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By Tony R. Elliott
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Hillary Clinton on an Alcohol Binge, Now Drunk 24/7

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 15:07
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It seems Hillary Clinton is drunk 24/7 these days as it is harder to find her in a sober moment on TV or at a political gathering. While disappearing for some 45 minutes during the last Democrat debate, supposedly for a bathroom break where she did not want to use the public toilet and had to go elsewhere, according to her. It would seem like she simply needed to disappear for a good portion of the debate, it is the reason why we should be interested in.
Hillary’s recent drunken escapades in public, during interviews, and more than likely the reason she disappeared from the debates to have a drink, is an indication the pressure from her dirty dealings with her husband Bill during the 1990′s, the act of committing treason in Benghazi by running guns to Al Qaeda cells in Syria who are now known as ISIS, and being directly responsible for the death of 4 people including US Ambassador to Libya at the time, J. Christopher Stevens is getting too much for her to handle. The Benghazi investigations by Trey Gowdy and the new revelations of her treason being brought to light are also is a big factor in her alcoholism.

The guilt caused by all her wrongdoings has finally come home to roost in her brain and now, she drowns out all the ill feelings by being drunk every waking moment.

Look for Hillary to actually pass out during an interview, a political rally, during an upcoming debate, or have to rush off stage due to inebriation. Her uncontrollable alcoholism will soon put her out of the Democrat Presidential race altogether and into a rehabilitation center.

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  • Hillary gives a new meaning to the words “Making a Splash” in the debates…

  • Her uncontrollable alcoholism will soon put her out of the Democrat Presidential race altogether and into a rehabilitation center.”

    By this you mean Jail, Right? That is where she belongs.

    • And the music is Country and Western – probably the worst form of music ever created – so it fits well with Hillary the Boozer. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • DK

        Worst form of music is garage and remix with rap coming third, Country did really well with Johnny Cash, it is just not a mass produced genre such as pop, where so much is put out you get to forget the bad singles.

  • Stating she had dissapeared for 45 min during the debates indicates you did not watch them as that she was only a few minutes late to her podium after commercial break. She deserves every bit of grief that comes her way but do try to be accurate and not just mimic what someone has told you about it which seems the case.

    • Yes, she is just the best going, NOT!!

      • This isn’t rocket science.
        Turn from the falst christs infesting these threads who work for Obama the Antichrist.

        I’m the only one spreading the news Obama’s the Antichrist based upon the Mark of the Beast, the number 666 that was drawn in Obama’s hometown’s lottery the day after his election.
        So I’m the Messiah.
        Spread that good news fast or you’ll not be saved.

        • “But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgement”.

          • “HereAmI
            “But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgement”.”

            Unless people join and reveal I’m the Messiah they’ll burn in eternal hell said the Bible.

          • Don’t spend a second doing anything else.
            Reveal that I’m the Messiah.

            Unless anyone spreads the message I’m the Messiah they’ll not be saved in heaven, that’s all.

          • Don’t do anything but reveal I’m the Messiah.
            You’ll be saved in heaven by that way only.
            Otherwise you’ll burn in eternal flames.

      • Hahahaha,the American jokes are the best in Kazakhstan,NOT!!
        Tony,frankly your face shows that you like a drink or two yourself,about twenty times a day,combined with some ice,YES!!.Great to see such people as Hillary running your country’s politics.

  • Pseudobulbar Affect from her head injury would also explain her bizarre behavior, especially the inappropriate laughing.

    Trump has promised to release his medical records, has she?

  • The (R)’s best hope is that Hillary secures the (D) nomination. She has turned off and alienated so much of the base that they will not vote for her regardless. It would equal total disillusionment (for those not already suffering from the case BO gave) for the left across much of the board. With that said Sanders would trounce any of the (R)’s.

    • Because the Republicans backers would back him as a bigger Chomskian feudalist than KILLERY.

  • its all to make trump look good

  • Pay attention to the way she stands and walks. She is wearing a back brace! She does not turn her head to look at someone she turns her whole body. She keeps her arms at her side when she walks. Find the video of her coming back on stage after her bathroom break. Watch how she extended her arms out and waves. The brace comes up to her arm pits. She even wears those loose tops to completely hide the brace. I am pretty sure she is in pain constantly. I think she was shot up with cortisone during the break. I believe she has MS. I think she has had it for a while and like FDR they and the liberal media are hiding it. It could explain a lot about her falling down the constant napping and forgetfulness. If the American public were to actually know her health issue she would never be elected. They are hoping to hide it get her elected and then Bill RUIN the country again. I even believe every question asked her she knew ahead of time and had the answer written down in front of her. Watch the video she looks down at the podium as if she is reading something.

  • Even though I’m no fan of Hillary Clinton, theres no way she would be having a drink (alcoholic beverage) before any debate…she is not that stupid.

  • Bill Clinton is a serial rapist who did not kill Pablo Escobar in 1993.

    Google Nancy+Ruth+Owens+Pablos+White+Rabbit

  • Here’s the facts. 30% of the adults in the US abuse alcohol. Congress and the Federal government are no exception. Most people don’t even know what a drinking problem is so lets define it.

    For a woman 1 drink is day is moderate drinking, for a man 2 drinks a day (a beer, or 5 ounce glass of wine).
    Binge drinking is 4 or more drinks in a single occasion for women, 5 or more men.
    Heavy drinking is 8 or more drinks per WEEK for women, 15 or more drinks per WEEK for men.

    Denial ain’t a river in Egypt, so before the toss pots start calling the kettle black. Please review your own alcohol use in context of CDC guidelines first. Personally I’m a recovering alcoholic. The only persons drinking that I have a right to judge is my own.

    Hillary is a scum bag. She may even be an alcoholic. But the reason I won’t be voting for her has nothing to do with her drinking. It has everything to do with treason, she aided and or conspired to aid ISIS in Syria. I’m damned tired of hearing about emails and videos in hearings while the Bengahzi gun running operation is completely censored! Convict and execute her and the CIA director for treason!

  • The trash married trash. You are looking at trash & burn.

    • Your Mom married a retarded chimp. That Chimp banged your mom up the butt, poop fell out, and she raised it to be…you….

  • umk, silly people, shes drunk 24/7 cause she knows how close we are to the Ragnarok

  • Loved this video, but what kind of moron would think that either Hillary or Obama are Marxists?

  • I call the ickiest people hillaries, it just kinda says it all.

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