Chelsea confirms health status with attorneys

July 11, 2016

Today, Chelsea Manning spoke with her attorneys for the first time since her hospitalization last week. They have released the following statement on her behalf:

For Immediate Release: July 11, 2016
Contact: Christina DiPasquale, 202.716.1953, [email protected]

Chelsea Manning Confirms Health Status Through Her Attorneys

Today, Chelsea Manning’s attorneys Chase Strangio, Vincent Ward and Nancy Hollander released the following statement jointly:

“After not connecting with Chelsea for over a week, we were relieved to speak with her this morning. Though she would have preferred to keep her private medical information private, and instead focus on her recovery, the government’s gross breach of confidentiality in disclosing her personal health information to the media has created the very real concern that they may continue their unauthorized release of information about her publicly without warning. Due to these circumstances, Chelsea Manning requested that we communicate with the media and her friends and supporters on her behalf.

“Last week, Chelsea made a decision to end her life. Her attempt to take her own life was unsuccessful. She knows that people have questions about how she is doing and she wants everyone to know that she remains under close observation by the prison and expects to remain on this status for the next several weeks. For us, hearing Chelsea’s voice after learning that she had attempted to take her life last week was incredibly emotional. She is someone who has fought so hard for so many issues we care about and we are honored to fight for her freedom and medical care.”


You can write to Chelsea with your messages of support. Mail must be addressed as follows:





83 thoughts on “Chelsea confirms health status with attorneys

  1. I can’t imagine the pain from the punishment of the injustice she is in. To be sentenced to it for years is beyond imagination. Probably all we can give her is messages of hope.

  2. My heart goes out to you, Chelsea. I’m so sorry you are in such emotional pain. I’m a grandmother and have had a few painful experiences in my life, so I want you to know that you are loved. There really is a person behind these words that has such respect for you and what you have done to help us see the truth. Please do what you can to get through this pain. It won’t always hurt this much. I pray for peace of mind for you. Much love to you.

  3. Dear Chelsea,
    Thank you for your moral courage, conviction, and your sacrifice that you made for me (I do accept my portion of responsibility for what our country is and does). I can not ask you to continue living the life that your incredibly selfless decision has brought upon you. I can tell you that regardless of what you decide to do with the circumstances you find yourself in I will always be grateful to you and hold you in the highest esteem. I long to see the day that you walk free and can be honored and loved as a free person. I send my love always.

  4. Chelsea, I’m so glad you are alive. I’m sorry that u must endure so much, and I hope you make it to the other side!

  5. Leaders always suffer as they take the risks needed to advance the arc of truth and justice. I carry your courage in my heart and know you have started a conversation that the government did not want to have. Love to you

  6. Our whole family here in SF is cheering you on Chelsea! Don’t give up! We are fighting for you. Please feel the love

  7. I am so glad you are alive. Thank you for all you have done to help end the destruction of lives. I know what it is like to lose hope, but I’m so glad you are still alive. I can only imagine what being in prison is like. I’m sorry, too, that the prison system let the media know that you attempted to end your life. We love you. Please do not give up hope. I know that is not easy, where you are, but I want to say that, anyway. I was in deep shock you tried to kill yourself, but I’m so glad you did not!

  8. You encourage the entire humanity to continue its resistance against evil and wars.You are in my heart.I live in Sweden and you encourage me to continue after 40 years of struggle against wars and women´s oppression.Thank you!Agneta

  9. chelsea my dearest woman. You are not forgotten. you have inspired and strengthened my belief in the human spirit. in integrity and courage..Please hold on. please. There will come a day when you are released. and we treasure that day.

  10. You are the hero of millions.
    You have bravely defended the true spirit of the US constitution.
    History will be hard on those who put you in jail and keep you locked in for what you did.
    Keep your spirit up.
    You are not alone.

  11. I am glad to receive a word from you on your condition. Thank you for your actions which have put you where you are. I wish you were elsewhere and you should be elsewhere. Your thirst for Justice will one day be slaked. Justice will reign down and I want you to be around when it does. Some amazing events have unfolded like the Chilcot Report in England. Every day injustice is being shouted down in legitimate places. Every best wish to you to live life to the fullest. I pray for you almost every day.

  12. Chelsea, you will have a long life with time and opportunities to tell your story and be an inspiration to other Americans who share your feelings and beliefs. Please do not check out on us. We love and support you from afar. Life can be hard and then comes the sunshine again. It will break through the clouds – and I hope and pray it will be soon. May God bless you and hold you in his arms. Love, Roz North

  13. My dearest one, how brave you are. Each one of us has a light within the heart. Go there for your comfort and peace as you travel the high road for Truth your soul has chosen. We thank you for your beautiful nature and purity. Whistle blowers follow the greatest whistleblower of all time… Jesus the Christ. Hold on.There is something coming to ease your situation.

  14. Chelsea,
    A part of me is with you in spirit. I am going to work on writing you a letter, wrist-injury be damned. You deserve love and support during your hardship and also to know that you aren’t forgotten.

  15. Me and my friends send our love. You have made a sacrifice that will never be forgotten by humanity, and you set a humbling example of courage for others to follow. I can´t imagine what you must be going through, just remember that not a moment of it is in vain, you are a hero to millions.

  16. Thank you for all you have done. Know that women everywhere support you. Keep on going. We sent you strongness andere love.

  17. Thank you for your sacrifices to peace and justice. May you find peace and let justice prevail for you and for those who agree and support you.

  18. Dear Chelsea,
    You have been braver than I could ever imagine being myself. You cared about the injustices and crimes done to others in our name, and you brought it out into the open. Please know that we care about the injustice done to you, whether we are as brave as you or not. Please hang in there. I send you all my love. And I pray that you will get the assistance, healing, hope, patience, and justice you need and deserve.

  19. There is a world waiting for you, hang tight. you are loved. if you write to my email, i will gladly send you some books, whatever you request.

  20. We will take good care of the “Government”…ending your life might not get you freedom from this pain…so please don’t try to do it again…

  21. I would like to hug you and tell you in person what a brave and extraordinary human being you are. There is enormous love for you all over the world. Keep believing in yourself and your eventual release.

  22. There are people all around the world including here in Ireland Woodmar greatly what you have done . Man change your help and your courage and your dignity,

  23. You are loved and needed on this planet. We are all better off for your bravery. I am so sorry you have to physically endure prison. I hope you can reconnect with the source of all life in and out of jail walls. “The day you were born, the universe decided it could not exist without you.” You are an important part of life. Please stick around.

  24. Chelsea:
    You are my heroine. I will never forget your courage. I stand by you in whatever you chose to do with your life. Kayla Starr

  25. Chelsea !
    Dont give up !
    Time will tell your decision to report violent acts is a strong and human behavior.

    With dearest greetings
    Paul Karlsson

  26. Dear Chelsea, I can only imagine the pain you suffer each and every day. Please know that you are a hero to many of us and by your action, you call us to take a stand as well. You are loved by many, including me. I can only believe that God loves you most deeply though you might feel abandoned by God at times. With much love and appreciation. Bob

  27. Dear Chelsea,
    I’m so glad you are alive! Don’t give up. Don’t let them win! President Obama, pardon Chelsea, please. She should be protected, not jailed.

  28. Close your eyes and visualize the millions of people who praise and thank you for your extraordinary sacrifice and you are always in our thoughts. Smile Chelsea.

  29. Dear Chelsea,

    I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as I am sure many others are doing as well.

    I am deeply grateful for your courage in revealing things the US government is doing in our names under the cover of national security secrecy.

    And it is especially moving to me that you could do this in the midst of personal challenges.

    Please take care and stay strong,

    Naomi Paz Greenberg,
    Forest Hills, NY

  30. I support you Chelsea. Please don’t give up! You have so much to offer the world. I know this is difficult for you but when you make it through there will be such a great reward. You are a hero to so many.

  31. I’m wishing you strength, courage, and clarity as you face these terribly difficult times. You have many supporters who are thinking of you, and who understand the enormous bravery you’ve shown. You are loved and not forgotten.

  32. You are not alone. You are very brave and we will get through this together. I’m keeping you in my prayers.

  33. Dear Chelsea, I am glad you are still alive. I am sorry that you must be suffering a lot in prison. But just hang on to the fact that you did a very great and courageous act when you made the decision to be a whistleblower. My prayers are with you. God bless you.

  34. Dear Chelsea:
    You are not alone, support an love from Spain.
    You are in our heart.
    Valencia (Spain)

  35. Can we send books to Chelsea?
    This mistreatment is so wrong. Please tell Chelsea that we live her and she is in our hearts.

    Shelley Marlow
    110 bedford ave
    Brooklyn NY

  36. Just want to post this excerpt for visitors who may have never appreciated what Chelsea has done.

    From an October 2011 article by Glenn Greenwald, titled ” WikiLeaks cables and the Iraq War” published at Salon:

    “whoever leaked that cable cast light on a heinous American war crime and, by doing so, likely played some significant role in thwarting an agreement between the Obama and Maliki governments to keep U.S. troops in Iraq and thus helped end this stage of the Iraq war (h/t Trevor Timm). Moreover, whoever leaked these cables — as even virulent WikiLeaks critic Bill Keller repeatedly acknowledged — likely played some significant in helping spark the Arab Spring protests by documenting just how deeply corrupt those U.S.-supported kleptocrats were. And in general, whoever leaked those cables has done more to publicize the corrupt, illegal and deceitful acts of the world’s most powerful factions — and to educate the world about how they behave — than all “watchdog” media outlets combined (indeed, the amount of news reports on a wide array of topics featuring WikiLeaks cables as the primary source is staggering). In sum, whoever leaked those cables is responsible for one of the most consequential, beneficial and noble acts of this generation.

    “And yet (or more accurately: therefore) the person accused of accomplishing all of this, Bradley Manning, has been imprisoned for more than a year without trial, and, if convicted, is almost certain to remain in prison for many more years (with the possibility, albeit unlikely, of death, and as the Obama administration continues to block an unmonitored visit by the U.N. official investigating what had been the inhumane conditions of his detention). If one believes the authenticity of the chat logs produced by Wired, Manning’s goal in leaking those cables — “hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms . . . i want people to see the truth… regardless of who they are… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public” — have been fulfilled beyond what must have been his wildest dreams. Assuming the truth of those chat logs, he was motivated precisely by seeing cables of the sort that detailed this civilian slaughter and subsequent cover-up in Iraq, and the extreme levels of theft and oppression by Arab dictators, and the desire to have the world know about it. Meanwhile, those responsible for the Iraq War, and who suppressed freedom and democracy in the Middle East by propping up those tyrants, and who committed a slew of other illegal and deeply corrupt acts, continue to prosper and wield substantial power.

    “History is filled with examples of those who most bravely challenged and subverted corrupted power and who sought reforms being rewarded with prison or worse, at the hands of those whose bad actions they exposed. If Bradley [Chelsea] Manning did leak these cables, his imprisonment is a prime example of that inverted justice.”

  37. Dear Chelsea,
    I feel so much love for you. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. You are one of the most historically important people of my lifetime and you are also a human who has had to endure so much; more pressure than most people can probably imagine. It must be very, very difficult some days.

    You stood up for the rule of law and for that, we love you, Chelsea!!!



  38. Dear Chelsea
    Please know that you are loved and respected for the unspeakable courage you have shown in challenging the unjust war of Bush, Blair and their adopted friends.
    Your name will always be honoured by people who love truth and justice and peace and goodness.
    I join the people who have written the above beautiful messages and repeat their every word. We love you and you will be forever in our hearts. Get well soon.

  39. Dear Chelsea,
    It may seem like you are being ignored, but not so. Your courage is remembered, and you have served enough time. With others I tried to raise money for your defense.
    A renewed effort is needed.

    I have worked with imprisoned students while teaching in the university.

    Could you do a law degree or sociology PH.D re whistleblowers or other degree.
    Our prayers are with you. Jean V?

    Couldn’t you be transferred to be transferred nearer a bigger city.

  40. Dear Sheroe Chelsey Manning, you have done a great service and paid a huge price. To say “Thank You” seems so small given the risk you took for us. I hope you can fathom just how grateful we are and how frustrated we are at your continued imprisonment. Be as well as you can be. Much love and admiration,

  41. The closest comparison is Nelson Mandela. Subject to hate crimes and imprisoned unjustly he rose to become the president of his nation, and was lauded by the world. Stay strong, Chelsea … And the White House will be yours!

  42. Chelsea, You should not be in jail. Intention was not properly adjudicated. You are not alone. We care. Write. Write. Write.

  43. Chelsea, we really appreciate your courage and understand your sorrows. I can’t imagine how difficult and hard it must be in your situation. But please know that you are not alone. Your supporters are many and we will continue demanding for your release and for all the all political prisoners like you.
    Sending much love your way!

  44. You took a bold action against what you thought was wrong. That is what heros do. Obama should pardon you Chelsea.

  45. Dear Chelsea, I am a retired Speech Language Pathologist from Canada who has followed your case with great concern, particularly as your emotional status worsens. Your courage and self-sacrifice has inspired me in so many ways. I am writing now in hopes that I can give back to you in your time of despair. I have expertise in transgender voice intervention and would be honored to volunteer my time to work with you. Alternatively, I am happy to advocate on your behalf for services and/or act as a resource to recruit a local clinicians with the requisite expertise to volunteer with you. Working with a voice coach holds great promising for improving your vocal function, self-esteem and optimism about the future. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in pursuing this idea. Hoping to meet you someday soon, if not as your voice coach, to thank you for your courage in person! In the meantime, stay strong and positive about the future. So many people like me who are rooting for you!! Warm regards, Kerry Erle, M.Cl.Sc. Owner and Executive Director, London Speech and Language Centre

  46. Chelsea, You are a brave and powerful woman, and are deeply loved and respected for the work you have done in promoting truth and justice. My heart goes out to you for the pain you must be feeling now. Please know that we hold you in our hearts, and affirm your value and your dignity.

  47. I wish you only the best and have been inspired by your courage. As a young man, I did nt face the draft during the Vietnam war because of a medical disability but lacked the strength to risk arrest by the symbolic act of burning my draft card. Your willingness to take on the entire security apparatus of the US government is simply a one-of-a-kind act of amazing courage of conscience. Please know that many in the LGBTQ community consider you a hero. I certainly do! Please do not despair.

  48. Listening to Henry Lawson’s “Keep step 103” reminding me of what She is going through there in Lock up ..Perhaps she has read it …about the prisoner from Starvinghurst Gaol..
    Hope She does better than the Lad in the Poem , and will one day walk out of the Govt Military Gaol

  49. This is so sad.

    Bush/Cheney et al should be serving time for war crimes for the deaths of scores of innocents, not Chelsea Manning she did nothing wrong!!! The US govt has lost the plot – it continues its illegal and unjust wars abroad despite mass public opposition. The lunatics are running the asylum folks.

  50. Chelsea Chelsea CHELSEA !!! easy for me to say keep strong to someone so much stronger than me . All I can think of saying is I am crying into my brandy for you from Upper Brynamman in south Wales UK. You did the right thing for yourself and for me too so thanks. I know it must be shit at times.
    You are in my thoughts. Someone sent me a note while I was in prison years ago for peace antiques and it read IRON BARS DO NOT A PRISON MAKE….much love x

  51. I know you’re life is miserable right now, but don’t let them defeat you. Be stronger than they are. I send my love to you and will keep you in the corner of my heart and hope that one day you will be free.

  52. My card likely did not get to you Chelsea. I used address from a different site and they had the 5+4 zip code on the bottom line.

    I shall send another. Trust it will find you feeling stronger ~ in body and in spirit ~ Keep the faith.

    Much love from Barbara

    • Tanya,

      Have you ever watched the video that Chelsea released of US soldiers in a helicopter gunship wantonly murdering media and innocent civilians, even as some tried to pick up and help others that had been wounded. Chelsea is not a traitor but instead a hero. It is Bush, Cheney, both Clinton’s, even Obama given his drone policy that are traitors and ought to be in jail for all of the foreign policy disasters they have gotten our country into.

      Rob Wheeler

  53. You have indeed become another sacrificial lamb. You knew what your actions would do and yet you made the right decision and followed your conscience. We are proud of you and will never forget what you have done. The YouTube video entitled “Collateral Murder” sure did a lot to wake me up!

    It is indeed ironic that you get punished for leaking confidential information yet the government goes unpunished for leaking your confidential medical information without your permission. Go figure! Stay strong. We love you and will never forget the sacrifices you have made for us.

  54. Dear Chelsea,

    I send you my love and a bouquet of admiration and respect. You have shone the world what it is to truly care about your country and the rights of citizens all over the planet. Such bravery and courage. I cannot know the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your patriotic whistle blowing. I am so sorry that you have felt great despair. Please know that there are many of us holding you in our hearts and wishing you solace and support.

    Wishing you inner peace and strength,


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