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Greens in Eden-Monaro suggest preferences

Following the close of nominations and ballot paper draw, The Greens are making the following recommendations on our how-to-vote leaflet being distributed at pre-polling and on Election Day, September 7.

The order reflects the priorities of each of the parties/candidates compared with our own, and we have based our decision on the policies and/or statements of each of the candidates. Of course in the end it is up to the voter to decide, but remember to number all the squares so your vote is formal.

A statement on the principle of our decision in regard to the ALP and Coalition can be found here:

6 HENDY, Peter (Liberal)

2 TYE, Martin (Stable Population Party)

3 Kelly, Mike (Labor)

4 LYNCH, Dean (Palmer United Party)

1 MOORE, Catherine (The Greens)

7 GOUMAS, Costas (Citizens Electoral Council)

5 THALER, Andrew (Independent)

8 CATTON, Warren (Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group))

2 Responses to “Greens in Eden-Monaro suggest preferences”

  1. Andrew Thaler Says:

    So, you are actually preferencing Mike Kelly no2 because Martin Tye (no offence Martin) will most likely be distributed very early and then your preference flow will be directly to Kelly.

    Love to see how you explain this to the people… as I have mentioned, I’m more Green than the Greens.
    Huge solar investor, recycler, material conserver, environmental job creator etc.

    The voters are not stupid… they can see whats up.

  2. Braidwood Greens Says:

    Our decision can be explained in our previous preferences post and our repeatedly stated commitment to making preference recommendations based on how closely the policies and/or performance of candidates and/or parties match The Greens.

    Perhaps you weren’t aware but The Greens go a lot further than renewables, reuse and recycling, and environmental jobs creation. There are plenty of people of all political persuasions who do these things but that doesn’t make them Green. We base our policies and organisational activities on four principles: social and economic justice, grassroots democracy, peace and nonviolence and ecological sustainability. Doing politics differently is a key part of this, and this involves honesty and accountability, non-adversarial politics, and focusing on issues not personalities.

    We hope this assists you in understanding how we came to our preference decision and your own position in our preference recommendation.

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