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‘Was that a gun?’ Hunting in National Parks may begin in the near future, and locals are worried.

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Hunting may begin in National Parks in the very near future, and Eurobodalla bushwalking and conservation groups are increasingly concerned about the dangers likely to be faced by their members - and by members of the public more broadly - in the months and years to come as result of this new practice.

“No-one will be able to enjoy a peaceful walk in their local National Park in the future,” said John Perkins, Convenor of the Friends of Durras.

“You’ll always be on guard, not knowing whether someone with a gun or a hunting bow is just around the next corner or behind that stand of trees. You won’t be able to let the kids run on ahead, because you’ll never be sure what they’re going to run into.

“And on top of this you’ll need to be very careful not to annoy any hunter you come across. Only last week, a farmer who challenged two shooters hunting kangaroos on his property near Orange without his permission won himself a threatening shot to the ground around his feet and had his mobile phone smashed - and this is just the latest reported act of aggression by hunters towards people seen as getting in their way.”    (more…)

Council amalgamations won’t address long-term financial viability

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Merging Palerang and Queanbeyan councils is not the solution to long-term financial viability for their communities and would come at a heavy cost to local democracy, the Braidwood and Queanbeyan-Monaro Greens said.

In a joint statement responding to the NSW Local Government Review Panel’s latest report, the Greens groups said “a merger does not address the real problems facing local government, particularly smaller, regional and rural councils trying to serve dispersed communities on limited budgets.

“State governments expect councils to deliver more services but councils are constrained in how they raise revenue. Major investment is needed in critical infrastructure but councils are faced with hefty loan costs and/or passing on significant rate rises and fee increases to residents and ratepayers, because State and Commonwealth funding has not kept up with need.

“If this core problem is ignored, Palerang and Queanbeyan communities could be forced through a merger only to find in another 10 years that we are confronting the same problem again.” (more…)

March against Monsanto, May 25

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Happening somewhere in the world near you.

Ford crisis an opportunity to secure manufacturing & go electric

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Greens Deputy Leader and industry and innovation spokesperson Adam Bandt says the car industry debacle should be treated as an opportunity by the government to change direction on industry assistance.

Mr Bandt says the old parties have squandered billions in industry assistance to the car industry without securing jobs and with very little substantive change in the vehicles produced.

“The old parties have spent billions in support to the auto industry without securing jobs and now Ford workers and their families are paying the price,” said Mr Bandt.

“The government should have used its assistance to drive real innovation. A government that cares for people would protect jobs for the long-term. We know the future for the car industry is electric vehicles, but Labor has done nothing to drive the shift to electric. We must also secure our manufacturing base as part of the transition to a clean economy.” (more…)

Who killed the electric car?

Friday, May 24th, 2013
Maybe if governments and the global car industry had stood up to pressure from the fossil fuel industry a lot earlier, to develop an electric car that could be charged with renewable energy and which used batteries whose content was not more polluting than the lead that used to be in petrol, Ford’s sales might not have dwindled to the point that it needed to withdraw its operations from Australia. And if the Federal Government had adopted a 78% Super Profits Tax like Norway, it could have put some of the funds raised into an Australian electric car manufacturing operation, providing hundreds of jobs for the workers facing unemployment. It’s not too late.

Fairer, cheaper, cleaner: fixing Australia’s energy network

Friday, May 24th, 2013

The Australian Greens will establish a new federal government agency that will lower electricity bills, save energy and cut the pollution driving global warming.

Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said the Energy Savings Agency will make Australia’s energy system fairer, cheaper and cleaner.

“The Federal and State Governments have failed to prevent unnecessary spending on new electricity poles and wires,” Senator Milne said.

“Make no mistake, several state governments want to maximise profit from their electricity assets. Selling less electricity is not in their interest which is why reform of the energy market is too slow and why intervention is vital.

“Nearly a quarter of all our electricity bills pay for the cost of installing infrastructure that we have built to supply electricity for just 40 hours a year during peak demand periods.

“For every $100 of your electricity bill, $51 is for poles and wires and, of course, householders receive no compensation. Only $9 is due to carbon pricing and low to medium income households are compensated for that. (more…)

Some positives in Budget, but government has missed opportunities

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Despite including some positive initiatives in this year’s Budget, the Government has missed some golden opportunities to build a safer, cleaner, more just and compassionate society, says Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro Catherine Moore.

“The National Disability Insurance Scheme be will be of great assistance to rural and regional people with disabilities, who frequently have fewer choices than people from more highly populated areas.

“Increased school funding is also welcome as again, rural and regional areas are often struggling to provide the programs and facilities that are available in the city. Redirecting the baby bonus to family payment is an improvement, as is a fairer superannuation payment system, with those on $37,000 or less now paying no tax.

“But while generous funding of private schools continues, the cuts to tertiary education will force students further into debt and impact on universities’ vital research. People living on Newstart need an extra $50 per week but instead they will be able to earn just an extra $19 per week (effectively, one hour of work) before their income support payment is affected. (more…)

Greens welcome referendum announcement and urge immediate action on campaign for “yes” vote

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

The Greens in Eden-Monaro have welcomed the announcement confirming that the referendum on recognition of local government in Australia’s Constitution will be held in conjunction with the 2013 Federal Election, but they are urging communities and councils to start campaigning immediately to maximise support for a “yes” vote.

“The announcement of the referendum to recognise local government in the Constitution has slipped through with barely a murmur, and with only four months to go until the September election, there is not a lot of time to engage communities and councils in the campaign,” says Catherine Moore, Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro and former Palerang councillor.

“Local government is the sphere of democracy that is closest to the people, and has the opportunity to do a much better job if its future is secured through Constitutional recognition. Currently its survival is at the whim of State Governments, which have been passing on more and more responsibility to councils but not matching the increased burden with funding.

“Strengthening local government with recognition and adequate funding will allow councils to get on with providing the services and facilities that people expect,” says Catherine.

“It is not acceptable that councils have to reduce swimming pool and library opening hours, for example, or cut funding to surf life saving, or cease membership of groups like Southern Tablelands Arts, or say no to community group requests for financial support. (more…)

Torbay linked to lifting of heritage order on donor’s property

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Former speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly Richard Torbay has been directly linked to the lifting of the heritage listing on a property owned by a major campaign donor.

(‘The developer, the $100k gift and the ‘highly effective’ MP’ Sydney Morning Herald 9 May, p. 1)

Documents obtained by Greens NSW MP John Kaye show that Mr Torbay set up a meeting between the then Planning Minister Tony Kelly and the owners of the heritage-listed property Graham and Georgiana McCullagh.

Six months later Mr Torbay received a $100,000 donation from a McCullagh-owned company. (more…)

Greens in Eden-Monaro hope for bright future in oyster farming

Monday, May 6th, 2013

The Greens in Eden-Monaro have welcomed Australia’s Oyster Coast’s adoption of and commitment to Environmental Management Systems (EMS), highlighting the importance of EMS as an integral part of all industries in Eden-Monaro.

After attending the launch of Australia’s Oyster Coast at the Narooma Oyster Festival on the weekend, Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro Catherine Moore said that the EMS adopted by the group with the support of Southern Rivers Catchment was a positive and proactive step towards ensuring the healthy future of an industry based on an oyster native to the area, the Sydney Rock Oyster.

“But a holistic view across the whole region is needed, and the industry will be threatened unless other industries also meet the most stringent environmental criteria in their own practices.

“Time and time again, the ALP and Coalition have failed to recognise the importance of environmental protection which ensures the viability of small producers working for sustainability. Instead, they have preferred to kowtow to and subsidise large destructive and unsustainable industries like mining and woodchipping. (more…)

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