Debt Stacking

The Debt Killer

The Banks Hate It


It starts slow and then gets faster and faster

The more debts you have the more it saves you

Pay no more than your current minimums


Instructions on how to

Do it Yourself


Once you begin -


Once you are done - Start Investing



When I worked in the industry I saw just how badly customers were getting ripped off so I quit and wrote a Debt Stacking program to help them save their money.

For most people:

Debt Stacking saves years of payments and more than half the interest costs.

The amazing thing is you pay no more than your current minimum payments.

The banks hate it because they loose tons of profit.

It also reduces your effective interest rate to about half.

To get instructions on doing Debt Stacking yourself go to this link:  Instructions.html or to download them Instructions.doc 

To see an example of Debt Stacking click here: Example

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