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A Full Service Commercial Web Design & Marketing Agency 

Welcome to the Brooklynne.MgMt- design marketing and sales Solutions

Build Free Apps for your Business @ AppBuildr.co

Join the Black Business School to learn Urban Hustler Based Digital Entrpreneurship

Build a P2P marketplace for your Industry, Sector or Niche Brands

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Brooklynne.Mobi Marketing Solutions

We @ Brooklynne.Mobi Local Ads provide the tools to create a display ad with your business location and images associated with your business from existing sites online. We also provide the capability to upload a new image, or your own creative banner, if you have one.

With our start and pause option you control when your ad starts and ends. You also have the options to create multiple ads per business location.

Your banner ads will appear within popular mobile apps and sites, such as AccuWeather, Career Builder, Fruit Ninja, Horoscopes, Cafe Mom, Business Insider, Pinger, and many more.

Self Service Mobile SMS Coupon Engagment Platform for Small Business

Brooklynne.Mobi Coupons for Facebook and other Social Media

Launch Your Own Mobile App building Business

Brooklyne.Biz Paas for Professionals to Mange their Specific Key Performance Indicators
Brooklynne Crew
We Design Hi End Web Sites From Scratch

If you choose to do work through Brooklynne Crew, we also give a few extra things on the house to make sure your project goes smooth from idea to launch. You will get an upfront budget estimate so you know what to expect in terms of price before any work starts, built-in legal documents so your intellectual property is protected, and a payment system that protects your funds until you're happy with your project's result.

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Imprint Impress.com Digital Printing, Design and Mailing Svcs


We also provide account management, targeted consumer and business mailing lists, mailing services, as well as design services, finishing services, digital imaging services and personalized direct mail communications with variable data printing.

Optimizing Your Order
We have specified turnaround times for most of our products. Sometimes, although rarely we have equipment failures or malfunctions that could possibly delay your jobs.

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Other Development Services @ Brooklynne. Mgmt CREW

a world class event registration platform built exclusively for mass participation events . Running, walking, cycling, triathlons, swimming and multi-discipline. We power them all.

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We all have our own stories, and we all tell them in different ways. It's what makes the world so fascinating.

At TicketsEX.Net, we believe in putting your story out in front. It's why we made our event pages whitelabel. Your brand, your cause, your colours. Your story


Adding valuable assets to your webdesign and marketing projects, so that they stand out in the the digital online world

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