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Business Management/EconDev student | bad wanderlust | Red River Valley of the North roots |

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  2. Mmmm. -22° is so tropical. ❄️

  3. Remember that ice-coated roads don't care how well equipped your vehicle is. Without traction any vehicle can slide off the road.

  4. ⬇️🚨🚨🚨⬇️ ohh sundogs, you sure make winters not so terrible up here in the Red River Valley. 💋

  5. when the store is playing a song from the 90s band Aqua 💙💦 (@ Hornbachers in Moorhead, MN)

  6. Spring Semester!😁✨🙏🏽💚📚💁🏾 (@ North Dakota State University - in Fargo, ND)

  7. Strong front to move through with a period of NW winds to 40 mph and blowing snow in E ND & RRV.

  8. When local news media have to remind motorists not to use cruise control this time of year🤔🤔

  9. 6 am Regina Saskatchewan has a wind chill of -55F

  10. I'm planning a future Sunday Funday of kuchen, coffee, & listening to Spotify Lawrence Welk playlist. 💚

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    • @mpsutility

      Moorhead Public Service is a community-owned utility providing electricity and water to residents of Moorhead, Minnesota.

    • @donellymae

      Mom, student, avid procrastinator.

  12. 🎉✊🏾✨🍻 - Drinking an Iron Milk Maiden by at

  13. I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 18)' badge on !

  14. I just earned the 'Happy Brew Year (2017)' badge on !

  15. I just earned the 'Hoppy Hanukkah (2016)' badge on !

  16. Winter Storm Watch for Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon. Snow/wind expected during this time frame.

  17. So true-- 2006 was a great year✊🏾 | How Escaping A Small Town Changes Your Life. via

  18. ...or because everyone can tell that you're Shaq... so... police are nice to you ... because you're Shaq... ? 🤔

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