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Fitzalan Square - as it is currently and what it could look like following regeneration

This project seeks to transform the corridor running along the Lower Sheaf – Porter Valley, including the station to a similar high standard as the highly acclaimed Gold and Steel Routes in City Centre.

It will improve links between several key destinations and several potential development sites. For example links within and to the Cultural Industries Quarter, Digital Campus and Sheffield Hallam University and to the Railway Station. It will improve accessibility and safety as well as the environment in order to encourage new investment and jobs. Key locations such as Fitzalan Square and streets will be transformed as part of the initiative.

The project recognises that the station is Governments preferred location for an HS2 station which may be 10-15 years away. The station is a key gateway and this project seeks to improve the existing taxi queuing, movement of traffic and pedestrian access. This should all make this area, the corridor and indeed the City Centre much more attractive to inward investment.

A visualisation of Paternoster Row