Parking warden gives one-legged driver a ticket for being in a disabled bay... even though she showed him FALSE LEG

A parking warden refused to believe a woman driver was allowed in a disabled bay - even though she showed him her leg was AMPUTATED.

Sylvia Taylor, 67, rolled up her trouser leg - and said: 'Take a look at that.' 

The car park warden 'nearly fainted' at the sight of Mrs Taylor's prosthetic leg but refused to rip up the ticket.

Pull the other one: Sylvia Taylor was given a parking ticket in Costco, Cardiff, despite showing her false leg

Sylvia, who lost her left leg when she was just 16, accidentally forget her disabled parking permit when she went out shopping.

She returned to find a £70 ticket on her windscreen with the parking warden just yards away.

Sylvia said: 'I explained to the car park attendant but I thought he didn't believe me.

Car park bosses refused to remove the penalty notice - and Sylvia was told she must pay the fine of up to £70

'So I rolled up my trouser leg to show him my false limb - there was no arguing with that.

'He wouldn't cancel it but told us to write to head office and explain what had happened.' 

But car park bosses refused to remove the penalty notice - and Sylvia was told she must pay the fine of up to £70.

Sylvia was shopping with her daughter Lynne Solly, 40, when she was handed the ticket at a retail park in Leckwith, Cardiff.

Lynne said: 'The parking officer said it was beyond his control to cancel the charge and that once the ticket's issued, it's issued.

'When my mum held up her trouser leg to expose her amputated leg I thought he was going to throw up - he looked absolutely horrified.

'We never thought we would have to pay it.' 

Lynne wrote to Euro Car Parks, who run the shopping centre car park, but was told her mother, of Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, must pay up.

She added: 'We sent them a letter which included a copy of mum's disabled permit but they wouldn't budge.

'They have the power to withdraw the charge but they are not prepared to do it - despite us proving we had a genuine reason to park in a disabled bay.

'Mum says she would rather give up her blue badge and have her leg back.

'The way we've been treated is disgusting.' 

A spokeswoman for Euro Car Parks said: 'Disabled badge holders cannot use the disabled bay facilities without displaying a valid badge.

'If you forget the badge, then alternative parking should be sought.

'It is not our intention to cause any problems for genuine customers.

'But if we fail to issue a parking charge notice to a vehicle abusing the disabled bay we are not providing the service to our client.' 

The spokeswoman said Mrs Taylor's parking fine had now been cancelled after she wrote in a letter of appeal.