Nurse, 29, and her three young children found murdered in their home as police arrest man she dumped after a few dates 'because he was acting scary'

  • Cami Umbarger found dead with her daughters and son aged 9, 6, and 4
  • David Cornell Bennett Jr held on $5m bail after massive manhunt tracks him down
  • Suspect had mental evaluation last month after writing online post about murder-suicide plans

The 22-year-old ex-boyfriend of a Kansas nurse found murdered alongside her three young children has been arrested late last night after a day-long manhunt involving 100 officers.

David Cornell Bennett Jr is being held on $5 million bail after the bodies of 29-year-old Cami Umbarger and her three children, aged 9, 6, and 4, were discovered.

Friends say the single mother from Parsons had gone on a couple of dates with Bennett but tried to distance herself from him when he began 'acting scary'.

Horror: Cami Umbarger with her children Hollie, Jaxon, and Averie. Their bodies were found on Monday

The 22-year-old had been taken into custody last month after police were allegedly alerted to a posting on a social media site that said he planned to carry out a murder suicide, KOAM TV reported.

He was held until a mental evaluation was carried out, and was then released. It is not clear who the intended victims in the alleged online post were.

Colleagues of Ms Umbarger, who worked as a nursing home, raised the alarm when the dedicated nurse failed to show up to work on Monday.

Suspect: David Cornell Bennett Jr has been arrested in connection with the deaths

Police have not yet said how the family died or where they were found, but some local stations reported that the mother was killed in her own home alongside her two daughters Hollie, 9, and Averie, 4, and son, Jaxon, 6.

She had last been seen on Saturday night when she attended her sister's wedding shower.

The children's father, Donald Betts, said: 'They are what I live and breathe for. I don't know how anyone could do this.'

The victim's sister, Beth Umbarger, told the Wichita Eagle that Miss Umbarger had been on a few dates with Bennett, but broke it off after he 'started acting pretty scary'.

She said: 'She'd been trying to stay away from him and he just kept coming back and going back. She was just hoping that he would leave her alone ... and she would be able to move past it.'

The victim's sister added that the family had been killed in their Parsons home, about 30 miles from where Bennett was later spotted.

'I want them back. I miss them. You go through life every day and you never expect that this would happen to you,' Beth Umbarger said.

Tara Umbarger said her cousin Cami had met Bennett around the end of September and went out with him a couple of times.

She said he began calling her 30 or 40 times at a time, at times making threats.

'He was basically stalking her and wouldn't leave her alone,' Tara Umbarger said.

Tribute: Donald Betts, the father of Hollie, Jaxon and Averie, kneels at a makeshift memorial in Parsons on Wednesday

Support: Lexi Umbarger cuddles a teddy bear during a vigil for the family found murdered on Monday

No complaint was filed with the police and Cami Umbarger was described as the type of person who probably thought he wasn't serious.

Bennett was arrested in connection with the murders at about 9pm on Tuesday, after he was spotted walking on a street. 

At the time of his arrest Bennett was talking on a cellphone to a friend who had alerted police, according to Kake. His clothes were said to be soaked through and freezing when police found him.

No formal charges have been made yet against Bennett.

A candlelit vigil was due to take place in Parsons on Wednesday night, and counseling services were being set up at the children's schools. 

Investigation: Officers are still collecting evidence at Cami Umbarger's home

Victim: Nurse Cami Umbarger was last seen at her sister's wedding shower on Saturday night. Co-workers raised the alarm when the mother-of-three failed to turn up for work on Monday

Joanna Wilson, who worked at the Good Samaritan Society of Parsons home with Miss Umbarger said they raised the alarm after the nurse failed to come to work.

'That’s just not like her. We’re a close-knit group. If someone is missing and you were expecting her, you’d reach out and see where they are,' she said.

She added that the children were 'part of the family' and regularly came to the nursing home. 'She has many dear friends, and we’re working through it. It’s been a tough time,' she said.