Khloe Kardashian helps Stephanie transform from 'DUFF' to bikini babe in series debut of E! show Revenge Body

Khloe Kardashian helped two people transform themselves through diet and exercise on Thursday's premiere of her new E! reality show.

The 32-year-old reality star met with Will Ontiveros and Stephanie Perez in the debut episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian titled Muscle Cub & The Duff.

Will told a sympathetic Khloe how his boyfriend Kyle broke up with him after a substantial weight gain. 

Series premiere: Khloe Kardashian helped two people transform themselves on Thursday's debut of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian

Will explained that their relationship blossomed and so did his weight as he gained 40 pounds but Kyle didn't.

Khloe sympathised and told Will that her older sister Kim Kardashian 'never had weight issues' and revealed that she took solace when Kim would complain that 'nobody wants me' after a breakup.

Will revealed that he wanted to transform from a 'bear' to a 'muscle cub'.

He then embarked on his 12-week adventure with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Sweet revenge: Stephanie Perez dropped 27 pounds and reached her bikini goal

Khloe then had her first meeting with Stephanie who was struggling with extra pounds, severe acne and unflattering nails.

Stephanie explained that she was a 'DUFF' or 'designated ugly fat friend' among her group of 'supermodel' friends.

'That's what I am in my group,' she revealed.

One one one: Khloe met face to face with Stephanie to learn about her goals and motivation

Stephanie told Khloe that her former best friend Miranda flat-out told her she was fat and she's been losing her confidence ever since.

'That's not really a good friend,' Khloe said.

Khloe also confided that she had acne in her twenties and it made her 'so insecure'.

No problem: Stephanie showed Khloe her nails and the reality star said they were fixable

Stephanie revealed that her goal was to wear a bikini and be comfortable.

Khloe put her on the buddy system and hooked Stephanie up with the Training Mate gym and celebrity trainer Luke Milton.

Luke took measurements and Stephanie tipped the scale at 172 pounds during her first weigh-in.

Showing support: Luke Milton of Training Mate gym promised Stephanie she was in a safe place

'I don't like that number. I want to lower it as soon as possible,' Stephanie said.

Will meanwhile learned that his body fat was a soaring 36.7 percent.

He was maintaining a diet of broccoli, almonds and chicken, but reverted to drinking as a friend's birthday coincided with Kyle dating a new man.

Strong motivation: Will Ontiveros told Khloe he wanted a revenge body due to his ex Kyle

Gained weight: The audience learned that Will gained weight as his relationship blossomed but his boyfriend Kyle didn't

Drinking up: Will got drunk and missed a workout session after learning Kyle had moved on

Will missed his next training session with Gunnar and later told him about Kyle dating somebody else.

'If I told you that I was interested that would be a lie. Kyle who? Kyle who?,' said Gunnar who got Will working out again.

Stephanie then saw acne skin specialist Christie Kidd who gave her makeup advice before treating her stubborn acne with the same techniques she applied to Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Not interested: Gunnar told Will that he didn't care and got him working out again

Skin specialist: Khloe sent Stephanie to see celebrity dermatologist Christie Kidd

Good advice: Stephanie received some makeup advice and a treatment that Kendall and Kylie Jenner previously received

The show then showed Stephanie joining others in a rugby-inspired workout on the beach as it was revealed that she lost 12 pounds in six weeks.

Stephanie with five weeks to go ramped up her workouts to seven days a week, twice a day.

With four weeks remaining, Stephanie noticed a difference.

Difference noticed: Stephanie noticed a difference with four weeks remaining

'I've been hit on so many times and asked out on dates. I feel like I'm really pretty,' she confided.

Stephanie was anxious about reaching her goal weigh of 148 pounds with three days to go when she stepped on the scale.

Luke proudly told her that she weighed in at 145.2 pounds.

Best friends: Stephanie and Miranda were shown in a throwback photo

'I'm grateful for everything,' Stephanie said.

Khloe then had celebrity stylist Jason Bolden help Stephanie find the perfect swimsuit and pieces from the Kendall and Kylie Collection were brought out.

The reality star even loaned Stephanie her personal glam squad including hair stylist Jen Atkin for a makeover before her pool party debut with ex-friend Miranda.

Celebrity stylist: Khloe enlisted celebrity stylist Jason Bolden to help her find a bikini for Stephanie

Kylie delivered a surprise message to Stephanie via video and also gave her a box full of her coveted lip kits.

Stephanie in her strutted out to the pool party and confronted Miranda.

'I have really high expectations for everything, just all relationships. When it comes to guys and when it comes to friends, too,' Stephanie said.

Video message: Kylie Jenner congratulated Stephanie in a video message

Lip kits: Stephanie also received a box of lip kits from Kylie's popular line

Miranda admitted that she was immature and said she was happy that Stephanie confronted her about it.

'I want to be your friend. ...I do miss you,' Stephanie told her.

Stephanie and Miranda then hugged.

'She's killing it,' Luke said at the party.

The reveal: A pool party was held for Stephanie and she debuted her revenge body after a glam session from Khloe's personal team

Miranda later said that Luke had given her a 'lifetime membership' at his gym and that she was welcome anytime.

Will made his reveal during a rooftop party in Hollywood after losing 30 pounds.

His ex Kyle didn't show up, but his mother made a surprise appearance.

The show revealed that Will continued to lose more weight and that Stephanie dropped another 10 pounds and was dating for the first time.

Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian returns next week on E! with an episode titled Softball Sweethearts & Former Footballer.

Before and after: Will stuck to it and lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks

Feeling good: Stephanie since her reveal dropped another 10 pounds

Still going: Will also lost more weight and gained a new boyfriend who is an ex of Kyle's


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