Two days to go... And another video that shows the iPhone 5 is getting bigger

  • Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 in San Francisco on Wednesday
  • Latest video claiming to be 'from Apple factory' confirms new connector design and larger screen

There are only two days to go until Apple unwraps the iPhone 5.

But there is still time for a few last leaks to confirm what the technology world knows - but which Apple will not confirm until it unveils the iPhone 5 on the world at San Francisco this Wednesday.

This video was purportedly filmed in an Apple factory - with the user taking great care to hide any serial numbers which might identify where the phone comes from.

The video shows off the iPhone's larger display, and the dock port which has caused much consternation for Apple fans who own accessories and cables which will not fit the new model.

Scroll down for video:

Bigger is better? The latest leak purporting to show the iPhone 5 has a slightly taller screen than the previous model

Once again, the redesigned ports on the base of the phone are shown, with the newer device having a smaller port

Side-by-side comparison: The iPhone appears to have been stretched out, allowing a little extra room for a larger screen

See the video here:

The latest video has already had four million views on YouTube since it appeared on Asian website

While these leaks should always be taken with a pinch of salt, it follows the design pattern for the iPhone 5 which has been rumoured for months.

In the video, the new handset's controversial connector can be clearly seen, along with the larger 4 inch screen.

The user went no further than the 'connect to iTunes' messages on the screen, perhaps in fear of being tracked and discovered with an unauthorised model.

The video follows a leak last week which also claimed to show an iPhone 5 next to an iPhone 4S, which was posted by an anonymous user to YouTube.

The second video, first spotted by a Dutch website, shows an iPhone with a 4 inch screen being switched on and displaying the Apple logo, then a prompt to plug it in.

The video also shows the difference between old and new iPhone dock connectors.

Side by side: The video clearly shows the larger screen of the new iPhone.

Meanwhile. a Taiwanese pop star casually shared photographs of his brand new 'iPhone 5' with his 13.5 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging equivalent of Twitter.

'Today I confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be longer and have an aluminum back like the iPad,' Jimmy Lin wrote, sharing that the new Apple phone will indeed have a smaller USB connector, much to many's chagrin.

Though information has been known to leak about Apple's secretive phone updates, many have dismissed Mr Lin's new toy as just another knock off.

Rumor: A Taiwanese pop star casually shared photographs of his brand new 'iPhone 5' with his 13.5 million followers on Weibo

After Mr Lin shared several photographs of his new device, it was shared more than 80,000 times across the web, according to The Next Web.

'While it has a four-inch screen, it’s thinner, though it feels about the same in the hand,' he said. 'The headphone jack has also been moved to the bottom.'

Previous leak shows off iPhone's larger screen: