That’s one way to dump your rubbish! Garbage truck becomes stuck in a sinkhole on a busy Melbourne road

  • A truck has been trapped after a burst water main caused road collapse 
  • A crane was needed to remove the truck from the metre-deep hole
  • Orrong Road remains closed in both directions causing havoc for motorists
  • 110 houses are without water as workmen attempt to fix the road

A garbage truck has become trapped in a sinkhole in a busy Melbourne road after a burst water main caused the bitumen to collapse.

A crane was used to extract the truck from the road at midday, five hours after the vehicle became stuck on Orrong Road in the inner city suburb of Armadale.

Sergeant Paul Melrose from Prahran Police told Daily Mail Australia that the truck became trapped in the ‘half-a-metre to metre deep’ pothole on Friday morning when the bitumen collapsed.

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The KS Environmental garbage truck sank into the bitumen in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale at 7.30am on Friday morning. The truck is expected to remain stuck in Orrong Road for hours to come, until a crane removes it from the collapsed road.

Prahran Police estimate the sinkhole is around a metre deep, explaining 'the back wheels have sunk into the road up to the vehicle's rear axles.'

‘A water main has burst and as water has flowed through underneath the roadway, it has worn away at the road's foundations.

‘The truck drove over the road and with no support underneath it, the bitumen has collapsed and the truck has dropped down into the hole, all the way to its back axles,’ said Sergeant Melrose.

The road is closed in both directions and will remain closed, with 110 homes expected to be without water for several hours this afternoon, according to a spokesperson for South East Water. 

Crews have switched off the water in the area as they work to repair damage to the road after the KS Environmental truck 'hit the burst water main in the road,' according to South East Water.

'Crews were called to the site early this morning to block off the area and assess damage after the water main burst. 

'Unfortunately, repairs have been delayed after the truck hit the water main. We apologise for the inconvenience.' 

The busy Armadale street will be closed in both directions for most of the day, causing major dramas for commuters in the suburb, seven kilometres south-east of Melbourne's CBD.

Drinking water is available to households without water at 110 Orrong Road, Armadale. 

KS Environmental told Daily Mail Australia they have ‘no comment’ about the mishap.

The busy street will remain closed in both directions, which is expected to continue to cause problems for motorists in the suburb, which is only seven kilometres south-east of Melbourne's CBD. 

A post on social media shows the road closure and a number of workmen trying to move the garbage truck. A crane will be required to finally extract the truck from the sinkhole.

The burst water main, which caused the road's foundations to erode and bitumen to collapse, has now been fixed and turned off. It is currently unknown how long road repairs will take once the truck has been removed.

‘The usual early morning traffic was hampered by the road closure,’ said Sergeant Melrose. 

It is unknown at this stage how long it will take to repair the damage to the road.

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