Friday, August 23, 2013

Colors and Shapes in Nature, KDG

Alma Thomas was our artist of inspiration for our very first project with the new group of kindergarten artists at Dolvin. We looked at examples of her simple and beautiful paintings of falling leaves, radiating suns, and curvy rainbows.  Did you know she was born right here in Georgia? Studying artists from our home state is one of our objectives, and when I discovered this fact about her I was very excited to add her to our artist list.  The students really enjoyed the watercolor paint over crayon resist technique, and, of course, watching the water change color every time we rinsed our brushes.


  1. I really like these, Hope! I especially love all the interpretations from your students based on her work. I will be using Alma Thomas as an inspiration for a lesson this year too thanks to this post! Pinning!

  2. I love this idea! I teach in Texas, but I am thinking this will be my first lesson for kinder and 1st this year!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!


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