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Greens announce candidate for March 2007 election

The Greens in Monaro have unanimously endorsed Catherine Moore as their candidate for the 2007 State Election. She is an artist who has lived in Monaro since 1981, first at Hoskinstown and, since 1986, at Charleys Forest, north-east of Braidwood. Catherine has stood for Monaro in the previous three State Elections and in 2004 was elected as a Greens councillor to Palerang Council. She has been involved with The Greens since 1993 and is a founding member of the Braidwood Greens.

Catherine has participated in a number of campaigns during her years of political involvement, including ending the woodchipping of native forests, the abolition of state governments, applying the precautionary principle to the release of genetically engineered organisms before they have been proven to be safe for human health and the environment, and climate change, campaigns in which she continues to be involved. In the last election she assisted carers in the Queanbeyan area with their Unmet Needs campaign and helped the people of Hoskinstown in their successful efforts to get funding for the sealing of the Plains Road on the logging haulage route.

Since being elected to Palerang Council one of her main focuses has been the need for long term planning which takes into account the uncertainty of water availability as well as the needs and quality of life of existing communities.

“Water remains one of the big issues of our time, particularly in Monaro where the ongoing drought is continuing to have devastating effects on the economy and the environment,” says Catherine.

“While local government plays a key role in determining planning issues, it is the State Government that enacts the legislation which councils must follow, and many people are dissatisfied with what they see as unnecessary interference by the State Government in the autonomy of local areas.

“Other spheres of government clearly have a role to play in local issues, especially in relation to adequate funding of local government, but there needs to be a balance between interference and genuine assistance.

“But of course the electorate of Monaro extends much further than the shire of Palerang, and I look forward to reacquainting myself with the other communities of the electorate in the months leading up to the election, and hearing their concerns.

“The current Greens Members of the Legislative Council – Ian Cohen, elected in 1995, Lee Rhiannon, elected in 1999 and leading the ticket for this election, and Sylvia Hale, elected in 2003, have played a vital role in raising many of the issues that are ignored by the other parties, and it will be my role as a local candidate to help raise the profile of the issues that are important to the people of Monaro and to increase The Greens’ chances of having a fourth MLC – John Kaye – elected as well.”

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