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The Breast Cancer Epidemic: 10 Facts

Breast Cancer & Abortion: A Comprehensive Review...

How to Reduce
Rates of Breast Cancer, Premature Birth


U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Abortion-Breast

Cancer Link


Med. Jrnl.: Review shows recent prospective studies are seriously flawed. Article.

Press Release.


Bioethics Journal: U.S. National Cancer Institute Covers Up Abortion-Cancer Link


Bioethics journal blasts journal Lancet, scientific community

“The corruption of science by ideology”

By Ed Furton, MA, Ph.D.

Ethics and Medics


Bioethics journal lists serious flaws in Lancet “review” article “The abortion-breast cancer link re-visited,” By Angela Lanfranchi Ethics and Medics


FACT SHEET… Abortion and  Breast Cancer: Re: “collaborative reanalysis of data” published in Lancet


Womens Group Accuses Lancet, Oxford

Scientists of Misrepresenting Abortion-Breast Cancer Research / Scientists Excluded Studies Reporting Large Risk Elevations


Abortion and Breast Cancer: Only fuzzy math can make the ABC link disappear By Joel Brind, Ph.D.


‘Rival’ Cancer Experts Clash in Medical Journal


National Cancer Institute And Scientific Misconduct


Abortion/Breast Cancer Risk Graphs


How governmental

agencies and cancer fundraising businesses easily deceived journalists about the abortion-breast cancer link


Legally Induced

Abortion: the best

predictor of 3 British breast cancer trends


The Breast Physiology and the Epidemiology of the Abortion Breast Cancer Link


Link to the National

Cancer Institute on

Abortion Article on


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Bioethics Journal Accuses Lancet, Scientific Community of Corrupting Science


(In November 2004, the bioethics journal, Ethics and Medics, published a critique by Associate Professor of Surgery Angela Lanfranchi, MD, FACS. Lanfranchi severely criticized a widely reported review of the abortion-breast cancer research published in the British journal Lancet in March 2004. The Lancet article was authored by by Oxford scientists Valerie Beral and her colleagues. Lanfranchi's critique was published on the coalition's home page on November 20, 2004.)


The bioethics journal, Ethics and Medics, published a hard-hitting editorial in its December 2004 issue accusing the British journal Lancet and the scientific community of corrupting scientific research examining the abortion-breast cancer link. The editorial, "The corruption of science by ideology," was authored by Edward J. Furton, M.A., Ph.D.

Here are selected quotes from the editorial: (Click here for the entire editorial--PDF)




Frequently Asked Questions


Does your cancer fundraising group tell women that the female breast does not fully mature from cancer vulnerable lobules into cancer resistant lobules until a woman has a full term pregnancy?


Click here for some basic information that the cancer fundraising industry and the abortion industry don’t want you to have.


Breast Cancer Cover-Up Featured in

Two You Tube Videos

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer encourages women to send cancer groups the links to two You Tube videos that expose the cover-up of two breast cancer risks - abortion and hormonal contraceptives (containing estrogen and progestin). The videos reveal the cruel impact that the cover-up has had on women.

U.S. National Cancer Institute researcher Louise Brinton co-authored a study in 2009 by lead author Jessica Dolle. They reported significant risk increases for women with abortions and users of oral contraceptives. Video produced by Ken Houldsworth features Karly Houldsworth as narrator.

At least five women have successfully sued their abortionists for keeping them clueless about the risks of breast cancer and emotional harm.   Click here for the full press release



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Komen'sDark Side

On “Facing Life Head On” with Brad Mattes

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The first video produced by Ignatius Productions, features, a victim of breast cancer, who states that abortion and hormonal contraceptive use at a young age destroyed her health.  She fights desperately to beat the disease so she can raise her children.

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Information on Breast Cancer and Insurance

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Volunteers at the Chicago March for Life carry the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer's banner at Federal Plaza and the Thompson Center.


Coalition banner at Federal PlazaCoalition banner at Thompson CenterMarch for Life crowd at Federal PlazaMarch for Life crowd at Thompson Center

Here is a superb video exposing the link between induced abortion and increased risk of premature birth in later pregnancies due to damage during the abortion procedure or infection. The Institute of Medicine and 134 studies link abortion with subsequent premature birth. It is settled science.