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Trump reaches out for unity in first address to Congress
US News 2 hours ago
In his first speech to a joint session of Congress, President Trump laid out the basics of his agenda and appeared to strike a different tone than his supporters and critics are used to.
ICYMI: Tuesday
US News 2 hours ago
From politics to pop culture, if you missed Tuesday's news cycle, here's a quick refresher.
As Trump practices his speech, the internet becomes a lip-reading service
Haha 5 hours ago
Cameras caught POTUS rehearsing his speech in his car ahead of the joint session and instantly spawned a new Trump meme.

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I sent sneaky invites to 100 fans in London yesterday to hear 4 new songs off of my next record. We cried.

Sir Alex celebration
Video by Manchester United

Sir Alex's celebration is all of us! 🙌

"Ryan's legacy is etched into eternity.” Widow of slain Navy SEAL receives standing ovation during 's address:


THIS JUST IN: Adrian Peterson to become unrestricted free agent after Vikings announce the team will not exercise 2017 option.

Retweet if you are glad to have a who knows empowering the people—not Washington—is the way to build a better future for America. 🇺🇸

Spent all day with the boys and I am happy.

which do you like better: my New York car or my LA car?

NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer - WORLD PREMIERE

FIRST LOOK at the new of the Galaxy trailer...

Good morning! Start your day with juice & Moana!

This is adorable. (via momthingx3/Instagram)

"The United States seems no longer quite the United States." Holocaust historian detained for 10 hours in US customs

Stardew Valley is coming to , and will be the first console to support the new multiplayer feature. Look for it in 2017!


Russ isn't Michael, but this is still wild. 👀

*kisses fingers*

apaz younow has imploded so no live show today i'm afraid - but do not fret as tomorrow dan and phil bring you more EROTIC HORSE ROLEPLAYING

Let's party in the desert! 🌴✌️🎤

Always love visiting DC schools. Thank you for hosting me today . Stories of students continue to inspire me.

This is Meera. She just heard about taxes and how much a doghouse in a nice area costs. Not pupared to be a doggo anymore. 12/10


I'm coming for you and I'm taking the title at

Tate and Bo doubled up.

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