Acting, farming and news reporting rated WORST jobs of 2013 with low pay, high stress levels and poor career prospects

Actuary has been voted the best job of 2013 and news reporting the worst, in an annual ranking of occupations.

Recruitment site rated 200 professions based on five criteria including physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook.

Software engineering, financial planning, occupational therapy, and optometry were other careers to make the top ten, while dairy farming, acting, roofing and logging came bottom of the pile.

Tough industry: News reporting has been rated as the worst job of 2013 with high stress levels, low pay and poor career prospects - other low-ranked professions included dairy farming, acting and roofing

Tough industry: News reporting has been rated as the worst job of 2013 with high stress levels, low pay and poor career prospects - other low-ranked professions included dairy farming, acting and roofing

Actuary, which involves assessing risk probabilities often for insurance purposes, claimed the number one spot with an average income of $91,211 (£59,743), and flexible work arrangements.

While news reporting, which was ranked 196 in 2012, was relegated to last place with a median salary of $36,000 (£23,580), stressful work conditions and poor career prospects.

The results, published on Tuesday, have fueled a debate, with many critics disagreeing with the positions, and others disgruntled that their line of work does not even appear. 

One anonymous commentator wrote on 'I cannot find "musician" on the list. Does that mean it is even worse than #200.  If so, a lot of aspiring young kids should be warned.'

German designer Karl Lagerfeld
Female air hostess

Choose your career wisely: Fashion designing came in at number 182 (pictured left German designer Karl Lagerfeld) on the job ranking list, while air hostessing came in at 191

While 'musician' does not feature, lesser-known job titles to appear include 'nuclear decontamination technician' (ranked 65), 'sewage plant operator' (ranked 87), 'drill-press operator' (ranked 143) and 'precision assembler' (ranked 176).

Another critic named Ryan used the Wall Street Journal's comment section to highlight that 'different people respond to different types of stress' which is 'what this sort of list ignores.'

He continues: 'The physical labor of a brick layer, for example, may be tolerable to someone fit, but hell for someone who’s not.

'Likewise, some reporters may thrive on the stress that would be considered unpalatable by others.

Scarlett Johansson
Lumberjack works

Poor job prospects: Acting was listed as one of the worst jobs of 2013, claiming the 197th spot (pictured left, Scarlett Johansson), while lumberjacking was the penultimate entry

'Ultimately, the quality is a job is determined by the individual’s aptitude and attitudes, to a much greater extent than any "career formula".'

To compile the list, researchers gathered data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, trade association studies and other sources.

Like Ryan, a reader named James agreed that there is no set formula when it comes to jobs.

Top money and low stress: Actuary was revealed as the best job

Top money and low stress: Actuary was revealed as the best job

He wrote that he 'found the list interesting and a fun way to compare jobs with friends, but I wouldn’t take it any more serious than that,' he explained.

'As a commercial union electrician, I can tell you the pay, working conditions (weather), and benefits are better in San Francisco than say for a non union residential electrician in rural Arkansas.'

However some cited the list as a reliable predictor. An attorney anonymously exclaimed on the Wall Street Journal: 'I’m a 117! Accurate to me. Did an actuary predict the list…?'

It is the 25th year has released its Job Rated compilation.

Following this year's outcome it concluded: 'No two work experiences are guaranteed to be alike, and different career paths cater to unique skills and interests.

'Ultimately, only the individual can determine the best job for her or his abilities and passions. However, the Jobs Rated report exists as a road map for determining the career field that is right for you.'

In 2012 software engineering was deemed the most desirable job, while lumberjacking came in at number 200.


Career website, rated 200 occupations based on five criteria including physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook. Here are the results:

1    Actuary

2    Biomedical Engineer

3    Software Engineer


   Financial Planner

6    Dental Hygienist

7    Occupational Therapist

8    Optometrist

9    Physical Therapist

10   Computer Systems Analyst

11    Chiropractor

12    Speech Pathologist

13    Physiologist

14    University Professor

15    Veterinarian

16    Dietician

17    Pharmacist

18    Mathematician

19    Sociologist

20    Statistician

21    Physicist

22    Optician

23    Podiatrist

24    Web Developer

25    Historian

26    Environmental Engineer

27    Parole Officer

28    Petroleum Engineer

29    Meteorologist

30    Geologist

31    Human Resources Manager

32    Civil Engineer

33    Orthodontist

34    Respiratory Therapist

35    Medical Records Technician

36    Astronomer

37    Psychiatrist

38    Computer Programmer

39    Social And Community Manager

40    Market Research Analyst

41    Paralegal Assistant

42    Dentist

43    Skincare Specialist

44    Industrial Machine Repairer

45    Physician (General Practice)

46    Logistician

47    Accountant

48    Management Consultant

49    Social Worker

50    Physician Assistant

51    Surgeon

52    Vocational Counselor

53    Bricklayer

54    Surveyor

55    Nurse (Registered)

56    Archeologist

57    Museum Curator

58    Psychologist

59    Glazier

60    Technical Writer

61    Architect

62    Event Coordinator

63    Occupational Safety/Health Inspector

64    Loan Officer

65    Nuclear Decontamination Technician

66    Plumber

67    Medical Technologist

68    Stenographer/Court Reporter

69    Recruiter

70    Biologist

71    Bookkeeper

72    Medical Laboratory Technician

73    Insurance Underwriter

74    Public Relations Executive

75    Executive Assistant

76    Electrician

77    Automobile Body Repairer

78    Insurance Agent

79    Judge

80    Nuclear Engineer

81    Online Sales Manager

82    Mechanical Engineer

83    Hair Stylist

84    Communications Equipment Mechanic

85    Tax Examiner/Collector

86    Receptionist

87    Sewage Plant Operator

88    Librarian

89    Industrial Designer

90    School Principal

91    Zoologist

92    Anthropologist

93    Elementary School Teacher

94    Construction/Building Inspector

95    Pest Control Worker

96    Emergency Medical Technician

97    Industrial Engineer

98    Electrical Engineer

99    Nurse (Licensed Practical)

100    Aerospace Engineer

101    Teacher's Aide

102    Construction Foreman

103    Automobile Mechanic

104    Stockbroker

105    Security Guard

106    Fitness Trainer/Instructor

107    Chauffeur

108    Truck Driver

109    Purchasing Agent

110    Clergy

111    Typist/Word Processor

112    Forklift Operator

113    Computer Service Technician

114    Architectural Drafter

115    Appliance Repairer

116    Funeral Director

117    Attorney

118    Ironworker

119    Economist

120    Sales Representative (Wholesale)

121    Recreation Worker

122    Agricultural Scientist

123    Animal Care And Service Worker

124    Advertising Account Executive

125    Construction Machinery Operator

126    Chemist

127    Purchasing Manager

128    Broadcast Technician

129    Airline Pilot

130    Nurse's Aide

131    Medical Secretary

132    Electrical Technician

133    Conservationist

134    Machinist

135    Advertising Salesperson

136    Dental Laboratory Technician

137    Child Care Worker

138    Film/Video Editor

139    Furniture Upholsterer

140    Salesperson (Retail)

141    Jeweler

142    Choreographer

143    Drill-Press Operator

144    Machine Tool Operator

145    Sheet Metal Worker

146    Taxi Driver

147    Carpenter

148    Artist

149    Aircraft Mechanic

150    Bartender

151    Electrical Equipment Repairer

152    Real Estate Agent

153    Janitor

154    Engineering Technician

155    Corporate Executive (Senior)

156    Author

157    Bus Driver

158    Welder

159    Hotel Manager

160    Garbage Collector

161    Stationary Engineer

162    Bank Teller

163    Seaman

164    Carpet/Tile Installer

165    Shipping/Receiving Clerk

166    Police Officer

167    Firefighter

168    Publication Editor

169    Cashier

170    Air Traffic Controller

171    Construction Worker

172    Photographer

173    Seamstress/Tailor

174    Painter

175    Automobile Assembler

176    Precision Assembler

177    Buyer

178    Dockworker

179    Disc Jockey

180    Military General

181    Maid

182    Fashion Designer

183    Butcher

184    Broadcaster

185    Waiter/Waitress

186    Tax Preparer

187    Dishwasher

188    Photojournalist

189    Corrections Officer

190    Farmer

191    Flight Attendant

192    Roofer

193    Mail Carrier

194    Meter Reader

195    Dairy Farmer

196    Oil Rig Worker

197    Actor

198    Enlisted Military Personnel

199    Lumberjack

200    Reporter (Newspaper)

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