Prepare This List

Rabbi Yehoshua Krohn  

Board Certified Mohel

(Ritual Circumciser)




​Please prepare the following items and have them all together before the designated BRIS time.

1. A table at least the size of a bridge table (for instruments only).

A kitchen or dining room table will also serve this purpose.

2. Two regular sized bed pillows, freshly covered with regular cotton pillow covers (do not have to be fancy or white ).

 3. Small garbage can with plastic bag liner, placed underneath table.
​ ​ 4. Six cloth diapers, any type, or hand towels.
5. Three disposable diapers.
​6. Large package baby wipes.

 7. A small bottle of kosher sweet wine (babies do not generally go for the fancier wines). A Kiddush Cup (optional).

8. Five plastic disposable cups, seven ounces or larger.

9. Three dozen sterile 3x3 absorbent gauze pads (Not plastic-coated gauze).

​10. Three ounces Bacitracin (tube may also say Bacitracin Zinc) ointment,
(not triple or double ointment combinations if possible).

11.One thin receiving blanket and one bottle of formula, if you are not nursing.

12. One tallis (prayer shawl) and yarmulkes (kipot) if available.

13. For Twins: only double the cloth and disposable diapers, gauze, ointment, cups and blanket.

The baby’s comfort is directly connected with his feeding prior to the Bris.
The goal is that there should be no feeding about an hour before the set Bris time.Therefore, please awaken the baby and feed him about an hour and a half
before the scheduled Bris time so that his feeding is completed by about one hour before this scheduled time. 
Please advise of allergies to latex, iodine or wine.