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Dennis Quaid reveals he had threesome discusses manhood

He's single and ready to overshare. Dennis Quaid was a one man TMI machine as he appeared on Watch What Happens Live. The 63-year-old star certainly did not plead the fifth and he left host Andy Cohen flabbergasted and his fellow guest Jemima Kirke struggling to keep her composure on Monday night.









The word to be celebrated above all others in the title of this nasty, violent, silly film, yet another video-game spin-off, is 'final'. It appears to suggest that there is no more puff left in the franchise.

Richard Loving, (pictured) certainly as depicted by Joel Edgerton, was a simple soul, who with his crewcut and slow drawl might have seemed like the prototype of a Southern redneck.

Mick Jackson's film tells the story accurately, without too many frills and flourishes, but struggles a little to generate tension from a narrative that unfolds rather predictably.

Mel Gibson makes his return with the bloodiest film about a pacifist you'll ever see, writes BRIAN VINER. Hacksaw Ridge follows the story of Desmond Doss, a God-fearing boy from Virginia.

Director Danny Boyle had some proper challenges to overcome in making this long-awaited sequel to his original 1996 film, set in Edinburgh, which reunites him with writer John Hodge and all four stars.

Pablo Larrain's film (the accomplished Chilean director's first in the English language) attempts to exploit our never-ending fascination with the events of JFK's assassination.

Bryan Cranston is to make his London stage debut in a theatre version of the film Network. He will take on the role of fictional newsman Howard Beale.

Ruth Negga likes to hide in plain sight. 'There are amazing actors who have charisma - you don't want to see them disappear,' she said.

After playing four of the biggest female leads in musical theatre, Alexia Khadime has been cast as Rita Marley - wife of reggae legend Bob - in One Love: The Bob Marley Musical.

The 67 year old , who actually has a good voice , had to learn several arias for the Stephen Frears film, 'Then I had to learn how to sing them badly,' she told the Daily Mail.

Naomie Harris had just three days to play what has turned out to be the role of her career: Paula, a drug-fuelled, single mother struggling to raise her son in a rough neighbourhood.

The show, called TINA, is in its early stages, but Turner (pictured) will attend a private workshop in London today.


Were you fooled by Lady Gaga's roof top jump at the Super Bowl?

Were you fooled by Lady Gaga's roof top jump at the Super Bowl?

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