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Photographer Ira Meyer unveils his top Antarctica shots

It's difficult to imagine so many different shades of blue until you catch glimpse of these breathtaking images, showcasing one of the most remote areas on the planet: Antarctica. California-based photographer Ira Meyer first sailed to the Earth's southernmost continent more than 25 years ago and it's a love affair that has continued ever since. Talking to MailOnline Travel, the intrepid cameraman said that there are so many incredible sights he's witnessed on his voyages to the Great White, from wild seas and avalanches to sublime sunsets and moonrises. Left, a giant ice arch, top right, two penguins hold flippers on a snowy platform, bottom right, two humpback whales lunge-feeding. 

Qatar Airways launches first-ever DOUBLE BED in business

The Q-Suite allows passengers to recline two middle seats into a fully flat bed and features partition panels to create a private bedroom (left). The new seating arrangement can also be configured into a closed-off pod for a family of four to dine and socialise together (right).

An infographic by a London-based company compares bucket list activities to the typical everyday outgoings of the average Brit to reveal how far spending money would go around the globe.

Drop box, designed by a Spanish company, is a portable hotel suite that can be installed in natural locations offering a cosy, micro bolthole away from the elements wherever you choose to pitch up.

First-ever racing track on a cruise ship is unveiled

One of the world's biggest cruise liners - boasting 20 decks, 20 restaurants, waterslides and a car racing track - has set sail with its impressive dispatch caught on camera. The Norwegian Joy, which cost a staggering £600 million to build over a three-year period, is the first purpose-built ship for the Chinese market with its home ports being in Shanghai and Beijing. Drone footage shows the incredible size of the ship, with its two-tier driving racetrack seen for the first time. Its makers, Norwegian Cruise Line, claims that motor course is the first ever of its kind at sea. Pictured: Left, the ship's swimming pool and flumes, inset centre, the 20-deck exterior, right, the top deck racing track.

Airbus's Pop.Up aims to put an to end traffic jams. The concept is a capsule that riders order via an app, which functions as a car or is carried by VOTL vehicle when roads are too congested.

The Globecruiser Family 7500, built by Austrian company Action Mobil, measures 10 metres in length and was built to last for days in the wilderness without stopping off for fuel or water.

The world's strangest dishes and where to try them

Time Out food experts have revealed where on the planet brave travellers can find some of the strangest - but delicious - dishes to try. Unusual delicacies include a hot dog made with rabbit and rattlesnake in LA (top left), a sundae made from blood sausage stuffed with noodles in Seoul (bottom left), locusts and mealworms in Paris (top right) and a cake resembling a rain drop in New York (bottom right).

Helsinki Airport in Finland scored first place in the annual rating followed by Glasgow Airport in the UK and Zurich Airport in Switzerland. All three hubs were praised for their security and shops.

A theme park in Japan has created spherical capsules with a bedroom and bathroom for guests to stay in overnight while they float to a desert island, which is home to various attractions.

Vintage winter sports posters up for auction

Almost 100 nostalgic travel posters dating back to the early 20th century from winter sports destinations including Norway and Switzerland are up for auction. From a group of men playing ice hockey in Chamonix (right) to a skier soaring through the air in St Moritz (left) - these vintage posters bring to life the glamour and fashions of the slopes in the past. MailOnline Travel has rounded up a selection of the colourful illustrations with highlights of the collection expected to fetch up to $18,000 each.

In 1940 the British War Cabinet set up Auxiliary Units to live in bases underground and serve as an anti-invasion force if Germans landed in Britain. Hundreds of these disused bases still exist today.

From driving a black car in Turkmenistan to vacuuming in Melbourne, people have shared on a US-based forum the unlikely things that have been banned in countries around the world.

Malta's landmark 164ft-high Azure Window finally crumbles

Malta's famed Azure Window has crumbled into the sea after being pummelled by stormy weather. Geologists had long warned that the arched cliff structure, on the north-western coast of the small island of Gozo, was eroding fast and visitors had been banned from walking on top of it (left). The icon was a top visitor attraction and even appeared in the first season of Game of Thrones (inset) but collapsed dramatically on Wednesday morning (right).

The ski resort that even LOOKS like a mountain!

A stunning ski resort has taken its accommodation to new heights by creating a towering hotel out of re-purposed shipping containers (inset). The Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort has been built 7,200ft above sea level and is described as 'the first boutique hotel' in the Caucasus mountains of Georgia (main). All rooms have panoramic views in the mountain-inspired pyramid design with some boasting terraces (top right) and the dining room has floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the snowy scenery (bottom right).

The Ruffit Dog Carrier, created by an American pet owner, claims to be the first and only forward facing dog carrier backpack and enables owners to tote their pooch in comfort.

Poignant shots reveal a dying way of life in rural Asia

California-based photographer Oliver Klink, set out 16 years ago to document the dying and forgotten traditions of Asia. He visited countries including Mongolia, China, Bhutan, Myanmar and India. Pictured: Fishermen trawl a river using traditional methods in Myanmar (main); farmers walk in the sunlight with oxen (bottom left); and two young Buddhist monks pray at a shrine in a Myanmar temple (bottom right).

The SpiceJet aircraft - which has a brand tagline of 'Red, Hot, Spicy' - was flying from Bangalore to Delhi in India when the foul odour began to spread, a few minutes into the flight.

In the first case of its kind ever in Europe, the four-year-old rhino was found dead in Thoiry, west of the French capital. Police believe killers forced open a door at the back of the zoo.

The most incredible caves in the world

The world, it seems, is not short of magnificent caves to be explored, though some are significantly more accessible than others. The stunning Algarve caves in Portugal (left) are a popular destination for tourists, who can also spot dolphins in the waters nearby; the ice caves of Siberia's Lake Baikal (top right) however are dangerous to reach but worth it for avid photographers; and Marble Cathedral (bottom right), an intricate system of water-filled caverns set in the General Carrera lake in Chile's Patagonia, is only accessible via a 200-mile dirt road drive.

Low-cost Russian carrier, Pobeda Airlines, has announced plans to teach its ground staff martial arts sambo and judo following a number of violent attacks on team members.

Frustrated citizens and seasoned travellers alike have taken to a US-based online forum to share the strange - and sometimes humorous - stereotypes some believe about foreign countries.

Mischievous pranks from around the world revealed

Some of the pranks showcased here are innocent enough, while others have a higher potential for damage. Pictured, clockwise from top left, a man who plastered his friend's car with more than 3,500 Post-it notes; American comedian Kurt Braunohler raised over £5,000 ($6,500) to have a pilot write this phrase in the sky using a plane, in order to 'give strangers an unexpected gift of absurdity'; a man passed out long enough for his comrades to make an artful bottle creation; a vehicle packed to the brim with snow; the sinister message a man painted on the floorboards for 'whoever next re-did the carpet'; and a set of fountains turned to froth thanks to the sneaky addition of some dish soap.

The trains, which would be 'the world's fastest underground train system', will use magnets to levitate above the tracks, reducing friction. The line could extend to Leeds and Hull in future.

Inside the $59m largest sailing yacht in the world

The largest sailing yacht in the world for sale has gone on the market for an eye-watering $59million (£48.3million). Sprawling across three levels, Athena, a 295ft-long three-masted schooner is decked out in mahogany and harks back to the golden age of sailing. The vessel sleeps 10 in five cabins including a master suite with its own study, a walk-in wardrobe and luxury Jacuzzi (inset left). Guests aboard the vessel can unwind in its gym, outdoor sun lounge(top right) and spacious living room (bottom right).  Behind the extravagant finish its Panamax masts are rigged with 2,500 square metres of sail power controlled by touch button technology (main).

Wow air pilots send selfies to passengers mid-flight

Penelope Louise (right), a 21-year-old British student and Nicole Villagran (far right), a radio producer from San Francisco, were on a Wow air flight from San Francisco to Keflavik, Iceland, so decided to share a selfie using their iPhone's AirDrop function - which transmits images to other compatible devices using Bluetooth - to see who might respond. The pair were amazed when the plane's two pilots fired back their own selfie captioned 'Always fun at the front' (left) and say they spent 'the rest of the flight AirDropping photos back and forth'. After the story was shared to Ms Louise's Facebook page, some commenters raised their safety concerns (inset).

Burj Al Arab in Dubai most powerful hotel on social media

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai boasts more than 500,000 Instagram followers - more than any other hotel in the world - and hosts a 8,395-sq-ft Royal Suite equipped with a rotating bed (top left); a lavish spa (top right); a restaurant which wraps round a huge aquarium (bottom right); gold leaf-trimmed interiors (bottom left); and a fleet of chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces dedicated to its wealthy guests (inset).

Members of the Filipino Bagobo tribe in Mindanao used to file their teeth down in a rite of passage at puberty, while women of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia stretch their bottom lips with plates to attract men.

The president will sign the new executive order at the Department of Homeland Security as early as Monday but it is not yet clear what changes Trump plans to make to the revised travel ban.

Brewdog hotel to open in Ohio featuring ale tap in bedroom

Scottish craft beer company Brewdog, is opening a booze-themed hotel in Columbus, Ohio, to provide beer geeks with an 'immersive experience' including rooms overlooking their new brewery. The hotel, named The DogHouse, will include a craft beer spa, complete with hop face masks, malted barley massages, ‘Hoppy Feet’ pedicures, plus hop-infused shampoo and shower gels while Punk IPA will be on tap in the bedrooms. There will also be deluxe beer-infused breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with beers matched to every course.

A survey reveals ten per cent of passengers have been required to stow hand luggage - often the case when cheap airlines run out of overhead space.

The Ritz-Carlton in Tenerife is offering B&B; from about £190 per room per night, while Eurostar is launching a new and simpler passholder fare for Interrail travellers.

The best in-flight first and business class amenity kits

For lucky passengers who turn left on the plane a world of luxury awaits. Not only is seating spacious and dining impeccable but in business and first class cabins, fliers are treated to a selection of lavish gifts when they board. Highlights include a vibrant wash bag from Air France (top right); Bulgari beauty products and moisturising lounge wear with Emirates (main); and leather bags provided by Qatar Airways (bottom right).

The Mail on Sunday's Minty Clinch headed to the Royal Park I Roveri golf club, located near Italy's Turin, which is no longer members-only and now invites tourists.

Sian Lloyd explored the grand 45,000-acre Elan Valley Estate in Mid Wales, the first privately owned land to be officially protected from light pollution - perfect for a spot of star-gazing.

Images show giraffe being fed from a top floor window

Amazing images shows a tall - and greedy - giraffe being fed by a grinning female visitor as she leans out of the window at Giraffe Manor in Kenya (left). The small hotel, modelled on a Scottish hunting lodge, is home to a number of endangered giraffes. The giant creatures are allowed to wander around the property and can be fed by guests (bottom right) and even curiously peer into the house from outside (top right).

The Mail on Sunday's Helen Atkinson Wood recommends the Dordogne valley, a French region which boasts a rich cultural history and glorious views.

The Daily Mail's Mark Palmer relished in the luxury of Tuscany's Castello di Casole, a converted castle within striking distance of Siena, San Gimignano and Florence.

What lies beneath: Awe-inspiring footage captures a humpback whale nearly COLLIDE with a paddle boarder 

Awe-inspiring footage has emerged which captures a pod of whales weaving through the ocean right underneath someone on a paddle board in Hawaii off the coast of Maui. The aerial video shows the lone human absolutely dwarfed by the group of four North Pacific humpback whales - one of which appears to nearly collide with the board before hovering under it then switching course.

The Inspector checked in to investigate The Athenaeum Hotel on Piccadilly in London following its multi-million-pound refurb, and was disappointed with its food, service and decor.

The Daily Mail's Jo Kessel enjoyed an action-packed getaway in the French Ardeche, where from their base at the Ch’ti Franoi camp, her family kayaked the Ardeche River.

Philippa Gregory tours Peru's Machu Picchu

Author Philippa Gregory, pictured (inset) with a friend, toured Peru's astonishing Machu Picchu (right) to explore its ancient history, before flying to Iquitos for a six-night Amazon adventure aboard a riverboat (left). Aside from a few somewhat alarming piranhas, she also spotted otters, parrots and pink dolphins.

Photographer Reginald Van de Velde, from Belgium, explored four of Japan's forgotten amusement parks capturing the hauntingly dilapidated structures on camera.

With little room to play with and blasts of air conditioning firing from all angles, it can often prove tricky to nap comfortably on a plane. But next time you're flying over the Atlantic, try these tips.

The Mail on Sunday's Wendy Gomersall soaked up the sun in the Bahamas, where her base was the luxurious newly-renovated One&Only; Ocean Club in Nassau.

Project Bus Stop in Singapore is designed to 'make waiting fun' and provides free WiFi, phone charging points, a journey planner, a green roof, book downloads, bicycle parking and even a swing.

Hair-raising snaps capture travel scenarios gone wrong

MailOnline Travel has rounded up a collection of dismal scenarios which will leave you feeling relieved to be safe at home. Pictured, clockwise from top left, a loo basin colonised by frogs following a flood; a truck teetering precariously over the edge of a road in Bolivia; a horrifically huge spider spotted in Australia; a group of campers having had their holiday ruined by torrential rain; an elephant straddling a car in South Africa's Pilanesburg National Park; and a chap unfortunate enough to have emerged from a nice swim in the ocean with a slimy octopus clinging to his back - but looking remarkably calm about it.

The Grand Velas Las Cabos resort in Mexico is serving up the expensive treat, stuffed with pricey Kobe beef, caviar, lobster and gold leaf.

From overcrowding and high prices to disappointments in size, travellers have taken to a US-based online forum to share what they believe are Europe's most overrated attractions.

Norwegian explorer Tormod Granheim filmed himself ascending a vertical rock face of Schreckhorn mountain in Switzerland - and the result is both exhilarating and terrifying.

The most ridiculous airport luggage claim sightings

Riding on baggage carousels at airports is strictly forbidden. But for some, the lure of the moving rubber slats is too much and they can't resist a swift rotation - whether its to take a nap or to perform a stunt. These candid photos reveal a host of travellers who clearly don't want their holidays to end. From top left clockwise: A woman rides inside a transparent suitcase; a couple perform some acrobatic moves; one man takes a nap during a storm; a woman lays face down; sushi bag covers turn heads; and a seal makes its way on the carousel.

Looksee Wellington is a New Zealand government initiative which aims to bring in new IT talent by offering to fly in 100 potential candidates and pay for their week-long trip while they're interviewed.

Research by a UK-based travel agency showed that couples who choose Mexico as their first couples' holiday destination are most likely to split up, but Tenerife is top for happy couples.

Close encounter! Jaw-dropping footage shows a passenger jet flying perilously low over beachgoers' heads

Dramatic footage has captured the moment an American Airlines plane flew incredibly close to holidaymakers heads on its approach to Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of St Maarten. Dubbed one of the 'scariest' runways in the world, aircraft are forced to land close to the beach in order to touch down near the start of the short Runway 10, which is just 7,500ft in length - less than half the length of those found at many international airports.

Barcelona-based designer Martin Azua has made a pocket-sized, fold-up tent, that quickly inflates once it's unfolded and starts filling with air.

Terry Constant, 36, and his wife Jennifer, 32, from Bristol sold their three-bedroom semi detached home and bought a £14,000 motorhome. They then started an adventure on the road in Spain.

Bolivia's colourful El Alto that looks like a video game

Splashed in bright colours, sporting flamboyant ballrooms and lavish apartments, new mansions are popping up in poor neighborhoods in the Bolivian highlands, built by the booming nouveau riche of the indigenous Aymara and designed by architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre. Built in a new architectural style that has been dubbed 'neo-Andean baroque,' they cost up to $1million.

Some of the unintentionally rude, comical or unfortunate code names, given to airports across the world including OMG in Namibia and FUN in Tuvalu are revealed in an infographic.

Unlike several decades ago modern aircraft looks almost entirely the same with two engines, a straight-tube fuselage, and a conventional tail. But what are the designs that have fallen out of favour?

Lonely Planet Traveller reveals the world's top trips

From encountering penguins in the Antarctic, to spotting tigers in India, from discovering the temples of Angkor, to exploring the Rockies by train, the experts at Lonely Planet Traveller have revealed the world's best 100 travel experiences in their latest issue. MailOnline Travel reveals 10 of the highlights including trekking through Patagonia (top left); having a cup of tea at its Malaysian source (top right); taking a balloon ride over Bagan (bottom left); stepping on to an Alpine glacier (bottom right); and taking the Hogwart's Express as featured in the Harry Potter films (inset).

From the 'bad customer service' in shops to the dreary weather in the summer, Americans have taken to a US-based online forum to reveal what they like least about the British way of life.

The astounding hack means you can fly from the US to Australia in first class with Qantas for only $1,473 (£1,185) by booking through Alaska Airlines, saving a massive $8,500 (£6,800).

Smitten seal hugs a toy version of itself

An infatuated seal has been snapped hugging a toy version of itself in an adorable selection of photos after zoo staff at Mombetsu Land, Japan, gifted him the fluffy animal. Delightful images show the mammal, believed to be called Hiyori, clutching the inanimate look-alike to his chest with an expression of happiness on his face as he poses for the camera and rolls on his back.

One image sees a tourist giving up his own shoes for a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro, while another captures an Indian villager rescuing a litter of kittens from a flood in Cuttack City.

Tourists can enjoy luxury for less staying at a bohemian B&B; in Puerto Rico, a trendy Berlin dwelling or a former plantation in Cambodia, in a new selection of hotels by Conde Nast Traveller.

Travellers from Japan, Brazil, Australia and the Eurozone visiting the UK are set to benefit from hotel room rates that are significantly cheaper this year compared to 2016, according to TripAdvisor.

Australian airline Qantas has unveiled premium economy seats, which will launch in October on its Dreamliner fleet and boast a reclining pitch of 38 inches compares to 32 in economy.

Airplane pilot captures lightning strike over the Amazon

Aeroplane pilot Santiago Borja Lopez captured the moment a bolt of lightning illuminated the night sky over the Amazon rainforest (main). He was flying on a commercial Boeing 767 en route to Europe when the lightning storm struck. In other mesmerising images from the photographer he has captured a storm swirling over Panama city (bottom left and right).

A handy infographic from a UK-based travel company has clarified the reasons behind baffling airline rules and revealed 17 fascinating facts about flying.

Cabin crew have taken to a US-based online forum to discuss what they notice about passengers when they first set eyes upon them, from whether they look ill to if they seem like an anxious flier.

Tamas Toth captures Croatia’s frozen Plitvice Lakes

When winter in Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park, pictured, drags the temperatures low enough, the rugged landscape transforms into scenes worthy of a fairytale. Captured here in vivid detail by Budapest-based photographer Tamas Toth, the 16 lakes and waterfalls owe their electric blue hue to the Karst process, which involves the dissolution of soluble rocks including limestone, dolomite and gypsum over millions of years.

Heart-stopping footage shows Brian Degenhardt from San Diego, US, making his way up the stone steps jutting out of the near-vertical mountainside of Huayna Picchu, Peru.

Kristina Makeeva, 29, is a photographer from Moscow, Russia, who is known for her fantasy-like images. The artist ventured to rooftops and took rides in the balloons to get the perfect shots.

US-based travel site, The Points Guy assessed criteria such as bag fees, route networks and customer satisfaction to reveal the top 10 airlines in the United States.

Pakistan International Airlines was considered a global leader until the 1970s but plagued by controversies over recent years and saddled with billions of dollars of debt

Pakistan International Airlines is accused of booking seven extra passengers onto a flight from Pakistan's Karachi to Saudi Arabia last month, but denies they were made to stand.

Hilarious animal tourist encounters

In an ode to wild creatures striking back at their spectators, MailOnline Travel has rounded up some of the most amusing and perturbing encounters ever captured between man and beast. Pictured, clockwise from top left, a man in Africa's Serengeti who is as-of-yet unaware of the cheetah sizing up his skull; a chap who is highly alarmed by the force of an incoming bird; a seal who looks set to chomp on a swimmer's snorkel; an elephant getting overly friendly with a woman; a cow biting down on what can be best described as a human hand-burger; and a furious swan chasing down a spectator.

Jeroen Bosman, 33, and Hedwig Wiebes, 31, sold their Amsterdam apartment and everything they owned to a purchase a 32-year-old Volkswagen van – designed for chasing adventures.

From a luxury hideaway in the Philippines to a nature reserve in New Zealand, tourism company Kuoni has surveyed 303 experts and 2,000 travellers to reveal the world’s best secret beaches.

Anze Osterman captures life on Marble Island in Alaska

Zach - a 29-year-old man born and raised in Japan - ventured to Marble Island in the far southern wilderness of Alaska six years ago in search of a simpler life. Zach, pictured (main) on a rock in the region and (bottom right) working on his cabin, sometimes goes six months without seeing a single human outside the family of oyster farmers he lives with. Pictured (bottom left) one the orcas that circle the island.

TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards, the annual list of the world's, Europe's and the UK’s best beaches, voted for by holidaymakers, has been revealed with a Brazilian bay taking the top spot.

From Oman’s rugged beaches to Dubai’s highways swallowed by sand, a talented landscape photographer has captured the vibrant and contrasting terrains of the region.

Purpose-built crossings to help animals pass roads safely 

Here, MailOnline reveals some of the world's most inventive wildlife crossings. Pictured clockwise from top left: an eco-duct for local roaming animals in Singapore; a bridge for crabs on Christmas Island; a tunnel for elephants in Kenya, a penguin underpass in New Zealand and (inset) a rope ladder for squirrel gliders in Victoria, Australia, seen with two cockatoos perched on it.


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