Chic Amanda Redman, 59, steps out in all-black ensemble, days after revealing she hates the ageing process and WOULD get plastic surgery

Last week, she admitted she'd happily go under the knife and candidly confessed a dislike of the ageing process.

But Amanda Redman was looking perfectly happy in her own skin as she left BBC Radio studios on Friday.

The 59-year-old actress looked casual in a padded black coat, jeans and boots after promoting her new TV series The Good Karma Hospital. 

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Smiling: Amanda Redman emerged looking cheerful and relaxed on Friday after promoting her new TV series The Good Karma Hospital on BBC Radio 2

The smiling star wore her glossy blonde loose while accessorising with chunky silver rings, a silver circular pendant and hooped earrings.

The star's appearance came following a candid interview with Woman magazine, where she admitted that while she'd be happy to go ahead with a boob job now, her husband, designer Damian Schnabel, has told her he'd leave her if she went through with it.  

She added that she believes anyone who says they don't mind getting older is telling fibs. 

'Anyone who says "I love getting older" is lying. It's a PC thing that people say, but what's to like?' she said. 'You start losing people you love, you get aches and pains and if you're an actress you stop getting the roles you used to.'

Subtle: The blonde star sported black and copper eye make-up and nude lipstick for her appearance

Back to black: The star stuck to a wintry ensemble, teaming her coat with jeans and knee-length boots 

She added that her breasts have got bigger since she went through the menopause and she'd love a reduction - and further plastic surgery - but her husband has other ideas.

'I want a boob job, but my husband says he'd divorce me. They're too big and they've got bigger during the menopause, but my husband is happy with them.  

'If I got to the point where looking in the mirror depressed me, which happened to one of my friends, then I think, Yeah, why not?' 

Yeah why not? Amanda said she'd go under the knife if she got to the point where the mirror depressed her

Not everyone's a fan: Amanda said she wants a boob job but her husband said he'd divorce me

Amanda, who was good friends with popular actress Lynda Bellingham, said losing her to cancer and also enduring the deaths of her mother and brother had hit her hard.

She said: 'I've just got through two very difficult years, with the deaths of my mother and my friend Lynda Bellingham. Lynda and I starred in At Home With the Braithwaites together, and it was so hard to lose her. 

'My mum Joan died in October 2014 and I am the last one in my family after my brother, Tim, died in 2012 of alcoholism. It's a tough position to be in.'

Amanda's latest role, as Dr Lydia Fonseca, took her to sun-drenched Sri Lanka, for the new ITV series The Good Karma Hospital.

Truthful: Amanda said anyone who claims to love getting older is 'lying'

New role: Amanda is back on screens in The Good Karma Hospital, set in present day Sri Lanka, on ITV in February

The brainchild of real-life A&E doctor Dan Sefton, the show's title was inspired by the film The Exotic Marigold Hotel, the progamme is a life-affirming tale set in the present day in a small hospital in the fictional seaside town of Barco.

Amanda said the show is perfect Sunday night viewing during a British winter.

'There’s something special about this project,' she mused. 'I’m especially fond of Lydia because she’s as close to me as any character I’ve ever played. 

'So much so that when my agent sent me the script she said, “All I’m going to say about this part is it’s NAR – no acting required!”’ 

New show: Amanda says her new character greatly resembles herself in real life 

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