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The passenger who was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight in Chicago because it was overbooked and staff members needed to take up four seats can be revealed as David Dao. Footage of the Vietnamese-American being hauled off the overbooked flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Sunday caused outrage on Monday. Dao (left, on the plane, and right, with his wife and granddaughter) was heard in videos captured of his shocking eviction saying he needed to get home to Louisville so he could see patients of his. DailyMail.com can reveal Dr Dao is a father of five and a grandfather, who specializes in internal medicine. Four of his five children are doctors. His wife Teresa, 69, is a pediatrican who trained at Ho Chi Minh University in Saigon and also practices in Elizabethtown, Kentucky - about 40 miles south of Louisville. His identity has been revealed after United CEO Oscar Munoz doubled down on his airline crew's decision to remove an elderly passenger, claiming he was 'disruptive and belligerent'.

Borussia Dortmund bus bombs detonated by 'MOBILE PHONE'

The Borussia Dortmund team bus has been hit by an explosion while carrying the squad to their Champions League quarter-final against Monaco. According to reports, explosions were heard as the coach went over a bridge nine kilometres from the ground. Police said the incident happened in Hoechsten, located outside of Dortmund, Germany. Images of the damaged bus show two areas of shattered glass near the back end of the bus's right side. It is unknown where the third explosion struck, but glass covered the street following the incident. Tonight's match was cancelled following the explosion and has been rescheduled for Wednesday. Defender Marc Bartra (above, inset) was injured in the explosion and was taken to hospital, the team said on Twitter

A string of experts has revealed some of the common mistakes we're all making in the kitchen - and why we should be hand washing our knives rather than putting them in the dishwasher.

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Hundreds of married couples took to Reddit to reveal the real reasons why the passion had faded from their relationships, from the stress of raising children to gaining weight.

Sotheby's jewellery expert Alice Gibson-Watt died in hospital following a suspected bout of postpartum psychosis, which can cause hallucinations and paranoia.

There is a term known as 'Blue Zones', which identifies pockets of the world where people live longer and healthier lives. Here are five places with diets proven to extend lifespans.

How Kayla Itsines built a $46 million empire

Australian workout queen Kayla Itsines (pictured) was named most influential fitness guru in the world by Forbes. Growing up the now 25-year-old was a keen basketballer who had an interest in health. Once keen to study beauty therapy, Itsines turned her head towards fitness - graduating as a master trainer at 18 before going on to work at an Adelaide gym. It was there she found a gap in the market that would one day grow to be her niche. Eventually she would turn her fitness expertise into an empire that earned her $46 million last year.

MTV reality star Clay Adler dies after taking his own life

Clay Adler who once starred on MTV's Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County has died after committing suicide. The 27-year-old passed away after shooting himself in the head in front of his friends after they decided to go and fire guns in the desert on March 26. Clay appeared on two seasons of the MTV reality show in 2008 and 2007 which built on the success of the widely popular Laguna Beach. He was also friends with Jennifer Lawrence (pictured together right).

Ebba Åkerlund was killed when a terrorist mowed down innocent pedestrians in the Swedish capital. The 11-year-old had been walking home from school.

Photographer Andrius Burba snapped the cuddly canines for a new animal project called Under-dogs. The photographer, based in Lithuania, shot the animals from beneath a see-through surface.

Spicer compares Assad to HITLER says Nazis didn't use gas

Hitler primarily used Zyklon B, a powerful cyanide gas, to exterminate Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, priests, political dissidents and other enemies of the state. Describing that genocide, Sean Spicer declared Tuesday that Hitler 'was not using the gas on his own people.' Reporters were aghast, and Spicer was left sputtering a clarification as millions of Jews worldwide celebrated Passover. Describing that historical horror, Spicer declared that Hitler 'was not using the gas on his own people.' Within an hour the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, a group linked loosely with the famed girl diarist, demanded Spicer's removal as it claimed he 'engaged in Holocaust denial, the most offensive form of fake news imaginable.' Assad deployed sarin gas, a chemical nerve toxin, against Syrian civilians last week in the latest atrocity to mar the Middle Eastern country's lengthy civil war.

Trump promised the Chinese they would get 'far better' trade terms with the U.S. if they de-fang a hostile North Korea, but pledged to handle Pyongyang with or without Beijing's help.

Vladimir Putin has warned that 'some kind of substance' will be used in the suburbs of Damascus and the Assad regime will be blamed as he called for a UN investigation into the Idlib attack.

The over-50 bikini braggers: They love flaunting bodies

NEW As we age, our muscle volume decreases, our metabolism slides and our calorie requirement is lower. A 20-year-old can get away with 2,000 calories a day; after 50, it's just 1,600. Dropping oestrogen levels in menopause cause fat to redistribute around the abdomen. Pictured (left to right) model Cindy Crawford, model Elle MacPherson, actress Liz Hurley, actress Halle Berry and model Christie Brinkley. 'Ladies, I apologise. The pictures here will be causing a range of feelings, and I'm sure not many are good,' says writer Julia Lawrence.

NEW Sri Sindhusha Boddapati and her husband, Shanmukha Pranay Rajeev Jerripothula, found a live scorpion crawling around in a bag of spinach that they purchased from Giant Food in Maryland.

Donald Trump says 'North Korea is looking for trouble'

The US President (top right) wrote the message on Twitter after revealing he had urged his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to pressure Pyongyang in to stopping its nuclear programme. His warning came as Russia admitted it is 'extremely worried' the US will attack Kim Jong-Un (bottom right) after North Korea warned it has US bases 'in its nuclear sights'. Pyongyang had earlier threatened 'catastrophic consequences' after Donald Trump sent an armada of warships to the Korean Peninsula (left). At the same time, China has moved 150,000 troops to its border to deal with a possible influx of North Korean refugees amid fears Trump may strike Kim Jong-un following the surprise US missile attack on Syria last week.

'I eat these all the time': Waleed Aly mocks Pauline Hanson's call for a boycott of halal-certified Easter treats by eating a chocolate bunny on The Project - after checking there was no MEAT products in it

Waleed Aly has hit back at Senator Pauline Hanson's (inset) endorsement of 'non-Halal' Easter eggs. The One Nation leader urged her supporters to buy 'non-halal' Easter eggs in a Facebook video in a move to boycott the certification process. But Aly took a bite out of Senator Hanson's claims that Lindt's iconic gold bunnies are not halal-certified by eating the treat live on air during Tuesday night's episode of The Project (main). 'I eat these all the time. These are awesome... I'll check the ingredients right now. Yeah, that's entirely halal. It's all vegetarian,' he said before chowing down.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Drumahoe Vets In Londonderry shared the graphic image to serve as a warning for owners to keep their pets away from chocolate eggs this Easter.

Halal-certified Easter eggs have come under scrutiny after controversial One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson urged Australians to boycott chocolates that bore the certification.

Sydney man 'stabs ex-girlfriend 37 times to ruin looks'

A young woman has revealed how her ex-boyfriend allegedly stabbed her 37 times to the face and body in an attempt to 'ruin' her looks when she broke up with him. The 25-year-old woman had ended her on-again and off-again relationship with the 29-year-old man before he allegedly broke in to her home in Turella, in Sydney's south, and attacked her with a pair of scissors. 'It was the worst moment of my life. I've got breast implants and he even tried to pop my implants, he tried to cut my nipple off,' she said. 'It really seems like he has tried to ruin the way I look.'

Two women, aged 21 and 22, were arrested and a third, aged 30, was hospitalized after an argument over a parking spot turned into a bloody brawl in Detroit on Sunday.

Scientists resurrected a Late Pleistocene woman who died more than 13,000 years ago in Thailand by reconstructing her face in a two-dimensional image using facial approximation.

Mother-of-three bitten by a venomous snake in Bali

A mother-of-three was bitten by a venomous snake in Bali last month. Renee Cunningham (left and right in her hospital bed), 34, was in Ubud when she stepped on 'something slimy' outside her hotel room. Initially the Perth woman was unsure if she had been bitten but within minutes her leg started to hurt (inset is her wound). 'I went back to my room about two metres from where I got bitten... and it [my leg] was bubbling and blistering and stinging,' Ms Cunningham said.

NEW Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, a six-time Olympic gold medal swimmer who was paralyzed from the waist down in 2014, can now ski using an adaptive single ski, video shows out of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Researchers from the University of Queensland looked at how receptive people would be to the shift to lab-grown meat, including participants across a range of dietary participants.

Hazem El Masri opens up on domestic violence allegations

Rugby league great Hazem El Masri (left) has revealed his 'kids went through hell' as he battled to clear his name after his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence. The 41-year-old Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs legend said the legal saga and media circus that followed was 'the toughest thing' he had been through in his life. El Masri was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his second wife Douah El-Cherif (right) in October, 2015. The charges were dropped five months later after a secret recording of the alleged incident refuted El Cherif's version of events.

Rachael Christina Hilyard (right) was arrested on suspicion of first degree murder Sunday, when police discovered the decapitated body of Micki Davis (left) in her Wichita, Kansas garage.

Janet Jackson seen for first time since split from husband

Janet Jackson appeared to be saving her troubles for another day on Wednesday as she indulged in a little retail therapy in London. It marked the first time that the superstar has been seen in public since the news that she and husband Wissam Al Mana had split after five years of marriage. The couple welcomed their first child, son Eissa, in January. For her first outing as a single lady in almost a decade, Janet kept covered up in $2,200 black wool-blend poncho from Chloe, a pair of Harem pants and a hat that appeared to have 'Bobby Taylor' written across the front..

Rise of Western backpackers begging to fund their trip

A rising number of Western backpackers begging to fund their trips through southeast Asia has caused outrage among locals, who say they are taking money from the truly needy. Residents also complained that the 'beg-packers' seem to be openly flouting rules on busking, such as in Singapore, where you require a work permit to perform for donations. Similar tactics have also caused outrage online, where people often use crowdfunding or charity websites to ask for money to fund their trips.

According to Stuart Metcalfe, a consultant podiatric surgeon at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, wearing stilettos can lead to daily ailments such as back pain and even ankle sprains.

ABC News reporter Natasha Exelby's (pictured) will see a bright side to her blooper fiasco after bagging a new job as a 'guest breakfast newsreader' with Sydney's KIIS 1065.

United passenger traded drugs for gay sex with patient

Married Dr David Dao was convicted of giving a patient drugs in return for gay sex and barred from practicing in Louisville, KY. He was allowed back after anger management and other counselling - which revealed his mental state. It said that he had 'a pattern of deception', 'lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations' a 'need to control, avoidance, withholding information' and 'magical thinking'. The doctor, a 69-year-old grandfather, has received sympathy from around the world in the wake of being dragged off the United flight from Chicago to Louisville by three police officers. One has been suspended. He has yet to speak about the incident.

After a man was dragged off a United plane at Chicago O'Hare airport on Sunday, MailOnline Travel investigates why airlines continue to sell too many seats and what your rights are if you get bumped.

Investors on Wall Street appear to be ready to jump ship on United Airlines in the wake of the public relations debacle triggered by the forced removal of a passenger on Sunday.

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly giggled on live TV last night at the shocking footage of a bloodied and bruised passenger being dragged off a United Airlines plane from Chicago to Louisville.

Sydney's North Shore rapist Graham Kay released from jail

The tormented victims of a sadistic rapist who sexually assaulted eight women in the mid-1990s fear he will strike again after he was released from jail early. Graham Kay (left), 65, known as Sydney's feared 'North Shore rapist', will be electronically monitored for three more years after a judge found he was likely to re-offend. One of his victims, known only as Juanita (right), said she still got 'freaked out' when she went jogging and felt uneasy whenever someone came up behind her.

TMZ claim film producer Belafonte, 41, hopes to win visitation rights with the ten-year old, who was born in April 2007, two-months before he married former Spice Girl Mel, also 41, in Las Vegas.

The iconic low-budget Australian film The Castle won hearts across the country in 1997. But while 20 years on the true blue battler tale is still familiar with Australians, the cast have changed a lot.

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law arrives at court

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law Chris Hutcheson has pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to hacking the celebrity chef's computer. Hutcheson, 68, was charged under Operation Tuletta with conspiring to cause a computer to access programs and data without authority. Three of his children - Adam Hutcheson, 46, Orlanda Butland, 45, and Chris Hutcheson Jnr, 37 - also faced the same charge. They appeared at the Old Bailey before Judge Gerald Gordon and spoke to confirm their identities. The defendants pleaded guilty apart from Ms Butland, who denied the charge. The prosecution accepted the pleas and offered no evidence in relation to Ms Butland. Hutcheson Snr is the father of Ramsay's wife, Tana.

British fitness and nutrition guru Joe Wicks, better known as the Body Coach, has found some healthier alternatives for the morning after - including a delicious dishes to order at brunch.

Reasons My Son is Crying blog shares more hilarious pics

Exasperated parents have shared the most ridiculous reasons that their children are sobbing in hilarious images on Tumblr account Reasons My Son is Crying. In many cases the parents are unable to do anything to comfort their children with reasons for upset including being unable to marry a family member to finding out their mum's real name. These photos are sure to give any long-suffering parents a good chuckle.

A Port Adelaide fan who allegedly unleashed a 'racist' tirade of abuse on Facebook at Adelaide Crows star Eddie Betts (pictured with his partner), has been reported by police.

Sydney baker Habibullah Afghan-Baig (pictured) has been jailed for at least three years after he was found guilty of raping two women at his Sydney bakery after they answered a Gumtree ad.

David Letterman had depression after blackmail scandal

David Letterman has opened up about how his blackmail scandal in 2009 sent him spiraling into depression, in a new biography (inset) released on Tuesday. Letterman, who ended his 22-year run with the Late Show in May 2015, told trusted members of his inner circle about his battles during the time CBS producer Robert Halderman tried to extort him for $2million. 'I'm in hell. I will always be in hell until the day after, when I will go to hell,' he reportedly told Late Show writer Steve Young, as they were preparing a monologue in which Letterman (left, with his wife, Regina) revealed all about the blackmail attempt (right). 'It was akin to having killed your family in a car crash. It was like that to me,' Letterman told the book's author Jason Zinoman. 'I was afraid my family was gone.'

Many of the new arachnids found in Australia's far north Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, are very small, and some are venomous, researchers said.

Researchers from the University of Alabama surveyed 200 students and found that people with narcissistic personalities are more likely to flirt with others to make their partner jealous (stock).

Greebles test could spot Alzheimer's disease

Those unable to tell which character is the odd one out could well be at risk of the devastating illness. Known as Greebles, the little purple characters have been designed by scientists in their ongoing quest for a cure. A Vanderbilt University study found those at genetic risk of the disease struggle to distinguish a subtle difference in one of the images. However, their ability to detect minor changes in objects, faces and scenes are relatively unaffected.

Model hits back at trolls who said a video of her two-year old nephew touching her breasts was 'disgusting' and said his parents should go to JAIL 

Tillie Medland , 20, from Toronto, shared the video, which shows her nephew Jetson putting his hand down her sports bra (L-R) with her 19,000 Instagram followers. Some people have slammed the video - which has had 65,000 views - as 'disgusting', and some even suggested Jetson's parents should go to prison over the footage. People took to the comments section in their droves to air their views on the footage, which was seemingly filmed by Jetson's mother. One user said: 'That clearly shows how disgusting she is as a woman. And the parents should be in jail for neglect and being indecent f******* role models.' Others, however, were quick to defend Tillie, with one saying: 'Technically he is just messing with his food dish. You people who see anything sexual are sick and need to get yo therapies ASAP.'

Dressed in a pale lavender suit, the monarch met animals, keepers and vets while touring the new home for nine Asian elephants on Tuesday - one of which is named in her honour.

The study by researchers from the University of Exeter and University of Leeds found that for every degree the world warms, four million sq km (1.5 million sq miles) of permafrost would be lost.

American woman searches AFL player she met five years ago

An American roller derby player is on the hunt for an Australian footballer from Melbourne that she met on a flight five years ago - and has put out a call online [inset is her tweet) for people to help her track him down. Bonnie Beck (pictured), also known as Bonnie D. Stroir - a 37-year-old professional roller derby player, posted a video to YouTube on Monday with the hashtag #helpmefindhim. She said she had not stopped thinking about him and said: 'It may have been years ago, but I've been feeling him ever since, waiting this whole time for the right moment to go to AU and find him.'


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US tycoon Randy Work must hand half £140m fortune to wife

Randy Work, 50, pictured, a former executive in Texas-based private equity firm Lone Star, said it is wrong that his ex Mandy Gray, 48, should get the same as him when he made all the money. In 2015 High Court judge Mr Justice Holman ruled she did deserve half because she had followed him all over the world - including Japan where he made most of his cash - and was a loyal wife and homemaker. Mr Work asked appeal judges to consider his case after complaining that a High Court judge did not give him a big enough share of a fortune totalling more than £140million. Sir Terence Etherton, Lady Justice King and Mr Justice Moylan examined legal argument at a Court of Appeal hearing in London over two days earlier this year but out his case.

London cosmetic surgeon Dr Navid Javalli has pointed to an 'epidemic of deep wrinkle lines' in young women, and he says too much time spent staring at phones and computers is to blame.

George Anderson, 27, a nurse at Torbay Hospital in Devon, sneaked into his victim's bedroom and raped her while she was sleeping and filmed the horrific sexual attack on his mobile phone.

The micro crustacean has been named Haberma Tingkok after Hong Kong's Tingkok area, which is thought to be the crab's only habitat in the world.

The inspiring moment a man left paraplegic after a motorcycle crash climbs the stage at his university graduation ceremony thanks to a robot-like 'exo-skeleton' - to raptuous applause from his colleagues

The heartwarming moment a paraplegic man stepped out on stage at his university graduation has been caught on video. University of Canberra graduate Paul Jenkins (pictured) was left in a wheelchair after a motorbike accident in 2006 but was determined to walk up on stage to accept his two bachelor degrees on Tuesday. The 27-year-old was helped on stage by a revolutionary exoskeleton named the 'ReWalk' and a pair of crutches.

As many as one in every five adults in the UK has at least one tattoo. New research reveals inking can cause you to sweat less, according to scientists from Alma College, Michigan.

Last year, California-based Nvidia created a driverless car that made decisions after watching humans driving. But despite making the car, Nvidia admitted it didn't know how it did this.

People over 60 will make up almost 40 per cent of Japan's population by 2065, new data reveals, while those under the age of 14 will make up just 10 per cent, with changes in lifestyle to blame.

How did he pay the toll? Daring Domino's delivery rider illegally peddles his PUSHBIKE through Sydney's Eastern Distributor tunnel during peak-hour traffic

A Domino's delivery man has been filmed riding his bike through a Sydney tunnel. The cyclist wears a Domino's high-viability vest through peak-hour traffic. There is no dedicated cycle lane for him to be separated from surrounding cars. Domino's told Daily Mail Australia it would be a priority to investigate the footage.

The Qatari businessman - said to be worth over £800million - was seen arriving at the London townhouse he shared with the pop superstar over the weekend as news of their separation became public.

Bronwyn Cowan is suing the City of London Corporation and two other companies over the fall, which left her and husband Graham (pictured together) with serious injuries.

17th Century barn in Hants transformed into £1.25m home

This is the finished result of a stunning 17th barn converted into a modern-day family home (pictured). The structure was unrecognisable just three years when it was left abandoned (top right) in the village of Greywell, near Basingstoke in Hampshire. Mark Parmenter, 60, immediately identified potential in the historic site and embarked on the colossal project of renovating the buildings. He discovered magnificent 400-year-old beams believed to date back to the Jacobean period which are now the centrepiece in the stunning home (top left).

Photographs show the tiny figure of Lukas Irmler holding his arms out to keep his balance as he walks on a wire 140 metres above the top of the Gordon River Dam in Tasmania.

News Corp Australia is set to sack a majority of its photographers in a third round of redundancies in 18 months in a bid to save $40 million and streamline operations. Pictured is a stock image.

The discovery was made by team of statisticians led by TV psychologist Emma Kenny who is based in London. They found middle children, such as Bill Gates, are more likely to become senior bosses.

Hilarious pictures of children meeting the Easter bunny

Parents shared hilarious pictures of their distraught children breaking down as they came face to face with the Easter bunny in shopping malls, parks, and at festive celebrations around the world. Some of the youngsters bawled (bottom left), sobbed (top right) and screamed (top centre) as the shutter clicked while others squirmed (top left) and reached for help (bottom right) as they tried to break free from the furry grip.

Human behaviour expert Dr Jane Cox has matched different personalities to four main ways of eating a soft boiled egg, from dipping soldiers into a runny yolk to spreading an egg on toast.

Replacing bodyweight and BMI, our percentage body fat theoretically tells us the proportion of fat we carry relative to our muscle. Yet the measurement can change even without fat loss or gains.

Disappearing photos and videos now appear alongside texts and reshares in the Direct tab of the Instagram app. The new update is available to users across the world from today.

In new draft guidelines the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says they do not have any specific advice on the topic. In 2012, the panel advised against 'inaccurate' PSA screenings.

Terrifying footage shows polar bear pouncing at a young child taunting him with a penguin-shaped backpack from the other side of the zoo glass

The footage, shot at the Pittsburgh Zoo in Pennsylvania, US, captures the moment the youngster got more than he bargained for after trying to attract the bear, pictured above. The whole family's surprise can be heard as the animal hits the glass with its head. At the beginning of the clip the children are desperate to lure the bear so they can get a better look. One of them attempts to hold out his penguin-shaped backpack, pictured inset, to taunt the enormous animal into coming closer. Another member of the group says 'it's attracted to this' while encouraging the young boy to move the bag away in a bid to mimic the actions of escaping prey.

Japanese toy maker Bandai has relaunched the tiny handheld game, featuring the six original pets. The devices are available now from Amazon Japan for 2,000 yen ($18, £14).

Hackers exploiting a flaw in MS Word are attempting to steal banking passwords and an email distribution campaign which began in Australia could rapidly spread to the rest of the world.

A member of staff check instruments ahead of surgery

Two fifths of a group of trial participants fitted with one of the battery-operated devices at the University of Newcastle ended up showing no sign of heart disease.

Researchers from the Royal Holloway University of London looked at academic achievement, class schedules and absence rates at a Bulgarian school over nine years.

Has the mystery of Banksy finally been solved?

William Kasper claims these pictures of UK painter James Ame, taken in Bethlehem in 2007, reveal the identity of graffiti guerrilla Banksy. Mr Kasper also says Ame has worked with a group of other artists to create Banksy's iconic street pieces around the world. He came forward with the pictures after recognising Ame in a video claiming to have captured Banksy working on an art installation in Bethlehem, earlier this month (inset). He said: 'Ame fits the profile perfectly - a long term graffiti artist from the 80s turned gallery and street artist.' Banksy's identity has remained shrouded in mystery but many believe him to be Bristol-born artist Robin Gunningham.

Inhaling one of the main chemicals in poppers can cause blurriness and blind spots within just hours of being inhaled, researchers from the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton claim.

The footage shows the officer in full uniform wearing a helmet as he pedals across a short foot bridge in South Ayrshire, Scotland. But it takes a turn for the worse when he falls over the handlebars.

IN LOVE with the shape of them! Video of talented dancers doing a routine to Ed Sheeran's popular hit racks up more than 56 MILLION views on YouTube

The video, choreographed by Los Angeles dance pro Kyle Hanagami, features eight dancers in various combinations including three women, three men, a duo and a solo dancer. Since being posted on January 13, around the time of the song's release, the video had been viewed more than 56 million times, having passed the 50 million mark on Saturday.

The enormous A0-sized printout had all the right details but it would not scan through the automated ticket gates at London's Stansted Airport. Fortunately airport staff saw the funny side.

Though we tend to think of tea as healthier all-around than its coffee cousin, it turns out that tea has one weird disadvantage: it stains your teeth much more than coffee.

Leopard is left covered in painful spines after pouncing on two porcupines 

This leopard was left painfully removing spines from its body after failing to catch a porcupine.   The predator was left with a face full of quills after pouncing on two porcupines in South Africa's Kruger National Park. Footage shows the cat stalking the spiky duo before leaping into action and chasing one of the porcupines but it quickly gives up and sets its sights on the other.


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Britain's ancient trades: Craftsmen keeping them alive

Fascinating images show the skills of once proud and prominent industries now being kept alive by just a few artisan craftsmen. Among them are the stories of cheesemakers, stonemasons, brewers, and a Devon cider maker who uses a 350-year-old straw press to crush his apples in a building where the drink has been made for over 500 years, top left. Photos, from a new book, also capture the fascinating skills of Britain's last bellfoundry, bottom right, Welsh tapestry makers using looms over 100 years old, and traditional kipper smokers in a once-thriving Yorkshire fishing village, top right. Pictured, bottom left, is an organ maker for a company that has created behemoth instruments with hundreds of pipes for some of Britain's most famous and beautiful cathedrals.

It was only when Michael Sigwaza's family signed up with a new GP after moving house to Wokingham that he was diagnosed with the cancer - five months after his symptoms started.

Just 30 minutes from the west Mosul front line, Hammam al-Alil's sulphur springs and spa are an oasis in a war zone for both soldiers and the civilians trying to escape from the battle.

Members of the British Titanic Society, including family of survivors and victims, have criticised plans to build a £105million replica of the doomed liner at a resort in China.

The ‘world’s most advanced airline’ seat revealed

Wales and Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale is one of the investors in this seat of the future and he claims that the prototype is just as comfortable as his bed at home. Made by Simba Sleep, it uses sensors, memory foam and gyroscopic movement to ensure the best possible chance of slumber at 38,000ft. The maker claims that the bed - called the Air-Hybrid - has been 'engineered to identify and respond to nuanced body movements'. It does this thanks to an array of technology. The Air-Hybrid features a six-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope and it can monitor noise, temperature, light, humidity and air particles - and then make adjustments according to the results.



Tear-jerking moment a mute autistic child sings along to Hallelujah as his stunned mother screams with excitement

This is the emotional moment an autistic eight-year-old who is usually mute sang along to Hallelujah. When Patrick King from California played Tori Kelly's version of the classic after dinner one night, he was stunned to see his son Patrick Junior join in. Footage shows Patrick Jr break into a huge grin as he is inspired by the music. With encouragement from his father, he then begins to sing along with the chorus.

Wendy Broadhurst, 48, was filming the mouse with her 18-year-old son Jack in their garden in Aberdeen. The pair fell into hysterics when they saw it with a cigarette stuck in its mouth.

Maru the kitten from Japan has already gained internet fame for his love of diving in and out of boxes. Now a video of the Scottish Fold cat trying on various wigs has gone viral online.

The men, both in their 20s, are being detained in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where they could face 100 lashes for having homosexual relations.

The world's best street art destinations revealed

With street art springing up across the world in destinations from Sao Paulo to San Francisco, a fascinating new Lonely Planet book takes the reader on a tour of 140 street art spots in 42 cities. MailOnline Travel takes a sneak peek of some of the highlights. Pictured: a haunting mural in Reykjavik (top left); a girl hugs her knees on a building Mexico City (top right); a young child looks to the sky in Melbourne (bottom left); a colourful woman stares at the viewer in Adelaide (bottom right) and a boy climbs a ladder between two windows in this creation in Rome (inset).