• Information is the fertile soil for healing.
  • Growth is a slow but steady process.
  • We believe healing is possible.
  • We help our clients move from surviving to thriving!

"Ultimately, the battles are going to be won, freeing one mind at a time."
Dr. Paul Martin, Founder

You are not alone.


For over 25 years, Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center has provided outpatient counseling services for victims of spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, and toxic relationships in Southern Ohio. Since 1986, survivors have come from all over the globe to find respite and care through our specialized, research-based program.

We offer hope and help through a program of counseling and education. We also offer phone consultations for therapeutic professionals and families, seminars, weekend educational workshops, conference presentations, and reference materials.

Our treatment plan is a multifaceted approach. Clients receive daily counseling and educational workshops from gentle, licensed professionals who understand the manipulative dynamics behind exploitative groups and relationships.


Spiritual abuse is real.  We offer hope.


We understand and successfully treat those who have been deceptively recruited into and subjected to the following kinds of abuses:

  • High-demand groups (spiritually abusive churches, "cults")
  • Human trafficking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Clergy Abuse
  • Therapeutic Abuse - Therapist Abuse
  • Mind Control - Thought Reform - Brainwashing


We believe in you.  And we believe we can help.