Work it, Ryan! Reynolds gives lap dance to a cast member during Harvard roast after being named Man of the Year

It's yet another reason to fall in love with Ryan Reynolds.

The actor made it clear that he has a hysterical personality during his Harvard roast on Friday.

As he was named 'Man of the Year' by Hasty Puddings Theatricals at Harvard University, he took a moment to show off some of his most risque dance moves.

How hilarious! Ryan Reynolds was named Man of the Year at a Harvard roast where he did a lap dance on one of the cast members

The 40-year-old took the opportunity to perform a lap dance on cast member Kyle Whelihan who performed as Blake Deadly in the ceremony.

Ryan sported a fancy tuxedo, but took that elegant charm to a whole new level as he strutted his stuff on the cast member.

As Kyle sat in his chair, he let the hunky movie star straddle him while busting out some hilarious moves. 

Such a tease: The actor showed some racy dance moves on the performer who appeared to have a blast watching this happen

Oh dear! The 40-year-old took a moment to caress the man on stage

Everyone seemed to have a blast as Kyle stayed in character and Ryan playfully sat on him.

He also took a moment to put his hands around the cast member who showed some theatrical charm.

This wasn't the only comical moment to happen that evening. 

Poor puppy: In another skit, the Golden Globe nominee kicked a stuffed dog off the stage

It's out of here: The stuffed animal went flying away as the other cast members watched with their own theatrical reactions

In another skit, Ryan kicked a stuffed dog away that caused another performer to show bewilderment.

With assorted costumes and laughs all over the place, it's no wonder that the Golden Globe nominee has been named 'Man of the Year' at Harvard. 

Along with some other scenes to go down, the star continued to flash his witty charm for the audience and his co-actors. 

Oh, that guy: The dapper gentleman received some kisses on the cheeks as he took on some more comical skits for the big night

It doesn't stop there: The star had more stage fun in various skits

Aside from the hilarious moments, Ryan took a moment to reveal how grateful he is for this award as well as what his real accomplishments were this year.

In a report from Entertainment Weekly, the Deadpool star mentioned that one of his proudest moments is watching his two daughters, James, two, and Ines, four months, connect with each other.

'Just seeing my older daughter be so infuriated with our younger daughter, who's four months old,' he said. 'Seeing her kiss and hug her and hold her, it kinda crushed me. But would out anyone else to sleep.'

A big year: Ryan gave a speech on how grateful he is to watch his two daughters as sisters

The future is his: The Green Lantern star revealed that he has plenty more to look forward to in his acting career

Ryan also dished on his future projects where he plans to do different genres, but comedy is one he enjoys thoroughly.

'It's one of the greatest tools of social commentary,' he said. 'In the best of times it's amazing. In the worst of times, it's even better.'

'For me, it's a real shelter from the storm and I know it is for a lot of people too. I love smart comedy. I think its value is somewhat underappreciated in the arts, but overall, I think it ain't going anywhere.' 

Be seeing you: Ryan's big night is only the beginning as he continues his blossoming career

Ryan has been married to actress Blake Lively since 2012.

He is expected to reprise his leading superhero role in Deadpool 2.

He is also in the upcoming film Life along with Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie hits theaters on March 24. 

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