Hindus in Russia seek safety from persecution by radical elements

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I was born and brought up in Russia, along with two other siblings, by our father, Sri Prakash ji, who has been living in this country for the last 26 years. Despite having an Indian citizenship, this country is like a second home to us. We deeply love and respect the great country that Russia is. The Russian people have been extremely warm and generous in showering us with their love and respect, which we have always accepted with gratitude. We, in turn, have given back the same love and respect to our fellowmen in Russia and have immense respect for their customs and beliefs. We have been living a peaceful life till a few days ago.

Things took an ugly turn recently when a few radical elements, led by one, Mr. Alexander Dvorkin, who claims to be a researcher of modern sectarianism, church historian and Orthodox theologian, started hounding me and my family in Moscow due to our religion, Hinduism.

My father, Sri Prakash ji, who was born in a family that followed Hinduism, sincerely believes in sharing with his fellowmen the knowledge he has about spirituality that lies at the core of Hinduism and goes beyond the boundaries of mere religion. He constantly strives to be of service to people who are interested in learning about the Indian culture and spirituality, and offers them a better insight and understanding of the philosophy and science that is the Sanatana Dharma, popularly called Hinduism.

He professes Hinduism and is also the president of the autonomous non-commercial organization "Center for Promotion of Conservation and Development of Indian culture Shri Prakash Dham." This organization helps people who are interested in the tradition and culture of India, and yoga as a science of the philosophy of life.

We sincerely believe that Mr. Dvorkin, in his quest for cheap publicity, has identified my father and our family to be used as the one tool against Hindus in Russia to achieve the ultimate subjugation of the whole Hindu community in this country as per his illegal and deplorable intentions.

Mr. Dvorkin has been systematically defiling Hinduism and challenging its acceptance as a world religion. He consistently aims at hurting the feelings of hundreds and millions of the believers of Hinduism around the world with his controversial remarks that he has published on the forum of his Internet website iriney.ru and also on several other social networks. The sheer viciousness of his highly misinformed views and preconceived notions about Hinduism is such that we have had to question his intentions, authority, morality and the legality of his actions.

When challenged on his improper utterances and lies that he spreads on various online forums, Mr. Dvorkin only reemphasizes the hatred that he holds against Hinduism in general, and against Hindus in Russia in particular. As such, we have sued Mr. Dvorkin's website forum.iriney.ru for libel. Our interests are being represented by renowned Russian lawyer, Shota Gorgadze and the next court hearing is scheduled for January 19, 2017.

Till date, there are no witnesses from the side of the online resource, and if they will not be found, we will most likely win this case. Perhaps this is the reason why they are resorting to various provocations including threats of physical violence.

The evil design of Mr. Dvorkin's plan is emphasized through his actions wherein, on December 11, 2016, a group of people were sent to terrorize and threaten us. These people were most likely paid by Mr. Dvorkin himself to try and illegally enter the house where I live together with my family and issue threats of violence against us. We have absolutely no doubt that the reason of this unprovoked attack was to pressurize me and my family in connection with the libel lawsuit.

Mr. Dvorkin is also misusing the Russian media to spread lies about Hinduism in general and my family in particular. Case in point is fabricated two-minute news story that the federal channel Russia-1 (Россия-1) broadcasted in the evening news "Vesti : 20:00" on December 14. This frivolous and framed up story was aimed at diminishing the cultural and religious works of my father as a believer of Hinduism and to depict it as a "sect," which is purely incomprehensible.

According to a 2010 religious census, there are 140,000 Hindus in Russia, which account for 0.1% population of Russia. I, and my family, are among this minority in Russia who believe in and follow Hinduism as our religion. And we sincerely believe that Hinduism is as great a religion as any other, including Christianity.

We are confident that when a country like India, having a majority population of Hindus, can safeguard Christianity and its followers, Russia can definitely offer the same to its minority Hindu population.

As such, we wish to request you all to support us in saving not only my family but also our religion, Hinduism, from the deplorable attacks against it by some radicals who, with their abominable actions, may jeopardize the friendly relations between the two great countries, Russia and India.

I humbly urge the heads of both states, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries, Mr. Sergey Lavrov and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, and the representatives of the Embassy of India in Russia, to turn their attention towards this urgent issue, and enable the Hindus in Russia to lead a peaceful life with assurance of safety against any kind of persecution from radical elements like Mr. Alexander Dvorkin and his accomplices.

I humbly request all my friends, acquaintances and the general public, including anyone who could somehow influence the situation, to pay attention to the nefarious activities of Mr. Alexander Dvorkin and his accomplices, as they are clearly against the premises of our modern civilized society and could also lead to the emergence of misunderstanding between Russia and India in future.

Please help by signing and sharing this petition with all of your friends. It is crucial that it reaches every Hindu residing anywhere in the whole world. This could give us, and them, the hope that Hindus are not afraid of putting up an honest fight against religious persecution and will safeguard their revered religion, Hinduism, for now, and forever!

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