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Yateley family raise £225,000 to help son with cancer

A family who raised £225,000 with the help of their community for life-saving cancer surgery for their two-year-old son have been told they must find another £215,000 in a 'punch in the guts'. Little Freddie Hunt (pictured) from Yateley, Hampshire suffers up to 80 fits a day and doctors warned his parents he was a 'ticking timebomb' after a brain scan revealed a tumour the size of a fist in his head. NHS doctors did not have the specialist facilities to operate on a tumour that size so his parents, David and Abi Hunt (pictured with daughter Holly, six), raised £225,000 for surgery in America following a huge community effort. But when they got to Arizona they were told the total would be closer to £450,000. Left: Freddie before Wednesday's flight to the US (bottom) and Freddie at the hospital in Phoenix, Arizona (top).

Donald Trump slams decision to halt immigration order

Donald Trump (pictured) has slammed a 'so-called' judge's decision to controversially halt his immigration order and claims some Middle Eastern countries agree with the ban. US District judge James Robart issued a ruling Friday that temporarily halted Trump's order banning travelers and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. A furious Trump fired off a series of tweets (pictured) on Saturday morning as major airlines started allowing passengers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen to fly to US cities if they had valid documents. The President said it was 'big trouble' when a country could no longer control who can come in and out, before adding that certain Middle-Eastern countries agree with his ban. Trump then took aim at 'so-called' Judge Robart vowing to overturn his ruling. It comes after Qatar Airways was the first to say on Saturday morning it would allow previously banner passengers to fly to U.S. cities following the judge's ruling.

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The University of Bristol's science department was evacuated after a student accidentally concocted a deadly explosive - the same as that used in the 7/7 bombings.

The pupil, who has not been named, is believed to have started experiencing difficulties while eating lunch in the dining hall at Anlaby Primary School in Hull on Friday.

The adage 'older and wiser' certainly rings true for these women, who have taken to parenting website Mumsnet to share the things they didn't learn in life until they were past 35..

Why we should ALL be following the Scandinavian lifestyle

The Scandi lifestyle is one of the healthiest and happiest in the world. Need proof? Just look to fitness blogger Faya Nilsson, 30, left and right, who lives in London, and has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. Faya, 30, who runs the hugely popular Fitness on Toast site, grew up on a farm in a small town in the south of Sweden called Karlskrona, then spent her teenage years in Stockholm, before moving to London just under 10 years ago. She has penned a book revealing how to live like a Scandi and shares her best diet, inset, fitness and lifestyle tips with FEMAIL.

The London Mayor said the danger of attacks in the capital had risen since he entered city hall last May and keeping people safe was becoming 'increasingly difficult'.

Almost a week's worth of rain is set to fall in Britain on Monday with Wales, the west of England and Scotland among the worst affected areas. Up to 20mm of rain and 60mph winds will batter the UK.

Support grows for Sir David Beckham after hacked emails

Rather than damage his reputation, the numerous allegations surrounding the former England captain and the lengths he has gone to in order to secure a gong appear only to have boosted his public standing further. And the hashtag #SirDavidBeckham has even sprung up on Twitter. Several emails were released yesterday by Football Leaks, the sporting equivalent of Wiki Leaks, appearing to show an elongated push by his PR team to secure recognition from the Queen, and was furious when he did not receive one. Unicef has also leaped to the defence of their ambassador despite allegations that he demanded £6,685 from the charity for a business class flight.

Brave train manager tells a 'drunken racist' solicitor to get off a train after he hurled abuse at a mother and her son and told them they shouldn't be in first class 

Alexander 'AJ' MacKinnon (left), 47, was filmed hurling racist abuse at Sanaa Shahid and her four-year-old son Zayn (inset) while the pair were travelling home to Glasgow from London on Virgin train in December. In the shocking footage, MacKinnon is seen swearing at the young boy. But a heroic train guard confronted the solicitor and called him a 'drunken racist' before kicking him off the train (right). MacKinnon appeared at Carlisle Magistrates Court earlier this week and admitted a racially aggravated public order offence. He was fined £1154, plus £50 compensation, a £150 victim surcharge and £85 in court costs.

Frail Eileen Blane, 87, was kicked and punched to the ground by a vicious robber who forced his way into her home, in Stretford, Manchester. She received blows to the head and her wedding ring was stolen.

Supermarkets ban online sales as rationing buying spreads

Shoppers in the UK are being stopped from bulk-buying vegetables such iceberg lettuce, courgettes, broccoli and aubergines due to a growing fresh produce shortage caused by extreme weather in Spain. But despite the empty shelves across Britain (including at Tesco in Goole, East Yorkshire, right), supermarkets in Spain are displaying an abundance of fresh vegetables (Mercadona supermarket in Mijas, Malaga, left).

Grandmother married to Briton for 27 years to be deported

A woman who has been married to a British man for almost 30 years is being held in a Scottish detention centre and is set to be deported back to her home country. Irene Clennel, who lives in Ouston, near Chester-le-Street, in County Durham, was detained at a routine appointment at an immigration reporting centre in Middlesbrough. She has been told she will be removed from the UK and sent back to Singapore.

Barry Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, has received £180,000 from a firm with links to the Chinese state. Law firm boss Christine Lee's son works in the MP's office.

From Asian action movies to baseball films, the list allows you to access thousands of sub-genres on the streaming service. All you have to do is change the code on the end of the 'genre' URL.

Thousands protest Donald Trump's travel ban in London

Marchers protested the US President's travel ban, and many brandished placards with insulting messages directed at Donald Trump. Organisers say 40,000 people joined the rally in central London, which called on Theresa May to withdraw the offer of a state visit.

A British man and a woman have been arrested in London after Washington DC's CCTV cameras were hacked just days before Donald Trump's inauguration.

Iran is today testing missile and radar systems to 'showcase its power' to new US President Donald Trump. The test retaliates to sanctions on Tehran yesterday for a recent ballistic missile trial.

Trump flies for Mar-a-Lago ball and reunion with Melania

President Donald Trump reunited with First Lady Melania Trump on Friday afternoon for his first weekend getaway from the White House after a whirlwind week which left Washington - and the world - reeling. 'I told you I'd win that election,' he told a crowd that welcomed him in Palm Beach after a flight aboard Air Force One. The first lady gave him a kiss at the bottom of the stairs he used to exit the presidential aircraft after the flight from outside Washington.
Traveling with the president aboard Air Force One was Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, who chairs a panel of business CEOs for the president. The first lady has had no public appearances since the inauguration. She has been at the couple's Trump Tower home in New York while their 10-year-old son Barron attends school.

Oliver Colvile, the Conservative MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, has been granted a debate in Parliament next week on seagulls in coastal towns and cities.

A 50-year-old man living in Spain was today questioned on suspicion of the murder of notorious criminal John 'Goldfinger' Palmer (pictured). He was interviewed this morning at a UK police station.

Pan American Airlines' 60-year history traced in images

Pan American Airlines pioneered the era of commercial flight from its bold inception in the late 1920s and won fame as history's most iconic airline, thanks in part to its alluring ads and trailblazing routes. Pictured, clockwise from the left, one of their attractive posters, and the twin-engined amphibious aircraft model, the Sikorsky S-38. Inset is the company's first logo from 1929.

Jedward's dad is reportedly fighting for his life in hospital - but insisted his 'critical condition' be kept a secret from the twins while they were on Celebrity Big Brother.

WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES Megan Pointon was on a night-out when she was showered with shards of glass in Burton-on-Trent.

A home video showing a very different side to the 'loner' pensioner found dead on Saddleworth Moor has been released. David Lytton, 67, is seen getting close to a female friend and dancing at a wedding.

The number of claims of child sex offences made by people under 18 has nearly doubled to over 9,000 in four years, according to a Freedom of Information request by Barnardo's. (Stock image)

Prince Harry spotted holding hands with Meghan Markle

Hand in hand, Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle (left) walk through the streets of London as rumours of an impending engagement continue to grow. The prince was pictured holding hands with the American-born divorcee (inset), who has been spending a lot of time with him at Kensington Palace since the beginning of the year, after a romantic dinner at trendy private members' club Soho House on Wednesday. Harry, 32, was said by onlookers to be relaxed about being photographed with his new love (right), which is being seen by royal watchers as a sign of how seriously he is taking the relationship. Another indication is that Miss Markle, 35, who is based in Canada where she films the hit television show Suits, has found a sitter for her dogs, Guy and Bogart, who live with her in Toronto.

Baffled onlookers saw Florin Grosu, 33, lying face down in the road in Romford, East London. He was caught on camera thrusting his hips while looking around sheepishly at 11am.

Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand

Some of America's richest people are spending billions quietly preparing for a global Apocalypse and building boltholes in New Zealand. They include the billionaire hedge-fund pioneer Julian Robertson (third from left) and the Hollywood film director James Cameron (third from right).Others, like Mark Zuckerberg (far left) and Larry Ellison (far right), have chosen Hawaii. They fear nuclear war (inset) and the collapse of western civilisation. Steve Huffman (second from right), co-founder of Reddit, has had laser surgery because he does not want to rely on post-apocalyptic opticians.

British officials were left red-faced when news of the schedule change came through. Mrs May had to settle for a brief walk and talk with Angela Merkel in the capital, Valetta.

Bodybuilding father-of-two died after grazing his arm

NEW A bodybuilder who grazed his arm unloading a delivery has died after he failed to treat the cut - that was half-a-centimetre long. Father-of-two Stuart Wheawall, 38, picked up an infection and contracted septicemia in the tiny wound to his left elbow working in a TK Maxx warehouse in Chesterton, Staffordshire. He fell ill four days later and after he couldn't get a GP appointment dialled 999 and was rushed into emergency surgery on February 16 last year.But medics couldn't save Mr Wheawall, who suffered a cardiac arrest the next day and tragically passed away at the Royal Stoke Hospital.

One 80s wedding came close to capturing as many British hearts as the fairy-tale marriage between Charles and Diana - the nuptuals between Kylie and Jason in the TV soap Neighbours.

The psychopath pupil of the Krays who made millions

Steve Tully, 59, plucked up the courage to approach Reginald Kray when he was serving time with the notorious London gangster (inset left with his brother Ronnie) in Parkhurst and went on to rob and scam his way to fortunes. Now going clean, the 59-year-old talked exclusively to MailOnline and opened up on fighting over Reggie's wife, Ronnie's sense of humour and covering himself in his own faeces to get one up on the prison guards. Mr Tully recalls his brutal upbringing, touching stories from inside prison with Reggie Kray and a terrifying first meeting with his mentally unstable twin brother.

Vile footage of a man racially abusing a mixed-race commuter on a Manchester bus has been shared more than 500,000 times on Facebook. The victim is seen being called a 'dirty little black c***'.

Saffron Curtiss-McGinty dressed a cuddly dog toy in a baby grow and drew a face on a bra in a bizarre effort to fool security staff at a B&M; Bargains store in Solihull, West Midlands.

Police in Colombia have arrested a 17-year-old drug gang leader accused of carrying out more than 30 murders. Authorities are identifying the teenage killer only by his nickname of 'Frijolito' or 'Little Bean'.



Horrible Histories writer wages war on rival Lucy Worsley

Horrible Histories writer Terry Deary, 71, (pictured right) said Ms Worsley (left) had a 'posh little voice', before describing her as a 'b****'. He referred in particular to their appearance as guest judges on MasterChef together in 2014 (inset), during which he claims there were a 'few needly comments'. It is not clear exactly what was said when they met on MasterChef but fellow guest and academic Mary Beard (also pictured inset) was unable to shed any light, saying: 'I was concentrating on the delicious food!'

Child rapist Muhamed Avais fled the UK a day before he was set to stand trial charged with abusing a young girl. He was tracked down to Abu Dhabi, UAE and jailed for 20 years on Friday.

A 'sex ring' involving two male NHS consultants and other staff orchestrated trysts in rooms while they were supposed to be caring for patients, it has been alleged (pictured, Carry On Again Doctor).

If everything goes according to plan then it won't be long before Windsor Great Park is producing a quality Champagne-style wine of sufficient calibre to be served at royal occasions.

I maintained a decent relationship with my now former wife, but my partner has a poor relationship with her ex, who is often obstructive and argumentative.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau shares her struggle with bulimia

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau (left and right, with husband Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada) may seem like she has it all, with a beloved prime minister for a husband, three young children, a successful journalism career and style to top it all off. But Gregoire Trudeau struggled with bulimia as a young woman, and counts the outpouring of support she's received as the most important gift in her life. The 41-year-old recounted her struggle and eventual advocacy at an event on Thursday in Ottawa, Canada, during the country's Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Three security workers at London-based security firm Capita have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police. One is understood to be 46-year-old Martin Crean (pictured) from Romford.

The Luther star is planning to renovate the basement of his Grade II-listed £2.5million home in Hackney, East London. The state-of-the-art studio will be open 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

Woman who watched her boyfriend die will share her story

Kala Brown, 30, will speak out for the first time after her dramatic rescue from being chained in a storage container and watching her captor, Todd Kohlhepp, kill her boyfriend Charlie Carver. At the time of the rescue, the couple had been missing for two months from their home in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Now, in her first public interview since her dramatic rescue, Brown plans to say later this month on 'Dr Phil' that her captor did not break her. She said in a statement on the shows website, 'No matter what he did to me, he did not break me. He cannot destroy me, and I won'.

The energy giant today announced it was the latest company to increase its prices, lifting gas and electricity costs by an overall 9.8 per cent - adding around £109 to a typical dual fuel bill.

The ex-Chancellor, who was sacked after the EU referendum, has been heavily criticised for accepting a string of well-paid roles while still serving on the Tory back benches.

A bishop with links to Prince Charles has been freed from prison after half his sentence for sex offences. Peter Ball (pictured) served only 16 months for molesting aspiring young monks.

A taxi driver, who has been dubbed 'Britain's unluckiest taxi driver'  has lost his licence after being caught by the same speed camera - fourteen times. Steven Holman says he life is now ruined.

Just two weeks after meeting at the charming 17th century coaching inn in February 2014, former postman Adrian whisked horse-mad Samantha away to a £500-a-night resort in the Maldives.

Cornwall lifeguard vanished from friend's house

Celeste Smith, 19, from Saltash, Corwnwall, (pictured left and right with friend James Johnson) was last seen on Tuesday evening when she left a friend's house saying she was going home to have a bath. Fears are growing over the safety and welfare of Celeste, who reportedly split up with her boyfriend last month and learned she was pregnant on Monday. Saltash Police said they are treating the disappearance as 'high risk'.

A suspected stolen HGV lorry was used to steal the car parts in just a few minutes on Tuesday night.
Insiders say the stolen 40 tonne lorry arrived at the depot in Birmingham at 10.30pm on Tuesday.

Theresa May will seek to avoid a revolt in the Tory shires by promising that new homes will not be built on the green belt unless all other options have been 'exhausted'.

Many assume for ideological reasons that boarding is 'not right' for UK children from certain backgrounds, those leading the project claim. Pictured: Nadia Hassan, who is off to Marlborough College.

A woman from County Durham who claimed over £500,000 worth of benefits which she was not entitled to was caught dancing to Michael Jackson's song Bad despite claiming she could not move her arms.

Inside the hidden world of Indonesia's transgender women

Transexual and transgender people are often shunned in the largely conservative country, and many choose to retreat to a community on the island of Java. Here they could, until last year, attend an Islamic boarding school for transgender learners, thought to be the only one in the world. Now the waria - a term which combines the Indonesian words 'wanita' and 'pria', which mean woman and man - often gather in the building to pray, but the school shut after a public outcry last year. Nevertheless, defiant teachers continue to hold occasional classes for those of the 42 students who continue their learning.

Britain's highest-paid academy boss now earns three times the salary of the Prime Minister following a bumper annual pay rise of around £20,000.

USS Indianapolis saw the worst shark attack in history

In 1945, days before the end of the Second World War, the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese torpedo. Hundreds of sailors were left to fight off attack after attack by sharks. A new film - USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage (pictured, left) - has just come out on DVD in Britain. But it really does not do justice to the story of the crew (top right), many of whom survived (bottom right).

The BBC's innovative 'Spy in the Wild' series ends tonight with a special episode on how they made the show's realistic fake animal cameras. The episode airs in the UK tonight at 7.30pm.

Arthur Mellar, 47, got caught inside the elevator shaft at Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The lift came down on top of him and he died in hospital of serious head injuries.

Four-year-old royalist set for Windsor Castle tour

EXCLUSIVE: He wowed the internet after being filmed saluting alongside a soldier at the Changing of the Guard on his fourth birthday (centre). And Britain's cutest royalist Marshall Scott (left) is well on his way to making his dreams of serving Queen and Country a reality. The boy was visiting his favourite landmark, Windsor Castle, with his proud mother Imogen (right, together) when he was treated to a priceless experience - saluting alongside a real soldier at the Changing of the Guard. The little drummer boy has learned military beats from his grandfather and loves to dress up in his special outfit and parade around the house - just like his heroes. An experience which has thrilled children for decades came alive for Marshall when Lance Corporal Paul Edden allowed him to join in with the ceremony. Marshall has been promised a trip around Windsor Castle when the professional Guard is next based there.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki and Aalto university have found that empathetic people interpret the facial expressions of dogs more intensely - and is they were humans.

Official figures released by the Ministry of Justice show that 27 animals are being kept by prisoners at three maximum security jails in Britain.

Doctors and nurses could save lives by guiding drones into remote areas from as far as 45 miles away. The drones have been trialled in Nepal and Tanzania and could save the taxpayer cash.

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Betty, 77, has dementia and requires specialist care, which they assumed she would get at the Perry Locks Care Home in Birmingham.

Andrew Ross, 30, shook the child, who had accidentally fallen from his knee and appeared to be unconscious after jerking his head, in a bid to 'snap him out of it', Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Lord Mulholland granted Edinburgh City Council the authority to bury Eugenois and Hilda Marcel after their son Melvyn keept their remains at a property in Edinburgh for several years (file image).

Inside the crumbling remains of a haunted Scottish castle

Crumbling and overgrown, this Scottish castle turned Second World War hospital now lies abandoned. Buchanan Castle in Stirlingshire, became a military hospital which treated Rudolf Hess, a leading Nazi who helped write Hitler's book Mein Kampf. It lies to the west of the village of Drymen and the overgrown remains stand within formerly landscaped grounds.

Peter Tobin, (pictured) from Paisley, Glasgow, raped and stabbed 23-year-old Polish student Angelika Kluk before hiding her body under the floor of a church 11 years ago.

Amir Khan's father Sajjad is convinced Faryal Makhdoom was behind the decision to dump him from the boxer's team and believes she has taken over as manager while the couple are in the US.

A study of 500,000 Chinese people found a 'significant' relationship between number of children and risk of coronary heart disease - the world's leading killer.

The Romanian man, 21, was held at Frankfurt airport in western Germany, before officers seized written notes and electronic storage devices from his home.

Hollywood’s go-to man for false teeth talks about his art

Dental technician Gary Archer has been creating cinema's chompers for more than 20 years. Archer, a Los Angeles-based British expat, is a dental technician known for creating the smiles of some of the silver screen's most memorable characters. He shares the story behind Austin Powers's gnarly grin, Blade's fantastic fangs and other memorable creations.

Former bouncer Daniel Challis, 24, (pictured) was filmed by his friend as he gulped down a live goldfish after he drank five pints during drinking session above a pub in Paignton, Devon.

Brenda, who declined to give her last name, said Friday she was flying from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale when flight attendants accused her of being drunk - then asked her to cover up.

Is this the hardest puzzle ever? Incredible time-lapse video shows 5,000 piece jigsaw being completed... and each tile is a different colour

The impressive giant puzzle, created by German artist Clemens Habicht, features all the colours in the CMYK spectrum. This makes it extremely difficult to complete, as tiles next to each other are almost identical in colour - but not exactly the same. In the time-lapse video, the jigsaw builders can be seen completing the edges of the puzzle first, before moving inwards.

The Saatchi brothers were as famous for their advertising brilliance as they were infamous for their behind-the-scenes antics - including furious fights and job interviews at Soho strip clubs

Computer parts seller Ashish Thakkar, 35, and travel journalist Meera Manek, 33, who separated in 2013 after four years of marriage, are due in a London court next week.

Jetpack Aviation say the eight-armed craft will travel at 90 mp/h, and will be able to fold up to fit in garage. They hope to build a prototype in six months.

A dancer called Omanakuttan, 48, collapsed and died on stage in southern India midway through his routine - but the audience thought it was all part of the performance.


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Neglected dog with a mop of dirty matted gets a hair cut

A neglected dog whose matted ball of dirty fur made her breed unidentifiable has had a haircut and given a name as the RSPCA launch an investigation into how she ended up resembling a 'dirty mop'. The tiny shih tzu has been named Rosie and was handed into a veterinary practice in Bury after she was found by a member of the public. In addition to her overgrown coat her flesh was covered in deep wounds and her skin was bleeding. Rosie is thought to be aged between three and six-years-old, had no microchip or ID tag when she was handed in to vets.

With a good chance of bumping into the likes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy or Cinderella, it's virtually impossible not to enjoy a visit to Disney World. But the children in these photo's didn't.

The unlucky motorist needed rescuing after their blue Daewoo Matiz sank into the wet road in Dinas Powys, South Wales. Pranksters had moved traffic cones warning drivers of the roadworks.

Ben Myatt was on the plane when it plummeted to the ground at 110mph after suffering an engine failure. The 23-year-old was on a four-week holiday visiting friends in the Riverland, Australia.

Sussex Police posted appeals to find Rossi Henderson, 28, from Eastbourne, on Facebook and Twitter. Henderson was jailed in April 2014 has been missing since September.



WWII book reveals what US soldiers expected in Australia

Australian men were described by the US military during World War II as incoherent, beer-drinking tough guys who would gamble on raindrops falling on a window. In 1942, the US Army handed a 54-page booklet to its soldiers who were sent to Australia during the war to help them deal with culture shock. Titled 'Instructions for American Servicemen in Australia', the handbook's overriding theme was that the two countries shared a robust military and cultural alliance. But 75 years later, it gives a compelling insight into America's perception of Australians and reveals what the US Army told its men about Australian soldiers.

Surrey-based Catherina Head and her family believe the canvas was painted in the mangle room at the parsonage in Nuenen of Theodorus van Gogh, Vincent's father, where the artist lived.

The new 'groundskimmer' is a huge craft capable of carrying 500 tonnes of cargo in a single trip. To do this, is uses an effect known as ground effect to trap a cushion of air underneath its giant wing.

Ukrainian model first to star in runway show in wheelchair

Model Alexandra Kutas, 23, who lives in Dnipro, Ukraine, told Femail: 'I think this could be a real game-changer in the fashion world. Alexandra, who suffered a spinal cord injury at birth, has never been able to walk - but that hasn't stopped her from chasing her dreams. With the help of New York-based friend Blake Wind, who is also in a wheelchair, she was put into contact with acclaimed Ukrainian fashion designer Fedor Vozianov, who offered to make her the face of his upcoming collection in two runway shows.