the island's Greek and Turkish communities can reach a historic settlement at crucial talks this week. read

Snake is no match for venomous redback spider when it gets caught in its web 

Carmel Munro, from Vinifera, Australia, walked into her garden shed on January 9 to find a female redback spider battling a snake that it had caught in its web. read

Air steward Adrian Thomas' hilarious safety announcement goes viral

Footage of the air steward giving the announcement on a domestic South African flight bound for Cape Town has been viewed over 90,000 times. read

THREE vehicles smash into Grimsby home in 20 minutes after hitting black ice

Hannah and Ian Jones from Grimsby have had it with vehicles smashing into their front garden. It was hit three times in the space of 20 minutes bringing the total number of collisions to six. read

MAC ON... Hospital waiting times 

'Holiday? No. We're going to A&E' read

Dancer slams partner HEAD-FIRST onto the floor when attempting Dirty Dancing move

The pair were filmed happily grooving away on a dance floor in Kyrgyzstan until the man attempted a risky move. Miscalculating his strength he launched his dance partner over his shoulders. read

Swimming in shackles, jumping out of planes at 10,000 feet and launching rockets into space: Incredible pictures show a year in the life of Air Force Airmen

The Air Force has just released it's annual collection of best pictures, which give a unique insight to the lives of America's Airmen. read

Giant African snail slithers across insect collector’s face in YouTube video

Adrian Kozakiewicz, an exotic insect collector and seller based in Germany, filmed the African land snail (pictured) crawling over his face and posted the footage online to promote his business. read

Myles Scott from London eats apple in just one bite only pausing to pull off stem

Instead of tackling a monster burger or a huge plate of hot dogs Myles Scott (pictured), from London, took eating challenges in a much healthier direction. read