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100 days, 40 failures: a preview of secretive, cruel and chaotic government

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Releasing a list of the Abbott government’s top failures, the Australian Greens say the first 100 days have been a secretive, cruel and chaotic preview of what is to come.

“During the election campaign the Abbott government’s true agenda was hidden behind cheap rhetoric, but you can’t run a country with a slogan,” said Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

“The Abbott government has tried to claim a so-called mandate to take Australia back to the last century, but he doesn’t have one. The longer Prime Minister Abbott and his big business mates run the show, the less the public knows about what’s going on behind the scenes. The Abbott government is a secretive, cruel and chaotic government.

“The Australian people didn’t sign up to this, and the Greens will stand against it. (more…)

Standing up for what matters - contribution for August Snowy River Echo

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Our comprehensive election platform “Standing up for what matters” has been fully costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office and makes The Greens the obvious choice for all who want to see a change of focus in politics. If implemented, it would ensure a healthy, just and sustainable future for the people of Eden-Monaro.

Simple measures like a 0.2% levy on bank assets above $100 billion, the abolition of fossil fuel subsidies, an effective mining tax and 50% tax on all incomes in excess of $1,000,000 would raise $42.7 billion.

There is an urgent need to act on climate change. If we don’t, there is every likelihood we will see an end to snow this century, and farming will be even more difficult than it is now. The Greens want a swift transition to renewable energy, for which there is huge potential here, and which would create thousands of jobs. Imagine if Eden-Monaro became home to Australia’s first solar thermal energy plant!

Farmers are essential to our country’s future prosperity and a sustainable economy. We propose actions to strengthen the viability of farming and farming communities, and increase support for small business and local employment in general. (more…)

Water is gold: a Conversation

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Next in the Conversations series being run by The Greens as part of their Eden-Monaro campaign is “Water is gold”, to be held on Saturday, July 27 in Moruya.

Starting at 3pm, Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro Catherine Moore will talk to Dr Su Wild River about mining and forestry threats to the Eurobodalla water supply, the new “water trigger” amendment to federal legislation and local impacts of climate change. There have been a number of challenges identified with the Dargues Reef gold mine and Su will give an update as we approach two years since the mine’s approval.

“I am really pleased to have the opportunity to talk to Su about these important issues. I had the pleasure of working with her during my time as councillor when we served together on the Palerang Council Climate Change Committee, and she brings a wealth of information, energy and enthusiasm to any task she undertakes,” said Catherine.

“If time permits, Su will also give a rundown on lessons from Palerang Council’s research into water futures - including local impacts of climate change and connections between local development and the protection of environmental flows.”

Everyone is welcome, and there will be an opportunity for questions and contributions from those attending. Afternoon tea will be provided.

The event is free. (more…)

Future Directions for NSW Local Government

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Thankyou for the opportunity to make a submission on Future Directions for NSW Local Government. I do so as spokesperson for Braidwood Greens and from the standpoint of Palerang councillor, 2004-2012. It has been endorsed by Braidwood Greens members.

This submission deals with the two main issues of funding and amalgamations, but it also touches on a number of other matters, especially those related to democracy.

The preamble on page 4 gets straight to the the big issue of funding, referring to “a local government system facing major financial problems with apparently little awareness of just how serious the situation has become. ”

Local councils cannot fail to be aware of how hard it is to fund the programs they are expected to run and the services they provide, and Palerang is no exception.

The paper states that new directions must allow local government to provide “better services, infrastructure and representation for the communities it is intended to serve.

“The Panel’s goal for local government is therefore:
A more sustainable system of democratic local government that has added capacity to address the
needs of local and regional communities, and to be a valued partner of State and federal governments.”

This goal is laudable, but it is hard to see how it will be achieved without the funding that is so desperately needed.

Nowhere in the sustainability and finance section of the preamble, or anywhere else, does the paper mention increased funding from external sources. Nowhere does it recognise the imperative for state and federal governments to stop cost-shifting. It is all about redistribution of existing funds and reassessing the current state government policy on rate-pegging. Indeed, the whole argument for amalgamation seems to be predicated on the basis of insufficient resources for the current number of councils. (more…)

Greens applaud community effort, but say governments are failing when it comes to the environment

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Without the efforts of community groups and sustainable industry groups, there would be nothing to celebrate today, World Environment Day, according to  Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro, Catherine Moore.

“Politicians are failing the community when it comes to looking after the environment, but people working in their communities – in environment groups and industries committed to sustainability – are another story altogether,” says Catherine.

“Right now in this country, we have a number of state governments including in NSW looking at opening up National Parks to logging, mining, grazing and shooting.

“To his credit, Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke is at least recognising that the Federal Government may need to step in to protect National Parks from inappropriate activities like these. He needs all the encouragement we can give him.

“But the Federal Government still has on the table plans to hand over environmental powers to the states, and plans by Tony Abbott go even further. (more…)

Greens in Eden-Monaro hope for bright future in oyster farming

Monday, May 6th, 2013

The Greens in Eden-Monaro have welcomed Australia’s Oyster Coast’s adoption of and commitment to Environmental Management Systems (EMS), highlighting the importance of EMS as an integral part of all industries in Eden-Monaro.

After attending the launch of Australia’s Oyster Coast at the Narooma Oyster Festival on the weekend, Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro Catherine Moore said that the EMS adopted by the group with the support of Southern Rivers Catchment was a positive and proactive step towards ensuring the healthy future of an industry based on an oyster native to the area, the Sydney Rock Oyster.

“But a holistic view across the whole region is needed, and the industry will be threatened unless other industries also meet the most stringent environmental criteria in their own practices.

“Time and time again, the ALP and Coalition have failed to recognise the importance of environmental protection which ensures the viability of small producers working for sustainability. Instead, they have preferred to kowtow to and subsidise large destructive and unsustainable industries like mining and woodchipping. (more…)

Earth Day 2013 a day for sober reflection

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Earth Day dates back to 1970 when the first one was held in the U.S.A., but this year’s in particular is a day for sober reflection, says Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro Catherine Moore.

“Every day there are email notifications calling for action on multiple environmental disasters. Unlike the finance reports however, which appear without fail in news bulletins and newspapers, many of these issues receive no coverage at all.

“You name it, it’s happening – the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the habitat of indigenous peoples for gold-mining; farmland and forest being turned into palm oil plantations;  attempts by corporations to patent a plant that has been used for thousands of years or to introduce genetically manipulated organisms into land or water when they have not been proven to be safe for human health or the environment. And of course the biggest potential environmental catastrophe of our time, climate change with its more frequent extreme weather and fire events, melting ice and glaciers, and rising sea levels. (more…)

Earth Day 2013

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

It’s Earth Day! (more…)

Sad day for WA as state’s first uranium mine approved

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Robin Chapple, the Greens WA spokesperson on Mining and Nuclear issues, today expressed his sadness after hearing the news of federal environment minister Burke’s decision to approve the Toro Energy Wiluna uranium mine.

“I am sad for the men and women who will be asked to work at close quarters with this most toxic of mineral ores,” Mr Chapple said.

“They will have been reassured by the imprimatur given to this mine by the various levels of government.

“Who can blame them for assuming that if it is permitted by the authorities, in a modern industry like Australia’s mining sector, then it must be OK?

“The truth, sadly, is that prolonged, repeated exposure to uranium ore, such as that experienced by Toro’s future mine workforce, is a proven health risk.

“We are laying the groundwork for a repeat of the tragic asbestos diseases scenario currently being played out across Australia, a particularly poignant thought as we this week mourn the passing of one of my electorate’s former Parliamentary representatives Mr Ernie Bridge. (more…)

Four Corners on Coal Seam Gas

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Letter to the editor

This week’s ABC Four Corners program highlighted the questionable processes used to determine CSG applications in Eastern Australia. ICAC revelations have already cast a permanent shadow over mining, fisheries and forestry decisions made by previous ALP NSW Government Minister Macdonald. A similar shadow is hovering over mining approvals fast-tracked by the previous Queensland government, now referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission. It is no wonder that the public has little faith in their elected representatives; no mining application is ever rejected, regardless of community opposition and despite existing legislation that would allow the Federal Government to intervene if it had the will to do so.

Inadequate environmental impact assessments pre-approval and no monitoring post-approval has perpetuated the myth that CSG is cleaner than other fossil fuels, if methane measurements made by Southern Cross University in CSG mining areas are proven to be accurate. To ensure the safety and health of our society and our environment now and in the future, the fossil fuel industry must be made to release its stranglehold on governments, politicians must embrace complete honesty and sever all ties to business for the duration of their term, and there must be a strong national framework of legislation that recognises the crucial role played by the Earth’s ecosystems in our survival. That the Great Artesian Basin itself could become depleted and contaminated as a result of mining, as suggested by Four Corners, is too shocking to contemplate.

Catherine Moore
Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro

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