Internet vigilantes 'name and shame' Baby P's mother and sadistic boyfriend on Facebook

Hate forum: 5,000 people joined a group which carried the evil couple’s names before Facebook shut it down yesterday

Baby P’s mother and her sadistic boyfriend were yesterday ‘named and shamed’ on the internet.

More than 5,000 people joined a Facebook group which carried the evil couple’s names, together with photographs, under the heading ‘Look at their faces, remember their faces’.

Several visitors to the page, which also called for Haringey council officials to be sacked, left abusive comments or threats of violence against the couple, who are in jail awaiting sentence.

The threats, many left by women, included several for the couple to face vigilante ‘justice’.

The page on the social networking site appeared to breach legal orders banning the naming or identification of the 27-year-old mother, or her lover.

Facebook last night took down the page, and the mother’s profile page on another social networking site, Bebo, has also been shut down after it was targeted with abuse.

A Facebook spokesman said the online comments mirrored conversations ‘that are currently taking place everywhere, from the House of Commons to the man on the street.'

He added: ‘We have a dedicated team monitoring the site and any groups which violate of our terms of use will be removed.

'One group about Baby P was found to violate our terms of use for inciting violence, and as a result, it was removed.’

Thousands of internet users have also formed groups planning a march on Downing Street to protest over Haringey’s failure to protect the child, who was on their at-risk register for eight months before his death.