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Prediction Confirmed: Armenia & Azerbaijan

Hey everyone. Been a while. Heard of that dust up in Nagorno-Karabakh?

You should have. It’s getting rough there. Azerbaijan is causing problems in the region, specifically for Armenia. There are casualties. Just as expected.

If you’re wondering what the lay of the land is, here you go:

On the one side you have Armenia.

Armenia is closely allied to Russia, less so to Iran. Nagorno-Karabakh is made up almost entirely by Armenians and wants to stick with Armenia.

On the other there’s Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, former Soviet republic, is a classic crony state. Run by the Aliyev clan, Azerbaijan is run like a personal fiefdom. They accept money from various foreign parties, playing everyone against everyone else.

For example, Israel loves them. That’s why they gave them this very special kamikaze drone for real world testing. Yes, the future of warfare is here, brought to you by bloodthirsty brilliant jews.

Turkey supports them too. With Azerbaijan and Turkey blockading Armenia, trade is pretty tough for the little country. And Georgia, being run by American vassals, sucks right now too. God forbid they ever piss off Iran. Not that little Armenia couldn’t survive.  Millennia of suffering have made them a capable people. See Gurdjieff.

Meanwhile, miss Victoria Nuland visited Azerbaijan recently.

That means she’s causing some problems. The Armenians also refused some recent American dealings. So the cause of the recent dustup is clear.

The Americans made Armenia an offer it couldn’t refuse, but of course it did. Because Armenians are strong, in spirit and allies. The Americans reached out to their interested parties, Israel, Azerbaijan, and Turkey to destabilize the situation. Everyone was happy to comply.

This distracts from the success of the Syrians and Russians, as well as the intentional violations of the Syrian ceasefire by American backed rebels. It also distracts from the donation of new toys, like MANPADs (surface to air misiles) that recently downed a Syrian Recon jet. The introduction of SAMs takes the Syrian conflict into a new, desperate phase.

And the American Empire, ever masters of distraction, don’t want you to watch that. You see they’ve lost the momentum. The force of the moment is against them and they’re desperate to rally the only way they know how: Destabilization and chaos. So that’s what they’re doing.

But it won’t work. Even though the Azeris spent billions of USD getting new American and Israeli military hardware, they simply can’t outfight the Armenians. Just like the Saudi military in Yemen just can’t seem to achieve its objectives in an effective way.

Money alone does not an effective fighting force make.

Of course all this is as predicted previously. No surprises here. I hope you enjoyed that primer on the situation.

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Erdogan’s Daughter Literally Heals ISIS Jihadis

With Turkey making headlines once again for it’s audacious activity, this is a good time to reflect on exactly who we’re dealing with. So let me put it out there.

The Erdogan clan is one of Turkey’s most successful business and political families but they’re prone to constant scandals. Incompetence, at one level or another, certainly plays a role.

Take Erdogan’s daughter, Sümeyye Erdoğan. She literally ran/runs an aid and medical program for ISIS jihadis in particular but others in general. Hard to argue with that.

Meanwhile Erdogan’s son, Bilal, has entered the spotlight in a nasty way too. It’s become common knowledge in the last few months, courtesy of the mass release of related documents, that Bilal has been involved in some nefarious dealings. His oil company is booming.

Which is strange, seeing as tankers everywhere are currently desperate to offload their marginally profitable crude oil.

The mystery is solved when one discovers where Bilal’s oil comes from: Syria and Iraq. No secrets there, ISIS and the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan have been very open about their cooperation with Turkey and it’s a short step to take from that to Bilal’s suspiciously casual oil tankers off annexed Hatay.

So, for those of you who’ve forgotten, remember that is a snake is a snake is a snake. Erdogan’s been a cunning and deceitful man for decades; He won’t change his stripes now, and neither will his family.


China Joins the Fray: Anti-Terrorism Bill Signals Aggressive Entry

China has decided to join Russia’s anti-terror coalition publicly.

The proof is in the law. China pushes through it’s first comprehensive anti-terrorist bill, roundly supported by the CCP.

But why now? And why the public spectacle?

It’s messages, messages, messages, aimed not just at Russia but at the world. By launching this bill here and now amidst potential Daash expansion in Xinjiang and confirmed expansion in Afghanistan is a sign that they’re getting serious.

This is in addition to all the help they’ve already given Russia and Syria behind the scenes in preserving the Syrian state and thwarting American measures to break Russia.

It may seem subtle, but this is how diplomats everywhere and the Chinese in particular communicate policy shifts. And just to hammer the point in, these new measures explicitly allow the use of force against terrorism beyond China’s borders.

If that’s not relevant to Russia’s current ventures, I don’t know what is.

That wasn’t the only thing  pushed through of course. The CCP is very anxious right now. They smell economic trouble on the horizon (and rightly so). It was they, unsurprisingly, that all but kidnapped a number of domestic financial stars now revealed to be giving ‘advice’ to the state.

And the bill gives law enforcement increased de jure teeth when demanding information and cooperation from domestic companies. The CCP has done everything in its power to bring wealth and power to China except insofar as it damages the power of the CCP.

In conjunction with these rocky economic times they can feel the spectre of instability breathing down their neck.

Still, rest assured the major intention of this move is to proclaim explicit support for Russia and her efforts to rid the world of psychopathic jihadi terrorists. That’s why the bill officially enshrines and allows coordination and cooperation with foreign governments. This particular addition isn;’t necessary and that they included it the way they did is a clear signal to Russia first and potential allies second.

Still, leave it to the CCP to tack a few other choice powers to an already juicy bill.

I for one welcome them. Their entry onto the world stage has been a long time coming. Socialism with Chinese characteristics, as the legendary Deng Xiaoping said, is finally coming of age.

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Always Audacious Corsicans Seize Power

The Corsicans, always bold and secretive clanfolk, have attained a major victory. Their nationalist factions have finally formed a government.

Haven’t heard about Corsica recently? Or ever, since Napoleon? You can be forgiven. The island is not so quiet but the powers that be have been careful to pass the searchlight over Napoleon’s homeland, for risk of spreading their ideas.

The Corsicans aren’t French. But they aren’t  Italian either, not with what Italy has become. What are they? Corsican, of course. Their culture is an old one, still home to many ancient Latin practices and traditions.

Such as vigilante justice. And the occasional murder of state appointed officials, as many remember from the late 1990s.

Now they’re followed the trail blazed by the Scots, Catalonians, and Venetians toward autonomy at the least and independence at best. The final goal varies according to who you talk to, and the Autonomists, Nationalists, and Separatists are a notoriously uncooperative lot.

At least historically. Now they’re turning over a new leaf with their openly anti-French, pro-Corsican rhetoric. And they couldn’t have picked a better time. The French political establishment is weak. The Front National have rattled the traditional parties and disaffection is widespread. The Corsican opportunity is now and they have taken it.

The French state will attempt to incite tension between the factions in every way possible. The challenge of the Corsicans will be to stay united and achieve their policy aims, all the while balancing their considerable debt to the French state purse and the power of the EU, which abhors separatism in any form.

We should expect more lofty and aggressive rhetoric though, and for the other separatist movements to look to Corsica as an example. If Corsica should succeed with an independence referendum then there’s no telling what might happen!

Though I doubt the Euro-Bureaucrats would let it get that far. They aren’t above bribing a whole island to keep separatism at bay.


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Turkish Military Assaults Turkish Kurdistan

First, to all my loyal readers: It’s been a while. The reason? I run a startup business. But I’m back. The business is growing and I can get back to important things like feeding you all the news and analysis you don’t have time to find for yourself. Now to the Turks.

The Turks have started another civil war. Erdogan has had enough. His purge of the military was in preparation for this moment. It has been a long time coming.

But where to begin. There’s so much to cover. I’ll leave the how’s and skip straight to the why’s.

Why is the Erdogan cracking down on Turkish Kurdistan?

The answer is as old as time: Internal threats and external opportunities.

We’ll go through them in order of importance.

  1. Erdogan’s Justice and Development party was under fire and at risk of losing their parliamentary majority. This would have been a 1st grade disaster. It would have brought Erdogan’s crimes and corruption to light and broken the back of the Justice and Development party after decades of work to seize power.
  2. Erdogan’s shady role in creating and funding the jihadis in Syria were coming to light. It was a race against time for his cadre to distract the already suspicious people of Turkey and bind them against a new menace. This menace was the PKK and potential Kurdish independence.
  3. The Kurds have been a continual, and now deadly, thorn in the side of the Turkish attempt to incorporate Syria into their zone of influence. The success of the YPG against Daash, Jabhat al Nusra, and other rebel groups has closed multiple supply lines. The new YPG alliance with Russia and Syria is drawing even more soldiers to the fight as victory gets closer.

Erdogan purged the military of potential coup plotters and Ataturk loyalists years ago in preparation for his less popular policies. Now that those policies are on the table or have been implemented he is facing enormous backlash.

Meanwhile his divide and conquer strategy in Syria has failed dramatically. News of his sons dealings with the Daesh Oil market and Turkey’s direct support for Jihadis has entered the minds of the public at large.

Further embarassment is on the horizon. Russia’s opening of their downed bomber’s black box will certainly reveal that the Turkish fighters ambushed their bomber on the Syrian side of the border. Their open support of Ukrainian Militias and sending of Turkish mercenaries into Mariopol, in violation of the Minsk agreements, will eventually be caught on film.

Combined with the loss of 10s of billions of USD in Russian tourism and investment, such as the cancellation of the Turk Stream, and it’s final. Erdogan and his party need a legitimacy restoring victory, or they’ll suffer a loss of such magnitude that execution and disgrace may be their fate.

And the Russians are just beginning; There is already talk of formally recognizing the Armenian genocide and revealing more Turkish dirty laundry.

Meanwhile and already rocky Turkish lira plummets and makes export, the lifeblood of the Turkish economy, an even more haphazard venture. Things aren’t looking good. The Russian sanctions were bad enough but now their unstable financial situation makes worldwide trade a challenge.

Like the Eastern Roman Empire on whose land Turkey survives, power is an all or nothing game for Erdogan and his cadre. And that is why they have launched an unprovoked civil war, after an unprovoked and certain false flag suicide attack in Ankara against the Kurdish backed minority party (many members of which are now jailed, perhaps dead).

Will they succeed? Probably not. Time is against Erdogan. The Syrian Army continues to make gains, as do the Kurdish YPG. The Turkish foray into Mosul has met with major blowback from Iraq and many other nations. And the PKK, though unprepared to fight the modern Turkish military toe to toe, finds itself in a position to rally new moderates into militants as a result of Erdogan’s gamble. This fight is only just beginning.

I predict that within two years Erdogan will fall. Even the Americans have given signs that they are open to turning against their ally of convenience. Or perhaps that was their intention all along, with their condemnation of Turkish troops in Iraq and rapid withdrawal of new jets from Turkish bases.

The world is heating up and Erdogan’s Turkey, so eager for a chance in the limelight a year ago, now finds itself at the center of a widened and very ugly current of events.

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The unknown secret behind these plane crashes

A lot of planes have been crashing this year, a massive amount. See here.

What exactly is going on?

I’m not certain.

Is there actually an increased number of crashes this year? It sure seems that way. If we tally up the numbers in North America alone the numbers are impressive.

Travel by plane is not typically dangerous, so what’s going on? Also, there are repeated reports of engine failure in otherwise well maintained planes.

And what about the strange multitude of power outages in large airports, like the ones Belgium saw just recently?

It’s hard to say. My guess, from the reports, would be some kind of electrical change in the atmosphere that is messing with sensitive electronics.

There is no doubt that there are major changes in the atmosphere in the last few decades. One need only see the multitude of contrails which show that temperatures at the different heights have changed.

One could also look at the multitude of meteorites breaching the atmosphere. In a future post I will give examples of these, they have increased dramatically.

Something big, something natural, is going on. And I’d bet that’s the cause of these plane engine malfunctions.

At this stage it’s all speculation. Still, that’s my prediction.