Membership renewals are due

All Mothies in Australia, time to renew membership of IMCAA. Existing and new members please complete form below, email it back and pay the dues.

Phil Stevenson



International Moth Class Association of Australia

Membership Form 2011-12 (year 1/10/11 to 30/9/121)

Personal Details

Name ______________________________________________________________

Postal Address _______________________________________________________

State_________ Phone_____________________ Mobile _____________________

YA Number__________________________ Date of Birth______________________

Email address ________________________________________________________

Boat Details

Are you and your Moth registered properly with Yachting Australia?

[ ] Yes [ ] No (ie. do you have a ‘KA’ or an ‘AUS’ sail number, a valid measurement certificate, and a Yachting Australia membership card?)

Boat Type [ ] Scow [ ] Skiff [ ] Foiler

Boat Name __________________________________________________________

Sail Number ___________________ Club _________________________________

Payment Details

[ ] Full Membership $65

[ ] Junior Membership (Under 19 at 31/12/11) $50

Payment Options [ ] Cheque

Please make all cheques payable to the IMCA of Australia and post to IMCAA 6 Crown St Henley 2111

[ ] Direct Deposit – Please deposit amount into NAB account

BSB: 082 663  Acc Number: 55 556 1653 Acc Name: International Moth Class Association (Aust) inc


I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct and shall abide by the

International Moth Class Association Rules and Regulations.

Signed __________________________________ Date _____________________

Signed __________________________________ Date _____________________

(Parent/Guardian if under 18 years old)


Send completed form to:

Secretary IMCA of Aust, 6 crown St Henley 2111 or email copy to


In return you will receive a membership sticker and the right to compete in IMCA events world wide, as well as contributing to the organisation of the class.


State IMCA membership: To compete in State championships and other local events you need also top join your state association, which involves sending a copy of this form to:

NSW: association not active pay IMCA Aust direct

Victoria: Leigh Dunstan:

Queensland:  Rob Green,

WA: John Ilett,


Other states do not have current association officers.

I will also forward copies of membership details for information to all state secretaries when I have their details.

Phil Stevenson IMCAA Hon Sec

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Victorian program from Leigh Dunstan

I have attached a copy of the Notice of Series for the Victorian Moth Grand Prix.  In the 2011/2012 GP there will be 6 rounds at 6 different clubs, spread across the season.

Round 1: 22nd Oct – McRae YC Open Day
Round 2: 19th Nov – Mornington YC
Round 3: 3rd Dec – Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club
Round 4: 28th & 29th Jan – Geelong YC, as part of the Geelong Festival of Sail (2012 Victorian State Titles)
Round 5: 3rd Mar – Blairgowire YS
Round 6: 21st & 22nd Apr – Black Rock YC, as part of the BYC Skiff Regatta

Prior to each round I will email any relevant info, such as any associated club fees, start times etc.  The Geelong round will also double as the Victorian State Titles.  Unlike previous years we will be rigging up within the yacht club and racing will be held very close to the end of the pier to maximise the spectator appeal (at the request of the organising body).  As much as this series should be a lot of fun we are also going to be doing our best to promote the class and hopefully build on our already growing numbers.

KA Sails has been kind enough to sponsor the event with a sail.  There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, however the winner of the sail will be the winner of a lottery system.  In an effort to promote event attendance each round a competitor will receive a ticket to go into the draw which will be drawn at the conclusion of the Black Rock Skiff Regatta.  The more rounds you enter the better your chance of winning.

Quite a lot of effort has gone into putting this series together, particularly when we are also organising the nationals in the same season.  We are hoping that when it comes to each round everyone will make the effort to race.  We have a very diverse fleet with top level sailors all the way to newcomers in the class, so there is something for everyone!

I will do my best to keep everyone updated with event details and NOR’s for the Geelong and Black Rock rounds, but if anyone has any queries please let me know.  It is a while out, but may be worth thinking about accommodation for Geelong as it can get pretty crowded that weekend.

Round 1 should have close to 100 boats at Mcrae Open Day, so it should be a great way to kick off the series!!! The race start is at 14.30pm details can be found at

See you then


NSW Season Program

Date                                 Regatta                                         Venue                               Contact                             Phone
25th Sept 2011             Cock of the Harbour                  WSC                                     Rob Sangster
1st Oct 2011                   Heaven Can Wait – 1 lap dash Toronto                   0419 236 704
29th-30th Oct 2011   Single Handed Regatta              SLMASC                   
10th Dec 2011              St George interclub                    St George                           Luka Damic
16th-18th Dec 2011   Sail Sydney                                    WSC                            
8th – 13th Jan 2012   Nationals                                         Mornington VIC
11th Feb 2012             Dash for Cash                                  Newcastle Harbour       Scott Beeby (date to be confirmed) 0410 349 150
6th – 8th April 2012 NSW States                                       To be Confirmed

Thanks to Matt Crocket for putting this together. Any additions or amendments please contact Matt.

Past Champion John Henderson sails away.

John Henderson was born in 1936 and won the 1958/59 Australian championship on Sydney Harbour run by Woollahra Sailing Club. He built 3 moths when he was younger and won the title in his skiff`NIL DESPERANDUM`.

John was always amazed that both his sons David and Pete became interested in sailing and even more amazed that thye wanted to sail the same class of boat he did.

As such (and in the spiriti of the Class) John then was obligated to build both of David and Peter, ‘Tomaree’ (a scow to the McFrawd Desigh) for David in 1984/85 and ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ (a skiff to a McDougal / French design) for Peter in 1985/86.

John had always keep an eye on the class and was truly amazed to see what that once home built ply boat, evolve into the high tech foiling skiff of today.

Recently his eldest son david decided to build his own plywood scow while John was still around to let me know the tricks of the trade. He over-saw the design and building of David’s modern narrow scow ‘Invader’ launched late 2010. He was proud and happy that he has passed on his vast knowledge and skills of building wood boats to his sons.

John was seen a few years back twice on his yacht `UPSANDOWNS` (a 27 foot double chine ply yacht which he built in tghe early 1980′s and remains in excellent condition) in the winter series at Northbridge Sailing Club which he enjoyed but the final years was just reading about sailing which was in this veins to the end.

John was very active with Seaforth from the early 1950′s to the 1960′s and later with his sons in the 80′s. John was still designing and building Moths over 50 years after he built his championship winning boats. ‘Nil Desperandum’ and ‘In Desperation’.

John was a great Mothie and father to David and Peter.

John McAteer

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2012 Nationals NOR

Leigh has posted the NOR for the Mornington Nationals in January 2012:
See Vic Blog site here

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Victorian Committe updated

Victoria has a new executive in Leigh Dunstan and Richard Jackson. State contact list has been amended.

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2010 IMCA Australia President’s Report

The IMCA Australia AGM will be held on Wednesday 5th January.

The 2010 IMCA Australia Presidents Report is available, and will be tabled at the meeting.

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IMCA Australia 2011 AGM

International Moth Class Association of Australia Inc
2011 Annual Conference
Notice of Meeting
Annual Meeting and Annual General Meeting
Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
6.00pm Wednesday 5th January 2011

1. Attendance/Apologies
2. Annual Reports: President, Financial, Registration, Correspondence
3. Nomination of state delegates
4. Election of new executive, president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, measurer, registrar.
5. Setting of annual fees for 2011-12
6. There are no motions on notice:

General Meeting:
1. 2011-12 Nationals venue
2. 2012 Worlds Italy
3. 2012-13 Nationals venue
4. Other motions
5. Other/General Business

Phil Stevenson,
Hon Secretary
IMCA Aust Inc
AGM Notice and agenda

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Sail Sydney 2010

Entries are open for Sail Sydney 2010. Entries due 12th November.

Dates: 6-9th December.


Enter online: … &Tkn=20413

NOR: … %20NoR.pdf

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NSW Moth Class Association 2010 Annual General Meeting

Woollahra Sailing Club, Saturday 20 August, Meeting started: 10:30am

1. Welcome

Members present – B. McLeod, M.Johnson, E.Spiers, L.Damic, D.Lister, P.Kurts, B.Newling, S.Donovan.

Apologies Received  - J.McAteer, P.Stevenson, A.Stevenson, A.Goddard, P.Harney, J.Harris, S.Babbage, M.O’Shea, C.Dey,

2. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of last meeting, no record, Luka Damic provided overview. World committee appointed (S.Babbage, P.Stevenson, L.Damic, B.McLeod). New States Format – travelling over two or more weekends (different clubs)

Matters arising – Worlds committee hasn’t been working together, budget yet to be established. Existing committee needs to meet. No update on what has been organised, except that Phil Stevenson has started drafring SI with Peter Moore

Accepted – B.McLeod, 2nd D.Lister

3. Presidents Report

Class is doing well in NSW, numbers are increasing with growth at Woollahra, and at Lake Macquarie. Belmont not accepting of Moth fleet, so local sailors are looking for a club. Any help from the association has been offered to help find a “Moth friendly” club on the lake. Toronto A.S.C. was suggested as a possible option during talks to M. Crockett who has been actively sailing with a small group from the Belmont Yacht Club. Congratulations to Nathan Outteridge for winning the Moth Europeans and Scott Babbage on a 3rd place.

4. Secretary/treasurer’s Report

As per Financial Statement from secretary – John McAteer.

Moved – P.Kurts, 2nd M.Johnson

5. Club Reports

St George – 10-12 regularly racing with around 15 registered. Club in administration, but 2010 sailing will continue.

Woollahra – 8-10 boats regularly racing. Expect 20-25 boats this season. Racing Saturday afternoon 3pm, have included NSW racing calendar in the Woollahra calendar. Racks to be built to accommodate new members. Lots of new boats being purchased.

Northbridge – Not present

Balmoral – Not present

Lake Macquarie Fleet – as discussed in presidents report.

6. 2010-2011 NSW racing calendar

Sunshine 30/10/2010 Heat 1

Sunshine 30/10/2010 Heat 2

Sunshine 31/10/2010 Heat 3

St George 11/12/2010 Heat 4

Woollahra 13/02/2011 Heat 5

Balmoral 05/03/2011 Heat 6

Northbridge 20/03/2011 Heat 7

7. Appointment of Office Bearers

President Position not filled

Secretary/Treasurer John McAteer

Measurer Phil Kurts

Executive Committee members:

Woollahra – Martin Johnson, St George – Bruce McLeod, Balmoral – Bruce Cooper (TBC), Northbridge – John McAteer (TBC),  Lake Macquarie – Matthew Crockett (TBC)

7. General Business

Luka Damic no longer wants to be involved in Worlds Committee, Martin Johnson has agreed to take his place.

Worlds Committee – S.Babbage, B.McLeod, P.Stevenson, M.Johnson.

Luka suggested that committee meet soon to discuss budget and sponsorship. Puma is still considering their position, Red Bull not keen.

Members find it difficult to pay association fees – agreed that the club delegates now collect forms and money for NSW association and pass to secretary.

Roger Quinn sadly passed away during the season, will be remembered as one of the friendliest Moth sailors and will be missed by all.

Meeting Closed – 11.08am

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