Unlimited Air Racing


Team Steadfast Unlimited Racing.

Race 33 at the National Championship Air Races, Steadfast is a Yak 3U-R2000. Yakovlev Design Bureau of Russia first built the Yak-3  in 1943.

Steadfast started its racing career at Reno in 2006 with Will Whiteside, as Pilot and team owner. Will over the next 6 years was able to prove the Russian design as a fast formidable racer. October 2011 SteadFast took the under 3000 kg World Speed Record, around the Bonneville course in Wendover Utah 416 MPH. In February 2012 Team Steadfast took out several time to Climb Records including the 1C-1D time to 10000 feet in 125 seconds. Later that year Team Steadfast was the Unlimited Silver Champion at Reno. Today SteadFast holds 9 world records. In 2013 Steadfast was sold and exported to Australia where it is now based in Brisbane Queensland.

The new owners of Team Steadfast are very excited to announce that we are now preparing for an unlimited race entry at Reno in 2016. The new Australian Team is pushing for the 400mph Silver title.