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  2. has been tone dead for 8 yrs, , on fire, rise of , divisions, apologist, all he did well was vacation.

  3. Looks like is overtaking in its devotion to conspiracies. Nobody is immune

  4. . resolution shows world views settlements as obstacle to peace

  5. Obama's Farewell Tears Are an Insult, His Record is Soaked in Blood: via

  6. is a huge for the ; option; , , & all "fence them in" until they submit (commit to a plan to fixit).

  7. Arab friend tells me: US is now like the , scandal after scandal every day.

  8. have 99.6 of the Land, they want more from . Who is the in the ? Ask

  9. on air with and Mike Macklin. Top stories: ! rescue, with

  10. That sounds like something the spokesmen of authoritarian rulers in would say.

  11. The Average Issue Readership of international titles is the highest amongst in the Middle East (44%)

  12. Ahmed Maher is out of prison at last

  13. Photo awards #2016 :see 's best photos of the year

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