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William skis as rest of the royal family attend service

Prince William skipped a major Commonwealth ceremony with the Queen to party with friends on a Swiss ski holiday (pictured top and bottom right). Hours before senior royals attended a service at Westminster Abbey to mark Commonwealth Day (shown inset), an occasion with deep personal resonance for the monarch, the prince was dancing in a Verbier nightclub. William, who will one day follow his grandmother as head of the 52-strong 'family of nations', earlier in the day drank glasses of beer (pictured main) on the slopes of the upmarket resort with friends including high-spirited nightclub boss Guy Pelly. It is believed that he left his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their young children at home for the weekend jaunt, returning to England late yesterday afternoon. His decision to miss such a key event in the royal calendar will inevitably revive criticism that the 34-year-old prince, now a father of two, is 'workshy' and failing to knuckle down to his royal role.

April Jones' mum told no lifelong sex offenders register

Any attempts to see all sex offenders listed on the register for life would be a breach of their human rights, the family of murdered five-year-old girl April Jones were told. The mother of the April, who was snatched outside her home by a sex predator just hours after he had been looking at child abuse images, is fighting to change the law so that criminals are never taken off the sex offenders' register even after they have completed their sentence.

MEPs have racked up massive expenses bills in hotels and restaurants. Documents show that in one year, they submitted receipts for £10.4million on business class tickets.

Customers have hit out at British Airways after the airline ran out of food and didn't stock enough loo roll during a flight. BA also scrapped food on short-haul trips recently, fuelling discontent.

The supermarket giant's 2p reduction represents the first price cut on Britain's forecourts since November and equates to £1.10 saving on a typical family car.

Fitness trackers, smartphones and voice-activated gadgets hold information that can be used by hackers to hold people to ransom, according to a new report.


A November 5 diary item about a picture of Jude Law and Natalie Pinkham in an embrace on stage at a gala dinner said that Jude Law 'couldn't resist a clinch' with Ms Pinkham and was 'up to his old tricks'.

Albanian ex-commando Vital Dapi slaughtered OAPs at home

In a case that exposed a litany of immigration blunders, violent criminal Vital Dapi, above left, lived a double life in the UK and Albania for 17 years before he killed grandparents Peter and Sylvia Stuart, bottom left. Dapi is pictured top right receiving his British citizenship in 2005. The former Albanian special forces commando targeted the couple in a 'callous' attack at their Suffolk cottage because he thought they were millionaires and he needed cash to cover massive gambling debts. Detectives admitted they knew 'precious little' about him when he went on the run last year after Mr Stuart, 75, was discovered dumped in a ditch with nine 'extreme' stab wounds. The body of retired insurance clerk Mrs Stuart, 69, has never been found. Dapi was arrested in Luxembourg and admitted his true identity, but British officials did not believe him and he was put on trial under his false name, Ali Qazimaj - which he had stolen from an innocent man in Kosovo who is pictured bottom right with his wife Ardiana.

Father-of-three Kenneth Hugill, 83, was forced to fund his own £30,000 defence after he shot Richard Stables, 44, in the foot outside his isolated farmhouse at Wilberfoss, near York.

Fawaz said he will always love the singer but added the 'sad story' has come to an end and he wants to move on, posting his message with a photo of him with his head blurred in motion (shown).

Bodybuilder Diana Andrews, from London, shared an image of a woman on a treadmill with the caption 'love handles', while a further post joked she would be 'ordering burgers for delivery'.

Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox has warned Transport for London 'there is a risk that future deaths will occur' if it does not take action over the 'low grip' surfaces.

SSE, Britain's second largest energy firm has announced a 14.9% rise in electricity tariffs - an increase that will cost consumers £70 annually. Firms claim government subsidies are to blame.

Half of employers do not think that graduates have the workplace skills they need when they're first hired, according to a new report - and it suggests university leavers are lacking essential qualities.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to tie doctors to the NHS longer-term. Announcing the plan, he stressed that it costs the taxpayer £230,000 to train each doctor in England.

MPs voted by 172 to 142 to decriminalise terminations in England and Wales. Labour MP Diana Johnson's Private Member's Bill will be debated further on March 24.

Sturgeon wants to rush through another vote before Brexit

In a bold move commensurate with someone far taller, the Ginger Dwarf from the North has declared there will be a second once-in-a-lifetime referendum. Not only that, but this second once-in-a-lifetime referendum even has a date: between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, once the Scots have had a chance to see exactly what the post-Brexit apocalypse looks like. By then, according to the prophesying powers of our wise son-of-a-bus-driver mayor, Sadiq Khan from Londonistan, we will surely all be languishing in a bloodied, repentant mess on the rocks, having leapt in our ignorance over the edge of the cliff of doom.If you wondered how or why the little GDFTN is managing to move her little ginger legs so fast, it is because of one huge thing which is entirely disproportionate to her polly-pocket stature: her ego. Nicola Sturgeon knows this is her last chance. Her last desperate bid for any kind of relevance in a political landscape where things are changing fast and her voice is not being heard.

The Foreign Secretary insisted a new Royal Yacht Britannia would 'add greatly' to the UK's 'soft power'. It was the first time the plan has been openly backed by a minister in the House of Commons.

QUENTIN LETTS says Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, stepped in front of a gilt-framed mirror at her official residence and tossed a caber into the works.

The outfits that take a toll on your health

Doctors have warned that current fashions are changing the way women walk - and having a detrimental impact on their health. Skinny jeans, oversized bags (left), hooded jackets (bottom, centre), oversized necklaces (top, centre) and asymmetric hemlines (right) can all put pressure on various body parts, causing strain and injury. Taken on their own, the British Chiropractic Association says none of the above will cause pain or pulled muscles. But together and over time their effect can build up to cause significant problems.

Three samples of salmon from the Scottish Salmon Company in Loch Roag, off the Isle of Lewis, had high levels of emamectin benzoate, a chemical used to treat sea lice.

Rates of the superbug e-coli (pictured) have risen by seven per cent over the last year, with some hospitals reporting a near doubling of infections. Experts say the bacteria is becoming more resistant.

Government legal advisers called for sweeping new rules to protect dementia sufferers, or others who need to be confined to a home for their own good, from mistreatment or illegal detention.

In a study likely to be met with skepticism by bleary-eyed parents, health experts are claiming that parenthood may be the secret to long life - because children go on to provide vital support.

Youngsters who look at screens for more than three hours a day are fatter and have greater insulin resistance, a study by St George's, University of London, has found.

A team from a Norwegian university found encouraging sufferers to stop thinking over the same problems can lead to significant improvements in their mental health.

The veteran left-winger gave more details of his plans in a bid to clear up confusion over an apparent £33billion hole in Labour's spending commitments.

Downing Street has launched an investigation after potentially compromising details of the Prime Minister's schedule were found by a passenger.

The SNP politician, 22, pictured, who last week appeared to accuse a Tory minister of talking 'sh**e' in the Commons, was just 20 when she won Paisley and Renfrewshire South in 2015.

Binmen searched 150 tons of rubbish to find girl's iPad

When little Riley Kerr admitted to his mother that he had thrown away younger sister Zoey's iPad, it was left to warm-hearted binmen in East Lothian to sift through 150 tons of rubbish to find it. Down in the dumps Zoey Kerr, was left devastated when her younger brother confessed he had thrown away the device she had been given for Christmas. Her mother Gillian contacted the council to report the loss but feared the family would never see the iPad again.

A patient seeking a scale and polish from his dentist was told he is too heavy for the chair - despite losing 10 stone. Andy Chaplain, of Birmingham, hired a personal trainer and dropped to 24 stone.

Victim Terry Robinson, from South Shields, was horrified when he received a letter from the probation service explaining that paranoid schizophrenic Dean Marshall has been granted 'escorted leave.

RAF veteran Douglas Lamond, 86, received weekly medicine boxes from Boots, which were assembled in branch and contained pills in separate plastic compartments to take on different days.

Elderly tabbies Benny and Barney were driven down the country by Twitter users during nine hours from Keighley, West Yorkshire, to their final destination in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Usman Hussain, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his meter. The staggering sum would be more suited to a large hotel and not his three-bedroom house.

A Syrian family will be housed in a six-bedroom property in Sevenoaks, Kent, worth at least £500,000 after the district council was unable to find a permanent local family to give it to.

Isabel Gentry died of meningitis after being sent home

Isabel Gentry, 16, was released by medics at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Her frantic mother had shown hospital staff a letter they were sent from her college warning about meningitis but were told it was 'just a virus', an inquest heard. Izzy had been studying for her AS exams when she began complaining of a bad headache, vomiting and fainting. She died in the intensive care unit on May 20, 2016, after an MRI scan showed irrecoverable brain swelling had caused brain stem death.

Chris McQuire, 52, who is almost paralysed down his right side following a stroke 15 years ago, is refusing to pay a fine for parking across two bays in a car park in Cheadle, Staffordshire.

Video footage captured the moment a white VW Caddy van and a grey BMW crashed on the A9 near Alness in Easter Ross, Scotland. The 85-year-old BMW driver later died in hospital.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Suzy Meredith, 34, said she was left bleeding in a street in Swansea after a 'pit bull-like' dog savagely attacked her while she was stroking it.

Businessman killed his friend when he crashed his dinghy

Millionaire Aaron Brown (top right, arriving at court today), 34, was piloting his rigid inflatable boat (left) at 'dangerous speeds' of 30mph when he lost control and ploughed into his 62ft cruiser. Ryan McKinlay (bottom right) - whom Brown had known for 20 years - was sitting in the passenger seat and sustained fatal injuries. Shockingly, the incident was filmed by Mr McKinlay's wife Fran, who was recording on her mobile phone from the yacht (top left). The distressing footage shows the small Rib - which was skimming over the water's surface - crashing into the swimming pool platform of the boat and the two men (pictured together inset right moments before the tragedy) being thrown into the air. Another clip shown in court (left) revealed the moment skipper Paul Carey drove the vessel before handing the controls to Brown. Mr McKinlay, a father of one, was hit by the platform and was propelled into the water. He died from his injuries in hospital.

More than 30 youths were filmed sprinting towards each other while armed with metal poles and wooden bats as they fought on a residential street in Carcroft, Doncaster.

John Dickson allegedly pulled down a patient's jeans and knickers to expose her bottom while discussing 50 Shades of Grey during her treatment for whiplash at Synergy Healthcare, Newcastle.

Police have arrested a 54-year-old man on suspicion of murder after a pensioner fell 12 floors from the 14-storey Marine Court in St Leonards-on-Sea, near Hastings, East Sussex.

John Rogerson crashed into Stephen Clarehugh's vehicle on the A1 at Shilbottle, Northumberland, in 2015, knocking it down an embankment 45 meters away from the impact.

Firefighters investigating a blaze at a property in Birmingham discovered a 'makeshift cannabis factory' inside after 'overloaded wiring' sparked an electrical blaze.

Brian Quail, 78, lay underneath an armoured personnel carrier as the vehicles passed beneath Stirling Castle on the way to the Royal Navy's base at Coulport on Loch Long.

Thomas Sleigh, 45, could be jailed for up to 10 years after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a steward on a Ryan Air flight from Murcia to Manchester by 'flicking him in the groin'.

John De'Viana, 55, allegedly physically and emotionally abused his daughters Monaei and Nephe De'Viana. Today he told Snaresbrook Crown Court his children were unhappy he left their mum.

Former West Yorkshire Police officer Gillian Crann, of Horsforth, Leeds, appeared to be 'mumbling' as her dog Gladys attacked the youngster and left him needing surgery.

Mark Manning beaten to death with wrench over debt

A bomb disposal expert was bludgeoned to death with a metre-long industrial wrench over a £17,000 debt. Mark Manning (right), 54, of west Sussex, was killed by Colin Gale (top left). Stewart Robertson (bottom left) was enlisted by Gale to dispose of the body in dense undergrowth - where he remained for more than two years before being found. Prosecutors said a row over a £17,000 debt owed to Mr Manning from the sale of two vehicles ended with his 6ft 8in friend Gale deciding to 'finish him off' at P&B; Car Sales garage in Western Road, Lancing, West Sussex.

Danny Tiplady watched the man in his 30s stumble several times while walking towards a blue Mazda in a busy car park in Maidstone, Kent.

Dr Rosemary Platt, 67, was allegedly subjected to five needless procedures by surgeon Ian Paterson at Spire Healthcare's Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

Conor O'Mahoney, 60, of Deal, Kent, sent 42-year-old socialite Jemima Goldsmith five messages a day on Twitter and told a court she was a 'silly woman who doth protest too much'.

Jack the Ripper final victim Mary Jane Kelly lost forever

Researchers from the University of Leicester planned to exhume a grave, pictured above right, in Leytonstone, east London, thought to contain the remains of Mary Jane Kelly, pictured above left, but concluded the project would take too long and cost too much. After visiting St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, where Ms Kelly is thought to have been buried, the scientists decided that searching for the murder victim's remains was simply impractical. In a new report entitled the The Mary Jane Kelly Project they pointed out that it was likely to involve excavating an area containing hundreds of graves, and each exhumation would legally require the consent of next of kin. Lead researcher geneticist Dr Turi King, pictured inset with a member of the research team, said: 'As information presently stands, a successful search for Kelly's remains would require a Herculean effort that would likely take years of research.'

The incident happened at Morecambe Bay and the emergency services were called by a family member. The teenager's ordeal lasted more than two hours on Saturday afternoon.

Billionaire developer Christian Candy (pictured) wants to build a seven-storey apartment block in west London, but residents fear the heavy lorry presence will lead to 'war zone'-style congestion.

Alexander Perepilichnyy (pictured), 44, died after collapsing while running near his home in Weybridge, Surrey, in November 2012.

Royal Marine Alexander Blackman, who shot an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, will find out the result of an appeal against his murder conviction on Wednesday.

The woman was walking in Penzance with her husband when she slipped from the path and plummeted onto the grassy verge below, injury her neck and leg.

Mr Candy, husband of popstar Holly Valance, is giving evidence at the Royal Courts of Justice in London during a £132million lawsuit brought by businessman Mark Holyoake.

Family visiting Broadchurch cliffs dice with death

The mother was sat on a raised rock right on the very edge of the drop at West Bay in Dorset and took out her mobile phone to take a photo of herself while the father used a selfie stick to do the same. There are numerous signs warning people not to stand or sit too close to the edge of the sandstone cliffs featured in the ITV drama, the third series of which continues tonight, because their fragile state leads to regular rock falls. But the couple appear to be unaware of the danger they put themselves and their two children in during the visit to the West Bay and its iconic sandy cliffs on the south coast which feature heavily in Broadchurch.

Mother-of-five Pauline Chai, 70, of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, and her ex-husband Khoo Kay Peng, 78, are fighting over tens of millions of pounds after their 42-year marriage broke down.

Dr Eve Speight, 54, of Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, got drunk on beer and wine in a village pub then fought with officers in the street, saying: 'I'm a f***ing GP, don't you know?'

This is the scene from overhead at at the five-acre Hovefields site in Wickford, Essex, only two miles from the original Dale Farm at Crays Hill that was cleared amid violent scenes in 2011.

The 22-tonne machine was being used to dredge excess silt from West Bay harbour in Dorset - made famous by the ITV series Broadchurch - at low tide when it got bogged down in the soft mud.

The former royal butler revealed earlier this month that he is planning to marry his partner Graham Cooper, just months after he announced his divorce from his wife, Maria.

The crash happened on the blue intermediate run in the resort of Deux-Alpes. First aiders tried to revive the the Italian man but he died within minutes. The Englishman, 33, suffered traumatic injuries.

Geert Wilders clashes with Dutch PM Rutte in TV debate

Right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders made the most of a fiery TV debate against Prime Minister Mark Rutte to sound off against Islam and the escalating tit-for-tat row in Turkey. Two days before Wednesday's crucial general election, The Netherlands is mired in a war of words with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which has provided fodder for Wilders and his uncompromising anti-immigration stance. 'You are being taken hostage by Erdogan. Close the Dutch borders,' Wilders told Rutte, as tempers flared in the 30-minute head-to-head televised debate. 'That's a totally fake solution,' Rutte shot back, 'you want Nexit, you want The Netherlands out of Europe. You know what it will cost ... don't do it.'

Youngsters put on their favourite fancy dress and grown ups enjoyed a drink or two - and some even more than that - as Orthodox Jews across Jerusalem enjoyed the annual religious event.

A Ukrainian judge who is the spitting image of a Disney villain has become the butt of numerous jokes on the Internet after an image of her in frightening make-up went viral.

SPD youth leader Matthias Zeller, 21 called Martin Schulz a 'geile Sau' on TV. Mr Schulz left the European Parliament in January to run against Merkel. He called Mr Zeller to thank him.

The 67-year-old Venezuelan, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sánchez, smiled and blew kisses as he stood in the dock in Paris, where he has spent the last 23 years in a high security prison.

Michel Temer and former beauty queen Marcela have left the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia and moved to Jaburu Palace, a mile away. Marcela reportedly brought in a priest to expel bad spirits.

The 816ft Izumo helicopter carrier will make stops in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka before joining a naval exercise with Indian and US naval vessels in the Indian Ocean in July.



The rhetoric of Scottish nationalism is one of the most dreary, repetitive and grindingly predictable sounds in British politics, writes LEO MCKINSTRY.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Yesterday should have been an historic day for our country, as MPs voted for the Brexit Bill but then Nicola Sturgeon had to go and ruin it.