Cooking with wheat berries from the prepper's pantry

Above is a recipe for sprouted wheat berry salad published by viewer-
supported KCET public broadcasting. (Photo by Emily Han.)

Sprouted wheat berries are raw and help prove that you really
be a prepper in the raw vegan lifestyle.

Grinding wheat berries.
The most popular use of wheat berries is in grinding it into
flour. Most preppers own a grain mill or two (one electric and
one hand grinder). You can make flour without a grain mill.

You already know that hard wheat is whole grain goodness and
nutrition. When ground, this light-colored flour still retains its
nutritional composition, which makes for satisfying bread
making. You can transform this flour also into dough for pizza
and tortillas or for making pie crusts or specialty noodles.

For using hard wheat as flour, youll need a grain mill. Grain
mills are handy not only for the primary purpose of grinding hard
red or white wheat berries, but for grinding dent corn into
cornmeal, and other grains as well. Use a grain mill for grinding
coffee, cheese, vegetables, nuts, coconut, and spice! A grain
mill is an expense worth considering, but you dont need a grain
mill to enjoy wheat berries!  

#3: Boiling wheat berries.
While you can grind wheat berries to eat them, the most under
appreciated use of wheat berries is as a boiled grain. Wheat
berries add a nutty flavor and nutrition to a variety of dishes
from breakfast cereals to soups, stews, chili, salads and

Best of all, cooked wheat berries dont need to be soaked
overnight either. You can boil white wheat berries for about an
hour to soften the kernels and what results is a delightful
chewy texture. Its not a quick process, but its healthy,
satisfying and extremely cheap food well worth the effort. Its a
food for the poverty stricken or the health driven and
economically minded prepper!

  • For dinner think of boiled wheat berries as a substitute for
    rice or quinoa!

  • For breakfast think of boiled wheat berries as an
    alternative to oats.

  • As a salad, sprinkle boiled wheat berries to boost nutrition
    and give texture. Cooked wheat berries have a chewy
    texture and give a nutty flavor to your summer salads...
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Augason Farms White wheat shares a wheat berry salad recipe
How to Eat Wheat Berries
You can live on wheat! In addition to grinding wheat into flour
and sprouting wheat berries, enjoy cooked wheat berries in a
variety of ways:

  • Breakfast: For breakfast, wheat berries are best served
    immediately after boiling, but certainly you can cook ahead
    and reheat. You can combine them with oat groats, too.
    Try boiled wheat berries with brown sugar or with dried
    fruit and nuts. For example, dried cranberries and sunflower

  • Salad: A wheat berry salad is limited only by your
    creativity. Instead of boiling with water in the recipe
    above, boil with broth. As a nice accompaniment to this
    savory version of wheat berries, try adding diced onions
    and carrots and serving atop a red leaf lettuce as an
    interesting side dish. Another salad idea is to combine
    white wheat berries with white beans for a white berry and
    white bean salad.

    Another serving suggestion is to add olive oil just after
    draining, or fresh squeezed lemon for added zest to your
    dish. The wheat berries will soak up these flavors after you
    drain them of this water content.

Should you use hard red wheat or hard white wheat?
When using wheat berries in salads and other recipes, you can
interchange hard red or hard white berries easily based on
personal preference.  

For boiling wheat berries, many prefer hard red wheat, which
has a high protein content. Hard white wheat is more often
used in breads and gaining popularity because of its naturally
mild taste in comparison.

Except for color, hard white wheat and hard red wheat are
identical. According the North Dakota State University, The
white bran color does not alter the starch characteristics or
protein functionality of the kernel.

White wheat is a tan in comparison to the more traditional hard
red wheat. Its also less expensive. A huge bucket of Augason
Farms Hard White Wheat berries (40-lbs) at the time of posting
was $29.99 with free shipping for Prime members. Thats a
bargain and preppers should take note. Thats just .75 cents a

Give hard wheat berries a go in your food storage.
Not only is hard wheat versatile and inexpensive, its nutritious.
Wheat berries include all the nutritious bran, germ and
endosperm. Hard white or red whole wheat is a good source of
protein, iron and fiber. The fiber will make you feel fuller and
more satisfied to keep with your weight goals. Also, the more
fiber in your diet the less constipated youll feel.  Loaded with
phosphorus and magnesium, adding this nutritious grain can
improve your  overall health. Diets rich in whole grains may
reduce risk of heart disease and cancer!

Is Farro the same as wheat berries?
Farro is known as the "Pharoahs wheat." It's a hulled wheat
that's high in protein, fiber and iron! There's even magnesium in
farro. If you're watching gluten in your food, then you should
consider adding the ancient grain farro to your diet. Farro is
easy to digest, allowing your body to readily absorb the

While there is some gluten in farro, there's significantly less
than in wheat and you can "pre-digest" it by sprouting and
fermenting it. Like wheat berries, with farro you can make
hearty and nutritious salads, soups and side dishes.
Above, shares a hearty wheat berry salad recipe:
Garbanzo Summer Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing.

How to cook wheat berries...
Did you know you don't have to soak wheat berries overnight
before cooking them? Here's how to boil wheat berries so you
can use them in your summer salads and other recipes.

Recipe for how to boil wheat berries:
2 cups wheat berries
7 cups water
1 teaspoon salt.
Rinse the berries, then bring to a boil over high heat, reduce
heat and simmer gently for an hour and 15 minutes. Stir
occasionally, drain and rinse, then serve.

Slow cooker wheat berries:
You can also use a slow cooker for wheat berries! Set your slow
cooker for 4 hours on high, or 8 hours on a low setting.

And wheat berries can be ready in an hour and half with this
basic cooked wheat berries recipe by

How to soak wheat berries:
Soaking wheat berries is the oldest method of making them
palatable for your cooking. It's really very easy:
Above, shares a love of the ancient grain, farro. Try
farro salad with sardines and kale.

"Farro falls somewhere between wheat berries and barley,"
according to Like wheat berries, you can
use farro in place of brown rice or quinoa!

Cooking with wheat berries in the prepper's kitchen can widen
your pantry options. It's a very healthy option! Since the wheat
kernel is intact, it means that it retains all the nutrients.

Happy endings
preppers stockpile wheat and those diligent enough to
save money will buy wheat berries in bulk to grind for baking
breads and making pizzas. Now you know that those same
wheat berries are great for other meals too!

Because of its low moisture content, hard wheat will store
extremely well -- Augason Farms will store upwards of 30 years.
You cant live on rice and beans alone. Give hard wheat a go in
your food storage! Red or white its dynomite!

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Seed sprouter Prepper's essential
Cooking with Wheat Berries
What to do with all that wheat you've been stockpiling

Cooking with wheat berries from the prepper's pantry
You know those wheat berries in your prepper's pantry reserved
for making flour for your pizza and breads? Well, those wheat
berries are great for other meals, too ~ like soups, salads,
stews and side dishes!

Wheat berries are versatile, nutritious and among the longest
lasting shelf-stable foods for the prepper's pantry. It's time you
looked into wheat berries beyond bread!

Here's how to cook with wheat berries...

Cooking with wheat berries.
Wheat berries are great for bread making, but they are a
versatile grain you can serve for dinner. Move over quinoa, here
come the wheat berries!

There are several ways to c
ook with wheat berries:

#1: Sprouting wheat berries.
Yes, you can sprout wheat berries! Once you've sprouted wheat
berries, it means you can use them in salads, sandwiches and
side dishes. Some preppers sprout
wheat berries into wheat
and use them for smoothies!

sprouting wheat berries is an overlooked way to use
them, and sprouting
wheat berries really isnt all that difficult.
You dont need any fancy equipment, though sprouting trays are
convenient and certainly make
the job easier.

Best of all, sprouted wheat berries are loaded with Vitamin E
and magnesium. It's better for you than milk in terms of what's
good for healthy bones and muscle tissue, particularly if you
live a vegan lifestyle.
Sprouted wheat berry salad