Are the Kardashians saving kash? Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie release their tamest (and cheapest!) Valentine's gift guides EVER, touting $30 sex dust, a $20 coffee maker, and a $15 puzzle

  • Three members of the reality family put out Valentine's Day gift shopping lists
  • They're surprisingly budget-friendly, with the priciest item costing $350
  • Kendall's gift suggestions are all under $150, with several costing under $25 

After years of filling their shopping guides with $10,000 bottles of champagne, $11,000 designer surfboards, and $1,500 purses — with a few affordable items sprinkled in for the plebes — the reality stars have stuck to an almost entirely budget-friendly list this Valentine's Day.

Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner have all put out their gift guides in time for the holiday, and its big sister Khloe who's listed the most expensive item at $350.

In fact, Kendall's lists are all compiled by price point, with $150 as the highest amount. Yet even with lower price tags, the ladies still managed to shout out a few items that seem to cost more money than most would spend.

Gift giving: The Kardashian-Jenner women released their Valentine's Day shopping guides, and Khloe had the most expensive items

He shoots, he scores!She is currently dating NBA star Tristan Thompson

Smells good! Left: Le Labo Bergamote 22 perfume, $260,; Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Candle, $85,

Clean up niceL Dollar Shave Club six-month subscription, $85,

Khloe divides her gift guides into two lists: one 'for your girls', and one 'for your man', about which she says: 'The focus for Valentine's Day is often on the ladies, but dudes need love, too. Check out my dope picks for men below!'

The 32-year-old is currently dating NBA player Tristan Thompson.

The most expensive item she recommends is a $260 scent, followed by a $250 bar starter kit gift box.

She also likes a pair of $229.95 headphones and an $85 candle — which isn't strictly pricey, but is likely more than most of her fans would spend on a candle, especially for a man. 

She rounds out her list with an $85 six-month subscription to the Dollar Shave Club and a $16 cookbook for guys.    

Sound of love: BUTTONS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, $229.95,

For your sweetie: Compartes Love Heart Chocolate gift box, $99.95,

Lots of kisses: Fresh Sugar Lip Bliss Collection, $30,

Goodies for your bestie: Left: Moon Juice Sex Dust, $30,; Right: Fendi Monster Flat Zip Pouch Bag, $350,

She rounds out her list with an $85 six-month subscription to the Dollar Shave Club and a $16 cookbook for guys.For the ladies, she says, 'Who doesn't love getting sweet gifts from their boo or their girlfriends?! 

'I don't think it's necessary to go all out for Valentine's Day but it's still fun to celebrate with holiday-themed gifts. Shop my V-Day pics for girls below—and make sure to pass this along to anyone that may be shopping for you this year.'

She suggests a $350 Fendi Monster Flat Zip Pouch Bag, some lingerie, and a gift box of chocolate that costs nearly $100. On the lower end of the spectrum, she includes a $30 Fresh Sugar Lip Bliss Collection gift pack and Moon Juice Sex Dust for $30.  

Generous: Kendall Jenner didn't divide up her list by person, but says she likes to give gifts to everyone

Just buy stuff! As such, most of her gift ideas have nothing to do with love or sex

Giving 'spooning' a new meaning: Nambé Gourmet Curvo Gourmet Curvo Spoon Rest, $30,

Well at least they're pink! Left: Sunnylife Rose Gold Flamingo Float, $70,; Right: ANNA new york by RabLabs coasters, $80,

Kylie doesn't specify between guys and girls, putting to bed any speculation over what she might be getting her longtime boyfriend Tyga — though in the past, she has specifically called him out on her lists, and once drew criticism for referring to boyfriends as 'your king'.

'I like to give presents to ALL of the people I love, not just a certain someone,' she said. 'So if you're like me and need gift ideas for parents, friends, siblings or anyone else, check out some of my V-Day recommendations! There's literally something for everyone!'

Kylie makes sure to get some brand promotion in, including a Puma item on her list, as well as her 2017 calendar shot by Terry Richardson. The very racy calendar includes several photos of her nearly naked, including ones with her using a belt for a bra, wearing pasties, and covering herself up with just bits of cake.

The oddest item on her list is a $30 'spoon rest', and she also recommends an $80 set and a $70 flamingo-shaped pool float. 

Puppy love: Hyper Pet™ K-9 Kannon™ Tennis Ball Launcher, $19.99,

Fancy b****: Petzi™ Remote Treat Camera for Pets, $169.99,

Cute pup: Valentine's Day Dog Collar, $35,

The only loves of her life who get their own list are her many dogs, who get a separate gift guide. 

'Everyone knows my dogs are my life. I love to spoil them all the time, but Valentine's Day is my chance to really shower my babies with ❤️[love]. Check out some cute Valentine's Day gifts for all the dogs you love! I have a lot of them, lol,' she wrote.

But despite the pampering, there are no designer items on this list. Even the pretty dog collar is a $35 Etsy find.

The most expensive item is a treat dispenser for $169.99. It includes a camera and speaker that lets owners look at and talk to their pets while away from home.   

Kendall Jenner's budget-friendly lists also didn't seem to focus much on the lovey-dovey

Price points: Left: Vianel iPhone 7 case, $100,, Right: Red Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker, $19.99,

Bling: Aamaya Priyanka Heart Eye Emoji Bracelet, $118,

Buy, buy! Left: Paul Smith Sneaker Silver-Tone Cufflinks, $125,; Right: Paper Source, $14.95,

Is it love? She is currently linked to rapper A$AP Rocky

Finally, Kendall really sticks to the budget theme by dividing her list into gifts under $25, gifts under $50, and gifts under $150.

The $150-and-under list includes $125 Paul Smith cufflinks, a $100 Vianel iPhone case, a $118 emoji bracelet, and a $125 tank top.

On the less-expensive lists, she promotes the brands she models for — Estee Lauder and Express — as well as her brother Rob's Arthur George socks line. 

Her under-$50 list includes a $42 box of chocolate, bookends, earrings, and a foot massager, and her under-$25 list has a $14.95 puzzle, a $19.99 coffee maker, and a $4 copy of the movie Valentine's Day 

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