Letters pictured from space: First ever 'Google alphabet' formed using satellite images

The first ever 'Google alphabet' has been created using the internet giant's satellite service.

Graphic designer Rhett Dashwood picked out natural features and building which resembled each of the 26 letters.

The Australian did not even have look outside his home state of Victoria to find the full set.

All 21 consonants and five vowels formed from buildings and natural features in the Australian state of Victoria

It did, however, take six months of 'just pressing the cursor up, up, up' to find all 21 consonants.

The 32-year-old only discovered the elusive letter 'K' last week.

'I found them exactly as you think I might have,' he said. 'Slowly moving from page to page over the maps and visually scanning.'

'I did it in my spare time - it was better than doing a sudoku,' he said.

'I set a little puzzle for myself.'

'I put some simple restrictions on my project, like sticking to my home state of Victoria and not manipulating (rotating or Photoshopping) the images in any way.

'There were no short cuts to finding them, but I did sense patterns emerging the further I searched which helped to guide how long I spent looking in particular areas.'