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Irresponsible budget cuts that slash basic funding for education, roads, and safety, put our state at risk and hurt families. It’s up to us to protect West Virginia by holding lawmakers accountable and demanding real budget solutions that preserve our heritage, safeguard our communities, and secure the future of our state. 

Protect WV is a coalition of citizens and organizations working to protect West Virginia from harmful budget cuts that put our state at risk. We are a grassroots education and advocacy group connecting West Virginia values to state budget priorities.

For 15 years the Promise Scholarship has helped thousands
of our best students make the dream of college a reality.

This year that could all change.

How Can You Help?

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A few small actions like a social media post or a message to a legislator can make a difference.

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We are already seeing the damage of harmful cuts made to the state budget, and this year the crisis is only getting worse.

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We’ve made it easy to advocate against harmful budget cuts.
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Our Stories

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Read these stories of families who are hurting because of harmful cuts to vital public services like roads, education and senior services.

22 Nov

Our roads are a risk we can’t afford to take.

Protect Infrastructure Everyday we travel the roads in West Virginia with our most precious cargo...
22 Nov

We are proud of our arts and culture.

Protect our Heritage In West Virginia, we are proud of our cultural heritage. We are renowned for...
12 Nov

Health departments keep our families safe.

Protect Public Health Local health departments keep our families safe, without their services our...
18 Oct

All kids need a path to a brighter future.

Protect Higher Education In West Virginia, we value opportunities for our kids. Access to higher...