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Greens pay tribute to State Emergency Service volunteers

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

The Greens in Eden-Monaro have paid tribute to all the emergency volunteers and maintenance workers who have been and will continue to work this week, responding to hundreds of calls for damage and clearing roads blocked by trees.
“Emergency service volunteers play an enormously important role in our community and are under-appreciated for the great personal sacrifices that they make,” said Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro, Catherine Moore.
“I have been told that hundreds of emergency personnel have been on standby since Friday (including some of our own Greens members) in case evacuation centres have to be opened due to the double high intensity low and possible combination with a very high tide,” she said.
“With the Princes Highway still closed in a number of places due to tree hazards, and thousands of homes in the Eden to Bodalla areas still without power, the workers will have little time for rest over the coming days. (more…)

Keneally’s power stations will make soaring greenhouse worse

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Disturbing news of increases in the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions puts yet more pressure on the Keneally government to abandon its plans for two new fossil fuel power stations, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.Commenting on a story on page 3 of today’s Sydney Morning Herald  (’Our greenhouse emissions back on the rise,’, Dr Kaye said: “NSW Planning Minister Tony Kelly has approved two new baseload power stations which would almost certainly be coal-fired.

“They would increase the state’s emissions by up to 17 percent. That would have the same climate changing effect as adding 8 million new cars to the road. The power stations would boost the nation’s emissions by about 6 percent. (more…)

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

(letter to Braidwood Times and Bungendore Mirror, published in May 26 editions)

The Draft Management Plan and Budget are now out on exhibition, following last Thursday’s meeting resolution. The agenda item inspired an almost deathly silence from the community, but the public meetings are still to come (June 8 in Braidwood and June 10 in Bungendore).

Given the number of community-related items that have had to be left out of the budget, it might be timely to ask if the developers who requested a second Bungendore strategy in the hope of it showing no problems with water security will be forwarding the outstanding amount of $81,000 any time soon. To date, all but $20,000 of the promised $101,000 has been met by Palerang ratepayers.

But I digress. Predictably, STARTS membership is still out with the Captains Flat leaking pool water et al, so, following an art-related Rotary win, I am upping my contribution to $200. That takes the pledges (mainly verbal) to $800 so far - only $5 200 to go! If heaps of people put in even just $5 each, we’d be there in no time. How important are the arts to our Palerang communities? If they are, please consider helping.

Catherine Moore

Government and clubs twist surveys to minimise extent of problem gambling

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

With Responsible Gambling Awareness Week finishing today, Greens MP and health spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has criticised the NSW Minister for Gaming Kevin Greene and the Clubs NSW for misusing gambling prevalence figures to downplay the extent and impact of problem gambling in NSW.

“The Minister and Clubs NSW claim a recent study shows rates of problem gambling in NSW have been cut in half and that we now have the lowest rate of gambling in Australia. They link an alleged decrease in problem gambling to the success of prevention programs,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“It appears the government and clubs are working to massage NSW figures to improve the industry’s reputation in the lead up to the release of the Productivity Commission’s final report on gambling due mid year. (more…)

Police remove protesters locked on at Mumbulla Forest, arrest Aboriginal traditional owner

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Greens MP and southeast spokesperson Lee Rhiannon this afternoon reports that the three protesters locked on to forest clearing machinery in the Mumbulla State Forest, where logging threatens koala habitat, have had their chains cut off by NSW Police and have been transported to Bega Police Station. An Aboriginal traditional owner has just been released after having been arrested for failing to leave the forestry area.

“The Aboriginal traditional owner who was arrested only yesterday took me on a tour of the area, showing me where previous logging activities had desecrated the burial grounds of his elders,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“These campaigners are engaged in peaceful, non-violent action to delay further destruction of native forest habitat which is home to the last colony of koalas on the NSW far south coast. (more…)

Greens call on the Rudd Government to come clean on biomass

Monday, May 17th, 2010

About 300 people joined the traditional owners on Mumbulla Mountain on Sunday May 16 to call for an end to native forest woodchipping and reiterate their opposition to any project that proposes to burn wood from native forests, whether it be so-called ‘manufacturing waste’ or any other product of woodchip operations in Australian forests.

Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro Catherine Moore says that it is an environmental tragedy that most native forest trees felled go straight to the woodchip mill. In some regions, such as Eden in south east NSW, the average is as high as 90% of all trees felled. With the massive subsidies being provided to the industry from the tax-payer via the government, this is also economic madness.

“The myth that only the tops and tails are woodchipped is easily refuted by looking at the tonnage figures of logs versus chips, or simply observing what is on the trucks going to the chipmill on any day. And it will be the same for biomass burning.” (more…)

Green announce Penrith by-election candidate

Friday, May 14th, 2010

The NSW Greens today announced well-known local environmental and social campaigner Suzie Wright as their candidate for the Penrith by–election on 19 June. Ms Wright was unanimously endorsed by local Greens members.

Ms Wright, who has a grown family, was born and has lived in the area all her life. She stood against former Labor MP Karen Paluzzano in the March 2007 State election and was a Greens candidate for Penrith Council in 2008.  She has been an active campaigner against climate change and overdevelopment, including the controversial former ADI site.

“It is time for a change in Western Sydney. Parents don’t reward their children for bad behaviour, and neither should we reward bad governments for the long-term neglect of a sustainable future for Penrith,” Ms Wright said.

“The Greens will take on the big challenges facing Western Sydney. (more…)

Will Rudd’s “Renewable Energy Fund” support burning forests for electricity? A Budget Special for the woodchip Industry?

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

National anti-woodchip group ChipBusters today called on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong to unequivocally guarantee that the  $652 million Renewable Energy Future Fund announced in the Budget will not be used to support any project that proposes to burn wood from native forests, whether classified as so-called manufacturing waste or any other product of woodchip operations in Australian forests.

“We already have a loophole in the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target legislation that classifies such so-called waste as clean, green energy and will give a taxpayer subsidy to woodchippers for destroying our forests,” said Noel Plumb of ChipBusters. The Rudd Government refused to close this loophole when it reviewed the legislation last year. (more…)

Community (st)arts campaign

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Published in the May 5 edition of the Braidwood Times (with similar versions appearing in the Bungendore Mirror and the District Bulletin

Some time this month, Council will resolve to put on exhibition the 2010-2011 Palerang Budget and Management Plan. This year our financial situation is somewhat worse than it was last year, and we have had no choice but to slash the budget in a way that will concern many in the community. There has been, understandably, unrest amongst ratepayers due to charges and rates increases and, recognising this, councillors have not always been willing to support Special Rates Variations which would have provided some much-needed budget relief.

Staff have worked hard to try to balance the budget, and councillors and staff alike have not enjoyed the process of having to drop so many worthy and diverse items from it. The need to do this has not, I hope, arisen from incompetence on the part of councillors but is due to a variety of factors, not least of which is ongoing cost-shifting by state and federal governments. I fear that no amount of community representation will allow these items to be restored, because we simply do not have the funds. I don’t know what the solution will be in coming years, but it is clear from information received that it is not simply a matter of finding more ratepayers. (more…)

Illawarra’s record air pollution highlights NSW government failure

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Commenting on today’s report that the Illawarra has again failed to meet national air quality targets, Greens MP and health spokesperson Lee Rhiannon stated that the problem lies with the NSW government’s failure to adopt and enforce stricter air pollution guidelines. (Illawarra Mercury

“It’s unacceptable that Illawarra residents are left to cop a larger dose of pollution than others in NSW,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“The Illawarra is shouldering the burden of poor air quality created by its heavy industry base and being located down wind from a very polluted Sydney.

“Every year since 2006 the Illawarra has recorded a higher number of particle pollution breaches than Sydney. (more…)

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