MAMa is Involved.

Power Over Addiction Workbook

Many inmates and prisoners have found faith and hope for recovery through our Power Over Addiction Workbook. Send a copy today to your friend or loved one who is incarcerated.

MAMa on Facebook

Mothers Against Methamphetamine
has a page on Facebook where you
can see what is going on from day to
day and participate in the discussion.

New Book Released
Peace In Your Home, Dr. Mary Holley

A guide for family members of addicts. Learn how to interact with your addicted family member in a constructive way. Understand how methamphetamine has changed your loved one's personality and what you can do and say that may bring him of her to the point of accepting help for their addiction. . . (read more)

Press Release: Prenatal Meth exposure effects

New research published in the April 2009 issue of Neurology describes the impact of methamphetamine exposure before birth and confirmed earlier reports of significant brain changes in these children.

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