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Dargues Reef gold mine – the community needs to mobilise

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Now that the State Government has given approval for the Dargues Reef gold mine at Majors Creek, the community needs to mobilise immediately to decide whether it wants to appeal the decision via the Environmental Defenders’ Office, says Palerang councillor and 2010 Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro, Catherine Moore.

“The Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has found in favour of the mine, based on the recommendation from the Planning Department, despite the large number of excellent submissions from the community at the August 23 Braidwood hearing which clearly demonstrated the shortcomings of the proponent’s environmental assessment,” says Catherine.

“Given that the Minister has left it up to the Department to make the recommendation and the main departmental bureaucrats involved have absolute support for mining, it is easy to see now that the decision was never going to go any other way.

“It is of great concern that no extra conditions have been imposed as a result of this whole process. (more…)

Time to follow in China’s footsteps

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

While watching the item on Julia Gillard’s visit to China on last night’s Lateline, I couldn’t help but feel buoyed by the following matter-of-fact response to Ali Moore’s question:

ALI MOORE: Well, I know in (Julia Gillard’s) speech tonight that she did raise the issue of the proposed carbon tax. Is that carbon tax, the idea or the plan to put a price on carbon, an issue for the Chinese?

STEPHEN MCDONELL: Well the interesting thing with global warming in China is that there’s no debate here, no public debate as to whether or not global warming is happening or that it’s man-made, because the Government just accepts the scientific evidence that both of these things are true. So, you know, you’re not gonna get people here questioning Julia Gillard about this. And the big companies here, the state-owned companies have essentially been told to get on with doing something about this. And so you’ve got the big oil companies here, they’re throwing billions of dollars at renewable energy, huge wind farms, solar energy and this sort of thing, so it’s not seen as such a conflict here in that way.

And I really think that any sort of - people questioning whether or not coal prices might go up, for example, imports, as a result of this is just a little bit at the margins. Essentially, as I said, this is - it’s recognised by the Government that these measures must be taken, and so, I s’pose in that sense, Julia Gillard is amongst friends here.

Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party, are you listening? And Big Business in Australia, and all the other detractors of the carbon tax, not to mention the climate change denialists - are you? (more…)

letter to the editor

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

(sent to local papers in Eden-Monaro)

If The Greens receive 55% of the primary vote (today), I will be elected to the Upper House, but more importantly, ten talented men and women from diverse backgrounds will be before me. In the unlikely event that this happens, it will mean that the party that forms government will not be able to push through socially or environmentally regressive legislation as easily. Why is it unlikely? Because as is the case at every election, large amounts of time and resources are being spent on spreading Green misinformation by people and parties who do not want to see any more Greens elected.

If people see the sense in planning for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future, and think that we actually do need to take action to protect special places, increase the opportunities for biodiversity, set small areas of ocean aside for fish-breeding thus ensuring future fish-stocks, stop workers from being exploited, make sure public education including TAFE is not further eroded, give communities back the right to make good planning decisions, apply the precautionary principle to the adoption of genetically manipulated organisms, properly compensate miners and wood-chippers as we move to renewables, away from native forest-logging and towards existing plantations in order to protect farmland and local industries, ensure water quality, prevent soil erosion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, etc, etc, perhaps having more, rather than fewer Greens in parliaments is a good idea.

Catherine Moore
2010 Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro and No 11 on Greens Legislative Council ticket, March 26 election

Greens announce Monaro candidate for 2011 State Election

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

The Greens in Monaro (comprising Braidwood and Queanbeyan-Monaro local groups) have endorsed Paul Cockram as their candidate for the 2011 NSW State Election.

Paul is a councillor on Palerang Council and had previously announced his intention to run as an Independent.

Catherine Moore, who has stood in Monaro for The Greens at the 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007 State Elections, and most recently was The Greens’ candidate for Eden-Monaro in the 2010 Federal Election says, “We are very pleased that Paul has made the decision to join The Greens and run as our candidate.

“Paul has energy and commitment and I have great confidence in his ability to further The Greens’ policies in Monaro.

“The Greens stand candidates in all seats and with Paul’s focus on environment and social justice issues it made sense for us to join forces and campaign together, rather than against each other.” (more…)

Declaration of the polls

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Following the declaration of the polls at 9am this morning we can now report that The Greens in Eden-Monaro received 9.72% of the primary vote, or 8,296 votes, with a breakdown of ordinary: 6,777, absentee: 350, provisional: 21, pre-poll: 589, and postal: 559.

Setting the record straight on Greens’ schools funding policy

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

(letter to the editor, sent to Eden-Monaro media)

In the heat of the recent federal election campaign, a number of allegations were thrown at The Greens’ Education policy, with letters and circulars sent to the parents of children at some Catholic schools urging them not to vote Green. Yes, the election is over, but as a Greens candidate who is proud of the party’s commitment to a more just, generous and compassionate society, I think it is important that the communities of Eden-Monaro have the facts about The Greens and Catholic schools. (more…)

Thanks to many people

Monday, August 30th, 2010

(letter to the editor, Eden-Monaro papers)

The recent five week Federal Election campaign was probably the most intensive I have been involved in, and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support I received from many people. (more…)

response to anonymous phone call

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

(letter to Bungendore Mirror, published August 25)

“Yeah fortunately you weren’t able to get elected. Maybe you can concentrate on Palerang Council now and botch that up.” (anonymous phonecall, Monday morning.)

As a result of Saturday’s election, we are looking at what has the potential to be a new and positive direction in government. One of the reasons for that is that the two other major parties have lost their stronghold and will need to engage with Greens and independents as part of the political process. I think that can only be a good thing.

Most Greens candidates know they are not going to get elected at this time in history, but we recognise the role we can play in the democratic system, part of which is raising issues that people care about but that many politicians seem not to. (more…)

Greens increase vote in Eden-Monaro and across country

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

The Greens have doubled their representation in the federal parliament, with the election of new senators in SA, Victoria, QLD and most likely NSW. Adam Bandt has won the seat of Melbourne.

“It appears that we will now have nine senators, up from five,” said Catherine Moore, Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro .

“Our success across Australia signals that The Greens are now very much part of the mainstream.  We are the party of the future.

“The Greens also increased our vote in Eden-Monaro, something that was looking less likely to happen as the polls showed the ALP and the Coalition neck and neck. (more…)

Why are you standing and why should people vote for you?

Friday, August 20th, 2010

(300 words for the Queanbeyan Age, August 20 edition)

We need to start doing politics differently, by focusing on issues, not personalities, taking the adversarial approach out of campaigning and decision-making, and talking about the vision we have for local communities and for Australia.

Many important issues have been forgotten or not adequately dealt with by the other major parties. Climate change needs our immediate attention. We don’t need a scheme that will only deliver a 5% cut to emissions and result in huge subsidies to big polluters. We do need a carbon tax on those big polluters, with the funds redirected to help low-income earners with increased power bills and installation of renewable energy systems. We could create thousands of jobs in renewable energy (wind, wave, solar and geothermal) and move to 100% renewables by 2050. (more…)

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