It's off (again)! Mario Balotelli calls time on his romance with pregnant girlfriend Rafaella Fico

Mario Balotelli's fiery on-off romance with pregnant former girlfriend Raffaella Fico is off again, it emerged on Tuesday.

Balotelli, 22, had kissed and made up with Raffaella, 24, last month after the two split in a bitter doorstep bust up earlier this year when she flew to Britain from Manchester to confront him over his cheating.

Police were called in as the two had a furious argument and the underwear model was escorted away in tears - only to reveal a few weeks later that she was pregnant with his child.

All over: Mario Balotelli has called time on his relationship with pregnant model Raffaella Fico

Initially Balotelli refused to accept the news and had demanded a DNA test but the two made up and in October were spotted romantically kissing and cuddling on the balcony of her home near Naples after he jetted in to surprise her.

But now it has emerged that striker Balotelli, who was dropped for last week's match against Tottenham, has not been in touch with Raffaella, who is due to give birth on Christmas Day, since they met up last month - and they have rowed over the fact he wants her to have the baby in Manchester.

Raffaella, who earlier this week was the lead model in a wedding dress show, said: 'All I will say is that to be a good father doesn't just mean giving your DNA. A good father needs to be besides the woman he has decided to have a child with.

Single man: Mario Balotelli, seen arriving at a training session in Italy on Monday

'He should be present, he should be interested. He can't just turn up at the last minute and pick up the packet (baby). You should love a child even when it's in it's mother's tummy. You can't just buy children with money. He's just disappeared. He doesn't want to be a father.'

A source close to Raffaella said:''She was hoping things were back on track after Mario flew over and they patched things up but it seems his back to his old ways and he has not been in touch at all for weeks. There's a bit of friction over where Raffaella gives birth. Mario would like it to be in Manchester but she wants to be in Italy close to her mother.

'All Raffaella wants is a nice stable relationship and atmosphere into which she wants to bring their baby into and what she would like above all is to get married, in church with a lovely dress and all the trimmings that go with it - a nice reception, doves, confetti and be surrounded by family and friends.'

During the summer the two had waged a bitter war of words through various articles in Italian magazines with Balotelli accusing her of cashing in on the pregnancy while she hit back and claimed he had stalked her with late night phone calls.

Then in a statement last month Balotelli said:'I have decided to try again with Raffaella. The DNA test has not been performed and hasnothing to do with my decision. In any case, I would have asked for the test in that situation with anyone, not just Raffaella.

'I am sorry for everything that has happened over the last few months and above all forwhat has been said and written. I ask once again for you all to respect our private life that in the future must remain private, a pledge taken by me and Raffaella.

'There will be no further statements or interviews.'

Last month it also emerged that Balotelli had bought a new apartment near his adopted parents home in Brescia which he wanted to Raffaella and the new baby to move into but she is not keen on making the move to the north of Italy.

Raffaella, who has previously dated Cristiano Ronaldo, met Balotelli after she appeared on Italy's version of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here with the footballer's sister and she is also famous in Italy as an underwear model and Big Brother contestant, while she also once offered her virginity for a million Euro.