Family life with Diana and capturing the Queen's smile: The photographic legacy Lord Snowdon leaves as he passes away at the age of 86

  • Lord Snowdon, born Anthony Armstrong-Jones,  has died peacefully at his home at the age of 86
  • His legacy is sure to live on through his candid portraits of family life among the British royals  
  • From the first photographs of Prince William to Princess Margaret on her wedding day we remember his work 

Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret, has died at the age of 86, but his legacy is bound to live on through his charming photographs of the royal family.

Anthony Armstrong-Jones, who died peacefully at his home today, was an admired photographer known for his six decade association with Vogue and his most famous work being images he captured of the royal household.

The photographer was married to Princess Margaret until 1978 when they divorced but his royal connections allowed him to capture a never before seen side of the royal families.

Following the death of royal photographer Lord Snowdon we remember his greatest work. Pictured: Charles and Diana celebrate their engagement in February 1981

His portraits of the Queen, Diana and Charles and his former wife capture a softer and more human side of the royal family - perhaps thanks to the fact that they felt more relaxed around him. 

His unprecendented access to the family has seen him produce such famous photographs as those of Diana and Charles following the birth of their son Prince William.

Other triumphs include charming photographs of the Queen Mother before her death in 2002, Charles and Diana's engagement announcement and Prince Harry's christening. His stunning portraits are unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry - here we remember his best work. 

Prince Charles Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry are captured enjoying a picnic in 1992  before the princess' death 

The Prince and  Princess of Wales with her son Prince William in his very first photograph captured by the photographer in  July 1982

The photographer's close relationship to the family helped him to capture their softer and more human side in July 1982

The Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, photographed at Buckingham Palace by Lord Snowdon as they celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in November 2007

Photographs of his own wife also feature in his collection such as this stunning shot taken in 1960 of Princess Margaret on her wedding day 

Possibly one of his most famous photographs captures Princess Diana on the day of her wedding in July 1981

Known to be one of the more fashion aware members of the royal family Snowdon's shots of his wife showcase her glamorous side such as this picture of her on the island of Mustique July 1969

Snowdon also captured the first photograph of Prince Harry who was born in 1984

Snowdon captured this photograph of Princess Diana in 1991, released on the eve of her official visit to Pakistan, five years before her untimely death 

Lord Snowdon had a great skill for capturing the royal family at their most natural, as seen here where the relatives laugh as Prince William messes around during the official photographs following Harry's birth in 1984

Charles poses with his former wife Princess Diana as she dotes over their youngest son Prince Harry following their christening in December 1984

Snowdon was also able to capture photographs of the royals as they grew with this photo of Harry taken on his 16th birthday September 2000

Other triumphs include charming photographs of the Queen Mother before her death in 2002. Pictured: The Queen Mother in 1997 (left) and at Clarence House on her 87th birthday 1998 (right)

The Queen Mother beams as she holds her great-grandson Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto Snowdon and Margaret's grandchild, in August 1999

Princess Margaret poses in all her finery at the royal residence of Kensington Palac in 1969

In the series of photographs the princess marries her passion for fashion with royal tradition as she pairs an of the moment dress with a tiara in 1969

This casual portrait captures the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they are often not seen  - a normal husband and wife in 1997

Princess Diana poses in a pink sateen gown on a royal throne shortly after her engagement in 1981

Snowdon was known for his six decade association with Vogue magazine and this photo of Diana was taken for the publication in 1980

Snowdon captured this famous care-free shot of Diana at Highgrove, seeing the Princess sport a more casual look in 1991

In this daring portrait Margaret poses topless wearing just a pair of earrings for her then husband in 1967

In this intimate photograph the photographer captures his former wife posing in a ball gown in their royal residence 

This portrait study of Princess Margaret was taken by her husband the Earl of Snowdon in the grounds of Kensington Palace in September 1969 ahead of their visit to Japan 

This photo sees Diana pose in one of her favourite designer Catherine Walker's dress for the late photographer in 1992 

The princess posed in a series of designer gowns for the photographer in this candid collection in 1992

Diana poses in an elegant green dress shortly before her wedding to Prince Charles in July 1981 

Snowdon captures an intimate photograph of his former wife the late Princess Margaret with their first child David in 1961

Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones with her husband Daniel Chatto, at their wedding in 1994. Also included (back row) are: Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Lord Snowdon, Princess Anne The Princess Royal, Prince Philip, (front row); Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and HM the Queen

Diana looks exquisite wearing a tiara and elegant gown as she stands with her two sons Prince William (right) and Prince Harry in August 1991

Prince William holds his baby brother, Prince Harry, photographed at Kensington Palace on October 5th, 1984

Princess Anne with her baby son, Peter Phillips, taken to mark her 28th birthday in 1978

Princess Margaret and her first child, Viscount David Linley, pictured by her husband Lord Snowdon in 1963

The Queen photographed at Snowdon's London studio  seated in a chair designed by Lord Snowdon for the Royal Investiture of the Prince of Wales in Caernarvon in April 2006


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