Cameron lands in trouble over free jet flights from businessman

David Cameron has embraced policies proposed by a businessman who gave him free flights in his private jet

David Cameron was facing questions last night after adopting policies proposed by a businessman who gave the Tory leader free flights in his private jet.

Richard Smith, who has donated £26,500 to the Conservatives, flew Cameron and his family to Herefordshire for a private meeting at his house.

Now policies advanced by Mr Smith have been embraced by the Tories. These include encouraging charities to make a profit to reinvest and extra social security benefits for parents of disabled children.

Labour MP John Mann said: 'This is very disturbing. It looks as though David Cameron and his policies are up for sale. Mr Smith provided Mr Cameron with private transport.

'Mr Cameron should think about returning his donations.'

In January 2007 Mr Cameron, his wife Samantha and daughter Nancy were flown in Mr Smith's private jet from Oxfordshire to Shobdon, Herefordshire, where Mr Smith lives.

He is a founding director of Martha Trust Hereford Ltd, a care home for handicapped youngsters and, like Mr Cameron, he has a disabled child.

In February 2007 it was reported that Mr Cameron was considering a social security voucher system for the parents of disabled children - a policy contained in a pamphlet called People, Not Budgets, co-written by Mr Smith and published by the Centre for Policy Studies.

A Tory spokesman last night confirmed that the policy is 'under active consideration'.

Mr Smith, who runs an aircraft technology business, was unavailable for comment.