Our grassroots educational outreach program extends our expertise to educators and other civic leaders throughout the United States, helping inform today's citizenry and tomorrow's policymakers and opinion leaders about the complex cultural and historical context in the Middle East that future U.S. leaders need to understand.

The Council realizes this mission through three main efforts:

- First, we offer a unique web resource TeachMideast dedicated to providing relevant information and teaching tools to educators. Visit the site to access essays, activities, audio/visual content and other teaching tools designed to enrich classroom discussion about the Middle East. And make sure to keep up with our blog, for up to date information and news related to the site and other initiatives.

- Second, we provide free workshops to educators around the United States. Since 1985, our workshops have been conducted in nearly all 50 U.S. states, reaching over 20,000 teachers. Our program remains one of the leading Middle East programs for educators in the United States. Contact Megan Geissler at MGeissler@mepc.org for more information about scheduling a workshop at your school.

- Third, we partner with other organizations focused on providing educational resources about the Middle East to educators and other civic leaders in the United States. To discuss partnership, please contact the education outreach coordinator, Megan Geissler, at MGeissler@mepc.org.

For more background on our outreach program, please visit www.teachmideast.org.